Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 25 Goku Uses Hakai On Merged Zamasu! Merged Zamasu Defuses?!

Dragon Ball super manga chapter number
25 has now officially been revealed having to be translated in English you
guys can go ahead and find the official link down below if you want to go in
ahead and take a look at the latest manga chapter as of course in which
we’re about to see this manga chapter definitely separates itself in what we
saw in the anime now with that we kick it off with Dragon Ball super manga
chapter number 25 exactly where we left off with merge demas so having to battle
a mastered Super Saiyan God Goku it now if you take a look at the overall
details back and forth it looks like goku and za masu are having a much more
difficult struggle against each other than originally presumed if we take a
look at house demas who is in fact struggling against the a master super
saiyan blue Goku as Goku is also indeed having a very difficult time against
merges Amazo himself and by the end of it it looks like just when you thought
Goku was down and out Goku would always figure out a way on how to counteract
and even which there was a scene where Goku gets knocked on down to the ground
and just when you thought all hope was lost for Goku it he goes on ahead to
raise his left hand and firing a ferocious ki blast in the monsters
direction in which catches him also and which forces Goku to be on the offensive
yet again as trunks even says it’s incredible Goku’s attacks aren’t even
letting up at least in the overall idea that at this very point Goku is indeed
tired he’s actually struggling and this is a battle of time to see which one
between samah sue and Goku are gonna cave first but toriel taro did an
amazing job if you pay attention to detail if you pay attention to the we
merge demas who is fighting with Goku I would have definitely have preferred to
see this kind of a battle in the anime than how we saw it originally when it
first aired however if you take a look at what’s going on it looks like Goku is
able to hold his own and even physically damage them also in which I highly
disagree with even as a master Super Saiyan blue I think that Goku should not
be anywhere near the same caliber in being able to damage a Patara fusion but
nonetheless as the fight drags on we see how later on everyone’s observing how
Goku and Zomato are knocking each other down with zoom
also having to say I I am an immortal with Goku having a lie-down
both of them are seemingly tired and then at that very point we see how the
masseur is looking to take things to a whole nother level as he begins to tear
off his shirt and he says I cannot be damaged in which he regenerates himself
but as he’s regenerating himself Goku manages to quickly catch the Moscow
off-guard in trying to attack him from behind and go who realizes that the more
Hamas who regenerates the greater the threat of Zuma so will be as Goku even
says there’s no way I can’t just let you sit there and recover damn I don’t have
much time in being able to fight in this form either as Goku is beginning to get
tired as well in which we see trunks says go who seems to be acting a little
strange with Vegeta having to say Kakarot body is probably already at its
limit with trunks having to say one how is that with lagea having to respond by
saying his body is unable to store and endure the power of blue so it looks
like even despite his battle Goku is trying to keep the capacity of Super
Saiyan blue stable without burning right through his form and even with that we
see some aah so in which I love his detail in this manga the way he looks
his overall muscular stature it looks very different than how we saw it in the
overall anime and we see how the MAS who puts his hands down and he’s slowly
standing up and Goku says if it comes down to this then I got no choice but to
go all in so it looks like Goku is in fact up to something and we see zoom
also he’s tired he’s breathing heavy and of course I mean again I disagree with
the idea and having go could be able to keep up with such a person but does a
lawsuit then says you you you are cursed saying I’m through with this earth and
I’m through with this universe I’ll wipe you out alongside this entire galaxy
from existence and some I’ll sue begins to power up and I personally think this
was one of my favorite scans one of my favorite pages from the manga itself I
mean if you look at the overall you know masculinity of zammis when you look at
how he looks and how ferocious he looks he looks like he’s turning into Broly he
looks like he’s turning into Bojack he’s muscular his aura is pouring out
everywhere he’s angry and he’s looking to destroy the entire universe alongside
son Goku in which he’s not playing any more games and then we see how the
master continuously pours out his energy more and more and that’s when Vegeta
says his aura is overflowing out of his injured damaged body if he lets that
much power explode without recovering his stamina no matter how immortal he is
he’s not going to be able to cope with that with his mind blinded by rage he’s
no longer able to properly compose himself in the burden of his body so it
looks like some masseur is thriving on anger he’s thriving on rage he’s angry
he’s upset that Goku has done the same and where have we seen that before we’ve
seen that with Saiyans sales normally thrive off of emotion off of anger so
this must come from the Goku black side of things and within his body with
trunks having to say so much power and at that very point merge damashii begins
to charge straight at Goku it as go who seems to be compressing his energy in
his hand and I will say when when we saw them collide the artwork the artwork is
absolutely phenomenal despite if you guys agree or disagree with the overall
direction of the manga you have to give credit to the way the anime looks in
comparison to the manga the manga details are just spectacular and of
course as some also is trying to strike Goku it we see how Goku quickly
teleports behind the masa and of course the moment we’ve all been waiting for
Goku sticks his hand out Hamas who says once and that’s when Goku says beerus
sorry for calling this a dangerous technique before but I’m gonna have to
borrow it from you destruction Hawkeye and that is when
Goku indeed does use the Hawkeye move now whether or not you guys agree or
disagree with them having to do a corn on coal ass pull on this it is confirmed
as seen in the scan and on your screen that go who borrows beerus is technique
and using the huh chi in the mastered Super Saiyan form against merged Samus
ooh and just as that is happening you get to see some ass who begins to
get erased we see him decomposing we see him dematerializing right before Goku’s
eyes and we see that look in Zuma’s whose eyes and that’s when trunks says
wait a minute whoa and vegeta having to say wait that’s beerus his technique so
we see right then and there that everyone already knows that this is
beerus his technique and just as Hamas was getting erased we see him begin to
smile he opens up a portal and just on the other side of that portal he grabs
my and he pulls her through it he puts her in front of Goku and he says I dare
you with Goku having to say what are you doing put her down and he’s using her as
a shield so he doesn’t get fully hawk-eyed and in the meantime he manages
to outsmart Goku and kicking him in the ribs and that’s what pretty much was the
straw that broke the camel’s back because go who dropped and he reverted
back to his base form with everyone happen to cause Hamas whose bluff he
only used mine as a temporary distraction in order to gain Goku’s
attention so his entire left side is gone and then at that very point he
begins to regenerate we see how he pulls himself back together and he fully
recovers by getting his suit back and then he says for the God who stands at
the pinnacle of all creation to have to resort to such a crude method of winning
I will never forgive you I must engrave this session on to my heart and never
again shall immortal and then that’s what someone says i masu so as he’s
having a moment to himself as he’s talking we see how trunks begins to come
out of nowhere and he wants to go in ahead and try to slash down Hamas ooh
but of course fails so trunks attempts to slash the masu and completely flops
on over and that’s when samus who says never again shall a mortal be created
and that is I mean cuz he wants to go in ahead and destroy all mortals and saying
I will never see the day where a mortal shall be created and Vegeta right then
and there says it’s all over and Hamas who says what a pain I guess I’m gonna
have to erase this entire earth from existence he puts his hand down and just
as Hamas sua is about to erase the earth and the entire
universe all of a sudden he begins to decompose he begins to separate we see
part of Goku black and we see part of Zuma soo and they’re beginning to
separate sort of like Siamese twins and everyone is shocked and then we see the
Supreme Kai saying wait a minute it’s been exactly one hour it’s been exactly
one hour since the Masters fusion they have finally separated but as they begin
to separate they seem to be solely attached to each other everyone’s
freaking out and that’s when even go ah su and Supreme Kai are talking and go ah
so having to say over this past hour they’ve likely become bound on a
cellular level Fusion or not the both of them are still Zuma so one and the same
with Supreme Kai having to say but this is completely different than when Goku
and Vegeta became infused with Galasso having to say both of the samosas are
refusing the undoing of the fusion so it looks like they don’t want to separate
they don’t want to separate and it looks like unlike Goku and Vegeta who were
forced to separate some also on the other hand refuses and at that very
point since they’re struggling to going ahead and stay together
trunks emerges and cuts them down from behind and Goku having to see this it’s
because of trunks who cut them apart in which permanently separated their fusion
and I do have to say that the way this looks from behind we see how trunks cuts
down the masu he cuts down black and they look all gooey lots of blood guts
and gore and trunks is tired he’s pandering and of course as the bodies
drop between black and Zuma so trunks takes his sword he goes behind Goku
black and he stabs him right in the spine this is very very graphic and I
understand as to why they would never want to show this in the anime but I
love how trunks tries to avenge his mother to avenge his family to avenge
the world and stabbing the very person that calls you all this pain and as he
stabs them we see how trunks powers down and he says this
the end for you black and that’s what supreme kai says trunks defeated black
everyone is happy Goku says you did it you protected the earth and oddly enough
Hamas was still there black is still there and everyone’s rejoicing that you
know trunks had finally defeated black and then out of nowhere we see how you
know blacks fingers begin to move then his hand begins to move and then we see
how black turns around and he blasts trunks on down to the ground
he shoots trunks down and he’s smiling so this is unlike anything we’ve ever
seen you know in the actual anime so black shoots down trunks trunks drops on
down to the ground and we see how black stands up with the sword still in his
body and Goku having to say but you you’re not supposed to be immortal to
what’s going on and black takes the sword behind of him he slowly pulls it
out of his spine which again I love this manga chapters so much for that he
slowly pulls the sword out and then he takes the sword and crushes it he
crushes the sword and then we see how blacks face begins to morph and it’s in
fact merged so masu so everyone’s confused nobody knows what’s going on
Vegeta is like one coke who’s like what in the world you know how does he have
that form I mean they’re separated right and just does that happen Goku begins to
back up and he bumps into another Zomato in which that’s a muscle transforms into
another mergers imasu and Goku’s like wait I mean this one’s got the same face
too late what the heck is going on and that’s when to merge the Masters are
beginning to beat down Goku it and that’s when Vegeta says there’s two
fuses a masseuse how is this possible so now instead of fighting one they’re
fighting to it and one merge the mas who begins to kick Goku on the other side
you’re almost kicking them back this is really really intense stuff Goku it gets
beat so bad he gets kicked right into the fire hydrant and that’s when the
monsters standing there and Goku says I mean damn it
both of them are just as strong as the original I mean how is this possible and
Supreme Kai is shaky saying wait so how are there two immortals amazos I mean
things could get I mean things couldn’t be any worse can they and
is watching Goku get kicked around like a dog he’s getting kicked around and as
he turns around he sees my she’s down she he sees trunks
he’s down trunks is bleeding out everyone’s dying Goku’s dying everyone
is dying and at that very point Vegeta erupts in a massive state of anger and
saying you motherfucker and he begins to power up Seoul so dramatically this
reminded me of when beerus slab Bulma in which we know Vegeta said my Bulma and
he charged him and he saved Goku but what he did instead of charging heads
imasu he kicked the ever so holy shit out of Goku he kicked Goku so far back
goku went flying vegeta turned right back around he looked at everybody
Vegeta is like what are you doing and then that’s when trunks woke up he
looked up he begins to protect mine and that’s when Vegeta unleashes his massive
gamma bursts he powers up all his energy the tumors Hamas whose don’t know what’s
going on and Vegeta unleashes the gamma bursts on both Hamas ooze and just as he
fires that off it is a tremendous blast I would have to say probably much more
ferocious than the final flash as the entire Earth is beginning to shine
there’s nothing left of either merge Damaso there’s nothing left the only
thing left of merge to masu are his hands his feet his body parts he’s been
destroyed and then we see Supreme Kai say Hamas has been blown into pieces
with Goku having to say that’s no good Vegeta he’s just gonna regenerate with
Vegeta having to say you were on the verge of death just for a moment ago dad
you have to come back and trunks is like dude it like we have to get out of here
because he’s gonna pull himself back together and that’s what Supreme Kai
says we need to escape now while we have the chance and that’s when
goku says did you just say escape we can’t just leave some also to do as he
pleases and just as everyone feared the mouth Shu begins to pull himself back
together however now there are multiple copies of merged imasu and that’s what
go-go’s like give me a freakin break how the hell did he multiply again so now we
have various different copies of mergers Amasa and
that’s when the manga chapter ends so it looks like this is gonna drag on even
more because now we got tens of dozens of Zhu masseuse and supreme Kai’s only
way out is saying we have to escape while we have the chance so post your
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manga I just didn’t like how by the end of it there’s still more I mean just
when you thought everything was gonna be over and done with there’s more and I
would have loved to see Vegeta fight just that’s had been more but now we
have Goku it who fought some ah so it now they’re all fighting a bunch of
monsters it’s it’s incredibly intense stuff so make sure you guys to back and
for more information as the day’s come on by thank you all for watching guys
once again to back in for more and I’ll be seeing you all down in the comment
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