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Dragon Ball Super Movie : Brogeto [ Fan Animation ]

the biggest threat of this world has arrived … an opponent wanting only one thing Destroy Son Goku It’s time to receive the Divine Judgment But this time Without the help of the gods Your fate does not matter to me Make it your own Even the ultimate weapon of our heroes has no effect Vegetto was beaten By Vegetto You face your worst nightmare but one last solution is possible you are serious ? The Fusion of the last three saiyans Here is the ultimate fusion of the saiyan race ! Is it supposed to impress me? not really, but YES! be ready! my friends call me Brogeto! My enemies call the reinforcements!

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35 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super Movie : Brogeto [ Fan Animation ]

  1. Well fusion is power lv multiply so his power is
    Vegeta x Goku x Broly
    It’s at least Octillion in base form for sure. Also just to let you know SSG is in the universe buster level now multiply it. We are not starting to count the perfection from combination of their technique yet

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