100 thoughts on “Dragon Ball AF Chapter 12: Super Saiyan 5 Gohan Finishes The Shadow Dragon! The Final Opponent Left!

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  2. im getting the feeling that ssj5 is amost like ssj3 where it takes a massive toll on your body but ssj5 dose it to the brain now we have never seen any saiyan before goku and vegeta go this far some could go ssj but never passed that so i think the reason why ssj5 dose so much on him is because no othere saiyan befor goku or vegeta have gone that far

  3. Young Jiji should be hired to to dbs manga. I mean seriously look how fire this shit looks. Simple, cool, short dialoges, amazing teckniques. 🔥🔥🔥
    Edit: Happy birthday to the one and only great Alex Mason.

  4. Happy birthday unrealentgaming thiss was amazing vid Gohan turns ssj5 his full power he only needs to use it 10mins not longer or he die he needs use ssj4 after that tho but thiss was badass epic an sick dope to watch I enjoyed it

  5. By no means SS 4 is inferior to SS god. SS 4 is equal to SS Blue. Also SS 5 is stronger than Ultra Instinct omen but weaker than MUI.

  6. I personally thought the shadow dragons we're the ones from GT like Naturon and Oceanus. The one majuub fought reminded me of rage shenron.

  7. HOLY SHIT! I love this creator they are making Gohan a badass along with Vegeta this is and EPIC team! Gohan is my fave this is how he should be absolutely powerful!

  8. If Dragon Ball Super is going to ever draw inspiration for its future storylines from GT, i really hope its The Shadow Dragons, best concept GT had IMO even tho the majority of it was executed pretty poorly, Nova and SIn/Omega Shenron were good examples of how good of an idea it could be, especially with the Super Dragon Balls, the Shadow Dragons could be strong enough to threaten even the Gods and Angels

  9. Bro now i can't really wait for the next chapter so waiting patiently for that. And as for this chapter it was exceptional the way gg portrayed gohan ssj 4 here was a good storyline, getting beat up first then make a recovery then some new awesome moves from the shadow dragon to beat gohan back-up. After that gohan turning into an ssj 5 with beautiful close scene and coment from the other z fighter was also eye catching & it brings me back to dbz. Even vegeta feels the ssj 5 power. So the next fight will be the epic fight of gohan & aa a hardcore gohan fan i really really can't wait.

  10. I think the last dragon gonna resemble omega shin eat all the dragon balls and final battle gonna be on the kai planet gohan and vegeta fuse and gotenks

  11. Shadow dragons are unnecessary just get someone to talk to them like a dragon king or something like that if they don't comply take the dragon balls what they gonna do about it

  12. 18:16 "what we learned"
    I learned that gohan still doesn't know the art of "DODGE!!", Piccolo should be here to teach him that

  13. Im still in shock (like in anime ) u dont already have 10 million subs . I watch every vid and attempt to subscribe everytime, but utube only allows me to subscribe once

  14. I have a question do you guys think that the potara technique is truly stronger than the metamorian fusion technique I feel like the elder Kai says the potara is superior because it was created by that of the gods

  15. I think it's better to fight in a lesser form because it's less draining, and the more you can achieve with a lesser form the more powerful your final form will be. If you can do the impossible while using a minimal amount of power against the strongest opponents and ridiculous odds, then the final form will be naturally more experienced and prepared and thus stronger. The physical stuff is the easiest part. It's more the mental and emotional stuff that makes it difficult, so you have to get your emotions out of your system and heal and process your feelings because doing so allows you to feel balanced. It's why it's necessary to train the mind and the emotions so that the physical can freely utilize it's ability. Sort of like Ultra Instinct in that it reacts on its own because you are free of emotional burden.

    Personally, I often thrive better with a lot of pressure and am motivated by impossible odds and harsh circumstances, but the effect of that is the emotions sort of turn to apathy and get compacted and it feels like you're carrying a boulder. So you have to undo all that and use your feelings to process things and figure yourself out. It's sort of annoying going through such a raw experience with a partner because when you adapt to a guy and his needs then you aren't getting the purest experience of yourself. I just wanna feel blissful and happy and fulfilled and whimsical. Try a bunch of stuff like acrobatics just because, without some guy trying to make me feel badly or like I have to do it specifically to satisfy him. My final form needs passion to sustain itself. Passion is hobbies and the bliss of feeling connected to yourself and having emotional purity.

  16. Hi Alex,

    I hope you are doing good…just have a couple of questions to you , friend:

    1.when we are going to see xicor vs vegeta after he comes from the sword?

    2.Also, i sometimes wonder why you kept the channel name as unrealent gaming?any particular reason?

    It should be near to a dragonball name since your dragonball updates, story telling is the best.

  17. Aw come on! Dont leave me hanging with a transformation cliffhanger seeing ssj5 gohan. Hope yun or whatever young gg keeps going cause this is hella raw. I wanna see Yin reaction how he gets beat. Also happy belated b-day unreal.

  18. This manga was uploaded by you before. Did the older vid get taken down due to copyright claims or some such? Anyone want to know how this fight ends?

  19. Bro have you ever heard of the YouTube channel called “Sayian Scholar”? They have fan mangas I’ve never seen anyone else cover. I just read one with Gohan going into Hell to look for Piccolo.

  20. I have a kinda stupid question but why if how to become a SS God is the reason for that and dragon then why is SSB not used

  21. I definitely missed something but I’m extremely confused, if they had the wish for ss god, doesn’t vegita know about it? And shouldn’t he be able to transform to it or even blue?

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