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Do YOU Know LGBTQ+ FANDOM SHIPS? (Riverdale, Avengers, Star Wars) | Do They Know It? (React)

– I feel like there’s a different
type of dynamic with them. They just care about each other
in a way that you would see a bro takes care of a bro,
not flirting like Bucky and Steve. – I. Ship. They are together! Roll the clip because
I’m gonna talk about this for a long time, everyone. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today,
in honor in Pride Month, we’re going to test your knowledge
of LGBTQ+ fandom ships. – Okay. I’m pretty on the internet,
seen what people are talking about. – (FBE) Would you mind
telling the audience what you identify as
and your relationship to the LGBTQ+ community? – Yeah, I consider myself queer. – I am a woman
of the trans experience. – I am definitely on the gay spectrum
more than anything. I had a boyfriend
and became very comfortable. My parents know it.
I’m out. It’s great after you become
comfortable and love yourself with who you are. – I feel like one definition
doesn’t do me justice because it’s like I don’t fricking now.
I’m 21 years old. I don’t know what I’m doing
most of the time. If I find someone attractive,
then that’s who I find attractive. – I’m straight but I’m an ally. – (FBE) Aww, that’s great, Brandon! – (FBE) Shipping has become
very popular with the LGBTQ+ community due to the lack of representation
in media for queer relationships, and while that’s getting better,
there still aren’t that many compared to straight relationships on TV.
– Absolutely. There’s not enough representation.
There’s a lot of tokenism. – (FBE) I’ll be giving you
the ship name from a popular fandom
and your goal is to guess which two characters
it refers to. – Ah, okay, okay. – (FBE) I’ll give you two points
if you can guess both characters from the ship name,
however if you need a hint, you’ll only get one point.
– Okay. I got this. I feel like I keep
my finger to the pulse. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Your first ship name
is BeRonica. – “BeRonica.” I’m guessing that
has to do with Riverdale. – Veronica, I believe that’s a name
in the Archie comics. – I’m not really sure. – I know it’s from Riverdale. I’m trying to think of their names. That’s Betty and Veronica. – Veronica and Betty in Riverdale. – Betty and Veronica, clearly,
and I’m gonna say from Riverdale. – That’s Betty and Veronica
from Riverdale. – (FBE) Let’s look at the clip. – BAH! Riverdale?
Really? ♪ (romantic music) ♪ – Oh! – OW! – They do things like this
and you’re like, “Sick! They’re gonna date.
This is gonna be awesome,” and then they don’t. – I know a lot of people
are mad about that because that is queer baiting. Neither of them are gay. – It definitely does feel cheap
to me sometimes, where it’s like why can’t you
just take the extra step and confirm it,
but then it is also this sense of I guess something
is better than nothing. – (FBE) So BeRonica was a ship
that began with the Betty and Veronica comic books,
which Riverdale capitalized on by making the two kiss
in season one, and teasing it extensively
before the show aired. – But they kept flirting with the idea
of the possibility to lock in that viewership.
That’s not right. But it happens all the time. – I understand why people
would be upset with it, you know, because some people really want
to see a relationship that they actually live
in real life on the screen. Representation matters,
so people want to see them being represented in the media. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Your next ship name
is StUcky. – What? “StUcky”? – I’m just gonna go with…
StUcky… StUcky… Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. – Oh, I should know this. – Oh, wait, is this Steve
and Bucky from Marvel? – This is Captain America and Bucky. – This is Steve and Bucky. – Oh, Steve and Bucky,
which I ship! They are together! Roll the clip because
I’m gonna talk about this for a long time, everyone. – Is that Captain America? (grunting) – I’ve seen so many GIFs of that,
just so everyone knows. – I feel the sexual
tension. (giggling) – You stare in
someone’s eyes for that long? You got something going. – (Captain America) Because I’m
with you until the end of the line. – This is actually a ship
I’ve a seen a lot of. People really want this to happen. – But his heart’s with Agent Carter. I get the whole StUcky thing,
but what about the whole “can we dance,” you know? – There was more chemistry
with Bucky and Steve throughout the entire Marvel universe
than there was with Steve and– I don’t even remember her name! – (FBE) The MCU has gone under
a bit of fire for not including any leading LGBTQ+
characters in their films. Of course, they did introduce
an unnamed gay character during the opening scene of Endgame,
who was played by one of the directors, Joe Russo. While the directors applauded
themselves for being inclusive, it felt like tokenism
to the queer community. – Yeah, it literally was. I watched that and I’m like, wow,
thank you for giving a crumb to the LGBT community. – Well, are the directors gay?
– (FBE) No. They are not.
– See, that’s the problem. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Your next ship name is SpIrk.
– Oh, my god! These are hard. – I don’t know. All I get from Spirk is Spock. – Spock and Kirk from Star Trek? – I don’t know.
It just sounds like a mixture of those names
and I feel like that’s something that someone would ship. – Why do I immediately think of Spock? Is it Spock and Kirk? – Ah, I do know this, I think. Captain Kirk and Spock. – Oh, Spock and Kirk. – I’m gonna have to call
the lifeline on this one. – (FBE) This comes from Star Trek.
– Star Trek? Spock and Captain Kirk!
SpIrk. – Kirk, Captain Kirk, and Spock. – (FBE) All right, here’s a clip. – (Kirk) Spock? – Oh, this is the old-school one. – I don’t think I’ve ever seen this. – They were so dramatic
back in the day. – (Spock) I have been
and always shall be your friend. – That’s touching.
I get it. – That’s just a touching scene.
To a lot of people, it’s like, hmmm. I can see why people would
want to ship them. – (FBE) Shipping wasn’t even a term
when Star Trek: The Original Series started,
however, SpIrk was one of the earliest
fan fictions ever written. In fact, it started the term
“slash fiction” because people
used to abbreviate it K/S. – Oh, okay, cool. – Who would have thought Star Trek,
one of the first shows, that’s crazy! ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – (FBE) Last ship is StormPilot. – “StormPilot”? Storm… I’m guessing
this is X-Men. Who the hell is “Pilot”? – That sounds awesome.
What is StormPilot? – Is it Thor and Star-Lord? – Is this a Stormtrooper and a pilot
randomly from Star Wars? – That sounds like an airplane.
A Storm Pilot. Okay, I’m definitely going to need
where this is from. – (FBE) This is from
the new Star Wars trilogy. – Oh. I have no idea. – This is Finn and Poe.
Finn and Poe. Yeah, I knew it! Because that’s another big ship
that I’ve seen. – It’s Poe and… oh, my god. Hold on. This is
so gonna come to me. FINN! It’s Poe and Finn!
Oh, my god. I’ve never heard of it
referred to as StormPilot before though. – BAH! NOOOO!
What?! It’s just a different dynamic for me,
so I didn’t expect that. – Oh, of course. – (Poe) Oh, no.
– (Finn) Poe, you’re alive? – (Poe) So are you!
– Look at them. – (Poe) I got thrown from the crash. I woke up at night.
No you, no ship, nothing. You completed my mission, Finn. That’s my jacket.
– (Finn) Oh. – (Poe) No, no, no, no.
– They’re so cute! This is one that I do
really, really, really like. – (Poe) You’re a good man, Finn.
– That bite lip! I never thought of it,
I never felt this way. I was like, okay, okay– oh!
What was that? Mmm, that looks good on you! All right, friends,
and we’re all watching that movie, too. And we’re all thinking, like,
“Oh, oh… (whispering) did you just see that?” – Yeah, yeah. That’s a total romance, man. He wears his jacket?!
That’s cute. – I feel like there’s a different type
of dynamic with them. They just care about each other
in a way you would see a bro takes care of a bro,
not flirting like Bucky and Steve. – (FBE) Star Wars is another universe
that is lacking in explicit LGBTQ+ representation.
– I mean, we’ve spent plenty of years within the media,
dancing around the elephant in the room;
the large, pink elephant in the room, and so I understand
the disdain in that. – These major media companies
don’t want to officially put a label on their characters because
they don’t want to alienate any of their audience,
which is dumb because if you want to normalize just queerness
and the LGBT community, you have to kind of put
these labels on your characters and outright say
look at this relationship. Look how normal it is and how well
it flows into the story. – At the end of the day,
you get all the viewership, you get all the quote
unquote edginess, and you don’t have to deal with
the real-life consequences. I care about these people.
These are real people and people are so afraid
to come out because they’re
threatened with violence and that’s crazy. I think it’s about time
for full representation. I’m sure we’ve come a long way,
but we’ve got a long ways to go. ♪ (quirky interlude) ♪ – Thanks for watching
Do Adults Know Popular Fandom Ships on the React channel. – If you enjoy this video,
then hit that Like button. – Subscribe for new shows every week. – Who’s your favorite ship?
Let us know in the comments. – Bye! Happy Pride, everyone! – Hey, guys, Ethan here,
a producer on the React channel. Make sure you check out
the FBE newsletter if you want to stay up-to-date
on all things FBE and see our merch and casting notices
before anyone else. Bye, guys.

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