19 thoughts on “escanor (the one)vs meliodas full fight comparison manga vs anime Seven Deadly Sins Season 3

  1. Seven Deadly Sins Season 3 TV Episode VS UNCENSORED VERSION [Fanmade] 七つの大罪 神々の逆鱗

  2. Yo soy Nakaba y les quemo el estudio de animación a estos cabrones que han animado deprisa y mal una de las mejores peleas del manga, todo por el dinero…

  3. This is lazier than Studio Deen’s animation.. You just plopped a video of the manga. At the very least, put the pages of the manga side by side with the corresponding event in the animation so we can see a real comparison and not just two lazy works of video editing

  4. I can't pin point it but the anime version of the one looks so strange and that voice is just messed up (in my opinion, your thoughts on the voice of the one may differ)

  5. What's the purpose of comparing anime and manga if it's not even sync to compare correctly ?
    Beside that it was a good and hard work, good job anyway

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