[EN/CN] It’s a fangirl/fanboy loveshot🍷 for kpop photo cover📷📸

Florian: Woah, give some big claps Pure.D: Sit over here Florian: What’s your name? Goddo: My name is Do-Hyun Im (a.k.a Goddo) Pure.D: We’re gonna learn some idol-a-like pose Pure.D: How about teaching us
some attractive look poses Florian: Like this? Florian: How, how? Pure.D: Oh yes Pure.D: Oh, these are good Florian: Make a pose naturally Goddo: Here, don’t pock in both of your hands to pocket Florian&Pure.D: Why can’t we? Goddo: Because it’s more lit Florian&Pure.D: Oh lit Pure.D: I found diverse idols who do poses like this Pure.D: Like this Pure.D: Okay, pose like that PD: One, two, three

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