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Devilman Manga Abridged episode 1

Akira is saying all this, slowly morphing into demon form: Devilman: OR FACE THE WRATH! OF DEVILMAAAAAAAAN! Ryo is saying all this: Shit Lips. Narrator: In prehistoric times, before Humans ever existed.. Earth was inhabited by “strange” beasts. Some foreign to us, others- *BOOM* OH GOD!!
Demon: *Roaring* HOOOOLY SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK!? AHH! THAT’S SO VIOLENT! *Angel screams* OH! OHHHH, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!? *Angel screams in pain* GOD, wha…WHA…WHAT IS THAT!?? WHAT’S GOING ON!? I DON’T GET IT!! *LASER BLAST* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! However, thousands of years later, these creatures would end up frozen in ice. Ice so thick, no one would be able to discover them. Leaving their existence, lost, to ti- Reijiro Fudo: Look Honey! I found something in the ice! Narrator:….Oh…..Well…I….N..Never mind then. Kaori Fudo: Good Lord! What is that thing!? Reijiro: I BET IT’S A DINOSAUR! Neville:….In the Arctic?……A Dinosaur? Reijiro: It’s the one place you wouldn’t expect to find one! Neville: That’s because they’re cold blo- Reijiro: ENOUGH SEMANTICS, LET’S CRACK THIS BABY OPEN!! Reijiro: EVERYBODY RUN! *Kaori & Neville scream, demon roars* *Japanese School Bell* Akira (Aside) : To think it’s been 4 months since I’ve seen my parents. Well, at least Miki & her family are nice enough to let me stay with them. Miki: Hey Akira. Akira: Hm? Miki: Sorry to keep you waiting. You weren’t too bored, were you? Akira: Oh, no. Not at all! You know how I just get lost in my mind sometimes. Miki: *Klonk, klonk* Lost in your thoughts silly? You know, you should consider joining a club. Put those thoughts to use. Maybe track? Akira: Heh, please. Have you seen the way I run? Everyone thinks it’s weird. Miki: Heh, well, true. It IS kind of funny. Akira: Heh, you….You don’t have to agree with me.. Dosu Roku: Well if it ain’t “Miki Makimura” and her little pet “Akira Fudo!” My, what are the two of you doing here at this time of day? Akira: We’re heading home from school….Because school ended….Like it does everyday. Go Takagawa: Ohhhhhhh, is that a fact? Akira:…Y….Yes….W..We go to the same school. Ken: I see. *Goofy sounds* Akira: Miki, I’m scared about those guys following us. And they won’t stop saying “Hey.” Miki: Hey you! SHUT UP! Or do you wan’t me to shove my whole boot up your ass? Akira: MIKI! Dosu: What did you say? Whole boot? Up MY ass!? Akira: Uh Miki…We should just go. Before things get ugly. Miki: Oh, they’re about to get ugly. Now that they’ve unleashed.. “Miki, Da Haaaaaaaaands!” *Cow Bell noise* Akira: Oh no! Not “Miki, Da Haaaaaaaands!” * Cow Bell noise* Go: *Slap* AH! *Slap* AH! *Slap* STOP! *Slap* OW! *Slap* AH! *Slap* STOP! *Slap* AH! *Slap* AH! Dosu: Nice try “Miki, Da Haaaaaaaands.” But you forgot your one fatal flaw…. OTHER PEOPLES HANDS!! Miki: *Gasp* My weakness! Akira! Attack move: Alpha Zero! Akira: AHIAUSHDAUISHDIPAUSBNDPIUABFPASIUBSUIFBAIB!! Ryo Asuka: Hey….You… Akira: Oh! Ryo! Ryo: Let that girl alone. Dosu: Who the hell are you!? Ryo: A man who’s been to…. A~MERICA! Dosu: What?….But guns are illegal in Japa- Ryo SECOND AMENDMENT! B̶̨̹̪̠̭͓̣̑̀͐I̶̢̢̧̪̣͙̼̱̰͍̠̾̂̀͒̿̊Ǘ̴̡̺̭͙͔̮̘̠͛̍̌T̷̨̯̜͈̣̰̰̅̇̈́̒̿̊̽͛͛̍͝Ç̵̪̲̥̤̪̩̟̑̈́̐͗̉̄͜͝H̵̛̬̪͖͒̄̀͋͗͛̎̾͛̑̋̚͝!̷̡͔͇̰̟̫̹̤̳̥̦̈̄̀̒̊̇͑͗̎͘͘͜͝͝!̷̛̛̛̫̪̬̠͍̥̘͈̜̝̥̄̋̾̋̆̓̂̏͗̀̊͗!̴̢̼̹̥̭͙͓̜͈͖͌̑̄̈́̾̈́͊́ Dosu: AHH! MAN, SKREW THIS! I AIN’T GETTIN SHOT!! Ryo:….I missed.. Miki: Akira…Who is this? Akira: Oh Miki, you remember Ryo right? We all went to the beach once, remember? Flashback Akira: Come on Ryo! The water’s great, hop in! Flashback Ryo: No πŸ™‚ . Akira: O…Oh.. Ryo: Come on Akira.. I need your help with.. Something. Akira: Oh, um, okay. Hey can Miki come with us? Ryo: No! Akira: Ohh, okay.. Hey Miki, can you carry my things home? Also please tell your parents, I may be late for dinner…Sorry! I’m coming Ryo! Miki: What’s Akira see in him….? Akira: Hey Ryo, it’s been a whole month since I’ve seen you, how have you been? What’s up? What do you need help with? Science stuff? Ryo: You could say that. Akira: Huh? Ryo, why do you have a car? You’re not 18. Ryo: I forged a licence. Illegally. In America. Legally. *Cutie Honey theme plays* Ryo: MY FATHER DIED! Akira: WAIT WHAT!? Ryo: Heh heh, that’s right. Akira: Oh…*Sniff* Ryo…I’m..I’m so sorry to hear tha- Ryo: Are..Are you crying back there? Akira: *Sniff* Huh? Y..Yeah. Aren’t you? Ryo:…N….No…! Akira: O…Oh..*Sniff* Ryo: You see Akira….The circumstances of my fathers death are…. “Strange.” Akira: What do you mean….Strange? Ryo: His weight.. IT DOUBLED! Akira: I….Huh? Akira: Do I take my shoes off?
Ryo: I don’t give a shit. Ryo: Akira, remember how my dad was an archaeologist? Akira: Of course, you never stop telling me. Ryo: Well, he made a discovery. A discovery now passed down to me, a dark inheritance, if you will. Akira: Uh…Huh. Ryo: You see, it was in South America. That my dad made a discovery. He found a hole in the ground. Professor Asuka: AHHHHHHHHHH!!
Ryo: And it just kept going, and going. Deeper, and.. Deeper. Akira: Ryo, I can’t see anything. Ryo: NOT ME! I CAN SEE EVERYTHING! Akira: Ryo…What’s that? Ryo: This Akira, is what my father discovered. Akira: A pLaStEr MaSk?¿ Ryo: No! It is a “Stone Mask.” It holds the entire history of these horrific creatures that existed 1000’s of years ago! Truly.. It is ghastly. Okay now put it on. Akira: What!? No way am I putting it on after what you just told me! Ryo: Oh please Akira, if you put it on, then I’ll also do it. Watch it’ll only take a seco- AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH! See, it’s fine Akira, totally unharmed. Akira:…I’m still not- Ryo: PLEASE AKIRA, THIS IS TOO AVENGE MY FATHERS DEATH! Akira: Hmph. Akira: AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff* – Ryo: THAT’S IT AKIRA!
Akira: AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff* Akira: AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff* Ryo: WORK, THROUGH ,THE HORROR!
Akira: AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff*, AH, *Huff* Akira: AH, *Huff*, AH! Akira: *Huff, huff* Wh..What was that? Ryo: Those Akira….Were “Demons.” Akira: D…Demons? Ryo: Yes Akira…Demons. Akira: Man, that sure was scary. Well at least they’re all wiped out by now ri- Ryo: Akira, demons killed my father! Akira: Oh…I was afraid you were going to say that.. Ryo: Now then Akir- Akira: Wait, why did we need to come outside? Ryo: It’s nice out. But now then. Through some….”Investigating.” I determined these….”Demons”…Have laid dormant in the icy tundras of this world, for many centuries. Akira: What kind of investigating? Ryo (Mumbling): A..A kind. *Light Bulb* I swore to myself, that I would avenge my father! BY WIPING OUT ALL OF THE DEMONS! Professor Asuka: OH GOD, I’M ON FIRE!! Ryo: Let’s drive for a bit~. Akira: Ryo, where are we going? It’s night out now. Ryo: There’s a specific place I need to take you. It isn’t safe there. Akira: Why wasn’t your house safe? Ryo: Oh no, I mean THIS place isn’t safe. My house was fine. Akira:…But then…Why did we leave? Ryo:….Why DID we leave? Illuge: Skreee! Ryo & Akira: AHHHHHHH- Ryo: Ah shit, that’s gonna cost me. Akira: KEEP DRIVING RYO! Carad: GRUH! Akira: AHHHHH! Texsch: SKRAGHTH! Akira: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Ryo: ThHhHhHiIiIiIiSsSsS RrRrOoOaAaAdDdDd IsH RrEeAlLy BuAuMpYyYyYyYy!!
Akira: ebdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbd!! Ryo: AHHHHHHHHH!!!! QUICK AKIRA, RUN! Akira: Ryo, where are we going!? Ryo: The basement!! Akira: What about my shoes!? Ryo: I, DON’T, GIVE, A, SHIIET! Texsch: *Breathing heavily* SKRAGHIEAHEH! *Texsch trying to break down the door* EGYAAHHG!! Akira: Are we safe now? Ryo: Yeah..This is designed so that only I can open it. Akira: Great, so we just wait until it’s safe out, and then open it back up? Ryo: That….Would have been the plan…Yes. Akira: WOULD HAVE!? SO WE’RE STUCK DOWN HERE!?? Ryo:….Well….Not if my CURRENT plan works. Akira: And what exactly IS your plan Ryo? Ryo: We will become….Demons!! Akira: WHY!?? Ryo: Because, I believe, only a demon, can fight another demon. Akira: Are you open to criticisms? Ryo: No. Akira: Mmmm.. Ryo: Okay so let me tell you exactly what happened to my dad, that led to his death and gave me this plan. Akira: Are you sure? It seems to be a touchy subject for you. Ryo: No no, I’m cool. *Phew* These are laced with Druuuuuugs… I won’t feel a thang.. Akira: Ooookay. Ryo: You see Akira….Last month.. My father was continuing his research on the mask he found. Sometime after that..things got…strange. He started laughing evily, while covered in blood. Professor Asuka: Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Ryo: But this was everyday, and it was animal blood. So I knew something was up. Akira: I…..What? Ryo: But one night.. He tried stabbing me with a knife. Out of order, not the usual schedule. It was lik-It was like on a Wednesday. Akira: I’m a bit concerned about your family life Ryo. Ryo: SHUT! Akira: Uah? Ryo: And then….The night came.. I found him outside.. ON FIRE! I screamed! “FATHER! LET ME PUT YOU OUT!” He said.. Professor Asuka: Ryo stay back. I tried merging with a demon. AND IT’S TAKING CONTROL! *Sob* This was the only way.. Ryo: And then he said he loved me, or some gay shit. Akira: Ryo.. Ryo: I looked through his research for context. After reading through the same paragraph 3 times. I realized! The two bodies rejected each other! He was too old and out of shape to have the demon fuse with him! But you and me? We’re young! Agile! PLUMP!! PERFECT BODIES FOR A DEMON! Akira: What basis do you have for that? Ryo: Akira! We both have strong wills! Ryo: Strong enough to fight their influence. And gain their powers in the end! Akira.. WILL YOU JOIN ME IN MERGING WITH DEMONS, TO FIGHT DEMONS!? Akira:…Ryo… I’m your friend. We’ve known each other for so long.. And this? This is scary. I’m terrified right now. And confused. With everything you just said. Honestly I didn’t understand any of it. I’m thinking I should have just gone home with Miki.. And I feel there’s a sense.. That I’m gonna die tonight. I’m gonna die, because of you.. Ryo.. But, then I also think.. There are demons. Horrible creatures that are out there right now. And no one knows about them. And no one can help to fight them if they do. I hate that I’m even considering this. But I will join your fight against the demons! Akira (Aside): *Sobbing* Ryo..!
Ryo (Aside): *Sobbing* No! NO! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Akira: Open the doors to hell Enma! Ryo: That’s the spirit! The sight you see… May be shocking. *Hippies chattering*
Random Hippie: You touch my ass? Because if you did keep goin I like it. Akira: Is….Is this a go go club? Ryo: Ye~ah. Akira: Oh.. Ohh! I get it! Pff hahahahahahahaha! You sure got me Ryo. You made me look so stupid. Hahahaha! You were pranking me this whole time! Man! That was some great wo- That was some work you put into it. I mean..The whole backstory, the costumes, the plaster mask. Damn dude, you do great work. Was your dad in on it or- O..Oh..You’re still…S..Serious.. Ryo: Demons need to the most baller party if they’re gonna show up! They don’t just arrive to some “Mom & Dad are out of town” one night party! DAS PUSSY SHIET! THEY ONLY COME FOR A REAL PARTY!! *Unnatural laughter* Akira: What the hell Ryo!? You were taking this serious a couple minutes ago, what happened!? Ryo: *Inhale* Teh We~ed. Hippie Lady: Hey cuteayy~~ Come dance with me!
Akira: Huh? Wha?? Huh?? Akira: U..UWAAAAA! RYOOOOOO! Ryo: I’m sorry Akira, the beat hast taken meh! Lip pants guy: Heh, yeah, this is a swingan, party! Ryo: Hahaha! Isn’t this pary great Akira? Akira: I feel like a ragdoll.. Ryo: Soon Akira. The demons should be showing up soon. But something I feel is….Missing. I just don’t know what. Akira: I don’t know. It already seems like one would be here. I don’t know what we could possibly be missing. Ryo: Hmm.. Here drink this, go back to dancing. I’ll ponder further on this. Akira: Uh, okay. *Glugging* Someone: You see that movie that came out this year? Yeah me too. Akira: Oh yeah! Uh huh! Let’s go! Come on, let’s dance baby! Uh, yeah! Yea- *Stab* Hippie lady: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Akira: RYO! YOU SLASHED THAT WOMAN’S CHEST! Hippie lady: AGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ryo: That’s what I’ve been missing! It’s not a party until someone gets injured! HEY EVERYONE! WAAAAAAAAAALE ON ME! *Unnatural laughter* HRBFF!! Akira: WAIT HE’S HIGH! HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING! Ugh! *Former hippies laugh* *Lady laughs* *DOOM* *Blood Curdling Scream* Ryo & Akira: Ah! *Groaning* *Demon chattering* *Former Hippies scream in pain* Ryo: AKIRA! GET READY! THE DEMONS ARE HERE! Ryo & Akira: NOTHING IS HAPPENING! Akira: We’re gonna die down here Ryo! Ryo: Akira I’ve always had a crush on yo- Akira: AHHHHHHHH!! *Ba Bump* *Heart beat continues, Akira breaths heavy*
Narrator: It was then, fear hit Akira Fudo. *Heart beat continues, Akira breaths heavy*
Narrator: This feeling, this need to escape! *Heart beat continues, Akira breaths heavy*
Narrator: Akira in that one moment, was only acting on his instincts. *Heart beat continues* *Heart beat continues, Akira breaths heavy*
Narrator: That is how HE, came to Akira.. *DOOM* Akira: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *Ba Bump* *Ba Bump* *Akira’s Heart Beat continues, followed by another* *The new heart beat over takes the sound of Akira’s* *Rob Zombie Time* Akira: Heh heh heh heh heh heh. ???: Heh heh heh heh! HA HA HA HA HA HA! ???: HA HA HA HA HA HA!
*Demons sound shocked and confused* ???: HUAH! Magoad: Wait A-mon. Is that you? What are you doing? ???: A-mon? There is no A-mon! ONLY.. DEVILMAAAN!!! Hippie Lady: AHHHHHHH!! Devilman: HYAH! *Carnage and enjoyment* Ryo: What have I created? Devilman: Mm Hah! YAA!! Ryo: IS HE EVEN STILL AKIRA!?? *Devilman laughs maniacally* Akira: *Huff, huff* Ryo!? RYO! *Huff, huff* Ryo!…Ryo, are you okay!? No… No, Ryo! RYO!! DON’T LEAVE ME IN THIS BLOOD BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTH!! Psycho Jenny:….So, hehehehe.. It has begun.

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61 thoughts on “Devilman Manga Abridged episode 1

  1. I died laughing when akira has a delayed reaction when ryo said " my father died!" That an OVA reference?

  2. "SLOW CLAP" You did guys, it so good, Thank you so much for this. Keep up the good work for your project's, I can't wait for them.

  3. Pretty good, though I wish they used the english dub line of the devilman ova "Amon is eating shit in hell right now, I AM DEVILMAN!!"

  4. First Time.

    Akira: Do you mind if I take off my shoes?

    Ryu: I don't give a shit.

    Second Time but this time chased by Demons.

    Ryu: Quick Akira, to the basement.

    Akira: But what about my shoes?


    I can see you put in the Devilman OVA English Dub reference to the shoes part.

  5. That must have been one hell of a party, or someone must have really spiked Akira's alcohol for him to become sober to this.

  6. Ryo: I'm sorry Akira, the beat has taken me!

    I legit laughed liked a fucking hyena when I heard that line, I don't know why.

  7. hey man, i made this as a tribute of your work

  8. HEY EVERYONE! Just wanted to let you know we finally added Closed Captions to the video! This should help anyone hard of hearing, who couldn't understand certain lines. Hope you find this helpful!

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