[Engsub]​Fanboyจีนหอบของไปให้Lisaในงานวันนี้ เปย์หนักขนาดไหน? | BLACKPINK​ Story​

Lisa’s Chinese fan boy went to meet her at the Olens’s event today. Along with many expensive gifts Today BLACKPINK will attend the Olens with BLACKPINK event. the event starting at 6pm Korean time or 4pm Thai time Believe that there are many Blinks attending the event Including him He prepared a lot of gifts for Lisa. Each piece is expensive. And has paintings that he himself painted too,very beautiful He became more well-known when he donated 100,000 baht. To help the flood victims in Thailand In which he said Lisa was the inspiration for him Think of him as a big fan He paid 101,000 baht to buy Moonshot products To be Top 20 spenders Met Lisa like special in Moonshot’s event He also wears many similar clothes to Lisa’s outfit. And also check in to the places Lisa has been to Follow the things Lisa used to eat Can say that he is really the ultimate fan boy Donate money as she used to. Wear clothes to follow her Eat the food that Lisa used to eat in Thailand. And meet Lisa every event Thank you, instead of Lisa, for you liking her. And is a great encouragement for her Very Cute

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