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Mjolnir. It’s Thor’s trusty hammer and
whose name LITERALLY translates to “that which smashes”. This hammer gives Thor all of his fantastic
powers, but ANYONE can wield it if they’re deemed worthy because of that enchantment
that we all know and love. “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess
the power of Thor.” So now, let’s dive into the people who wielded
Mjolnir besides the big man himself in the mainstream Marvel Comics universe. Of course, there’s people like Red Hulk
or Iron Man who moved it around in space and Ragnarok who was worthy of an alternate universe
hammer. But those technicalities are boring. Ultimate Magneto is especially lame because
he’s both an alternate universe character AND didn’t actually pick it up. Heck, Superman
AND Wonder Woman have both wielded Thor’s hammer, but the canon is so ambiguous and
loose that we’ll have to talk about those Marvel/DC crossovers some other time. No, today we’re going to mostly be focusing
on the mainstream Marvel universe and those who are actually worthy to wield Mjolnir’s
awesome power. The most noteworthy of those that have wielded
Mjolnir was Beta Ray Bill, the Thorse of course! Quick history, alien dude fought Thor, separated
the god from his hammer, the alien picked it up, and got his power. Odin teleports them
to Asgard and makes ‘em fight to the death over who would be Mjolnir’s new master.
Bill wins, but refuses to take Thor’s life and to reward him, Odin gives Bill his own
hammer, Stormbreaker. Fun fact, there are many other characters
have knock off Mjolnirs. Take Throg for example. Yes. That is a frog with the power of Thor.
If you think that’s weird, he actually has an even stranger history. Simon Walterson
was a professional football player, but after his wife died, Simon went to multiple fortune
tellers in an attempt to speak to her one last time from beyond the grave, but when
his money ran out, one of the magicians cursed him, turning Simon into a frog. It’s then that he took up the name Puddlegulp
and actually appeared in a much older Thor story where Thor too was transformed into
a frog. Now. here’s where things get even crazier. In that story, Thor picks up Mjolnir
and turns into the Frog of Thunder, but it turns out that a sliver of his hammer was
left behind and Puddlegulp lifted it himself, where it turned into a hammer and turned HIM
into Throg. So yes, since it was a piece of Mjolnir, technically, Throg was deemed worthy
and he has his own hammer now. These days, Throg leads the Pet Avengers.
Yes, the animal sidekicks of Marvel Comics are part of a superteam. It is just as amazing
as it sounds. Another Mjolnir duplicate was commissioned
by Odin for Roger “Red” Norvell. This guy was just a normal dude that Loki manipulated
into taking Mjolnir, but how he became worthy was pretty unique. He donned Thor’s belt
of strength and some special iron gloves that Odin crafted for Thor back when he wasn’t
worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Presumably, it’s these gloves that bypassed the worthiness
enchantment, but in real life Norse mythology, they’re what the actual Thor needed for
Mjolnir to fly back into his hands. It a nice way to tie it into the real life
lore. However, Red went on to die, but was later resurrected by Odin and given his own
hammer called Crusher. The next guy that we’ve seen use Mjolnir
is someone you guys might have heard of, a little guy called CAPTAIN AMERICA! However,
the Cap can only wield the hammer when he contains the spirit of a warrior. Which basically
translates to the only time that Cap can lift Mjolnir is when he’s pumped with adrenaline
in the middle of a battle. That explains why we get this little scene in Avengers 2. “Come on Cap!” Did you see that? He totally made it wiggle!
He’s kind of worthy, but not all the way there. What’s even crazier is that in the
Marvel 2099 comics which take place in, you guessed it, the year 2099, Captain America
was taken out of cryostasis… again… and actually becomes the Thor of the future! Ordinarily, I wouldn’t mention this, but
in that very same comic, Miguel O’Hara A.K.A. Spider-Man 2099 also takes up the hammer.
Now the 2099 universe is just one of the many possible future timelines of the main Marvel
Comics universe, but what makes Miguel special is that he regularly hangs in the mainstream
continuity. It’s not like he’s Dargo Ktor, a future Thor who appeared in like… two
comics and then joined a team of other Thors. Guess what they called themselves. The Thor
Corps. I can not make this up. Outside of Thor, it seems like his entire
bloodline is also worthy of the hammer. Take Thor’s father, Odin, for example who was
the one that commissioned Mjolnir to be crafted in the first place and was its first wielder.
Then when Loki resurrected Odin’s father, Bor, he manipulated the Asgardian into fighting
Thor and in the process, proved his worthiness. If that wasn’t enough, BOR’S Father, Buri,
has also shown the ability to hold the hammer when he found Thor unconscious on his planet. Now those are all just Thor’s blood relatives,
but let’s not forget that his adopted brother, Loki, was also able to wield Mjolnir during
the Axis storyline where all the heroes became bad and all the villains became good. There have also been a few characters that
were FUSED with Thor and acted as his civilian identities. Since they were all a part of
Thor, it’s either been explicitly clear or implied that they can all wield Mjolnir. The first is actually the weirdest. Dr. Donald
Blake was a guise created by Odin for Thor when he was cast out of Asgard to learn humility.
Though this was originally just an alias, Donald Blake ended up becoming his own being…
because comics… Then there’s Eric Masterson. He got caught
up in the middle of a battle between Thor and a villain named the Mongoose. When Thor
was about to lose, Eric picked up Mjolnir and attempted to swing it at the bad guy.
He was hit before he could attack, but this distraction was what Thor needed to turn the
battle in his favor. Because of his heroism, Thor begged Odin to save Eric’s life, but
instead, the All Father fused the two of them together. They eventually separated and Eric even acted
AS Thor for a short period of time, but he ended up getting the enchanted mace, Thunderstrike,
and became a hero all by himself. Finally, there’s Jake Olson. After he was
killed in the crossfire of an Avengers battle, his life was intertwined with Thor’s. By
that, I mean they were LITERALLY FUSED TOGETHER and Jake acted as Thor’s civilian identity
for a while. Jake’s soul eventually moved on to the afterlife and found peace, leaving
Thor as himself once again. That brings us to the current bearer of the
hammer as of this recording. After Nick Fury whispered something into Thor’s ear, he
was no longer worthy of Mjolnir’s power. Instead, it was taken up by his ex-girlfriend,
Jane Foster! Fun fact, Jane Foster has actually used the hammer before in a What If? story,
but that’s non-canon much like when Rogue and Black Widow used it. Weird, mostly women
use Mjolnir in the What If? scenarios… But yes, Jane Foster is the most recent wielder
of Mjolnir as of this recording despite the fact that she has cancer. See, as long as
Jane is transformed as Thor, the cancer goes away, but she has no hope of curing the disease
if she continues to use it. Why? Because every time that she transforms, the chemotherapy
that Jane undertakes is immediately purged from her body. If it’s any consolation though, Jane seems
to have most natural affinity for the hammer with her proficiency being so good that Thor
straight up gave her his own name because she is lightyears better than him. Dayum. Now even though we’ve covered everyone who
was worthy of Mjolnir, there have been plenty of characters who got around that criteria.
For example, beings of immense magical power can bypass Odin’s enchantment as evidenced
by the time the demon Mephisto caught the hammer, instantly destroyed it, and then instantly
re-created it just because he could. Wow, that has to be the greatest insult that Thor
has ever received! Then there was the time that Wonder Man temporarily
had the power of a god and he was able use Mjolnir’s powers, but it could also be argued
that he only had temporarily had Thor’s powers at the time. The comic can be interpreted
either way. There’s also the time that Zeus himself
grabbed the hammer, but as he noticed, Zeus could only hold onto it for a short time before
it went right on back to Thor’s hand. This was also noted by the android Air-Walker
who caught the hammer, but stated that it constantly tried to return to Thor. This is
just one of the many times where it’s been shown that non sentient beings are able to
pick up Mjolnir with no problems. Even the Asgardian Destroyer armor has been shown to
pick up the hammer and we’ve seen this concept tackled in the modern era with the literally
named Awesome Android and of course, Vision in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. What’s important to note though is that
none of these robots and androids could actually use the power of Thor, but instead, they could
all use Mjolnir like an ordinary hammer. You can also bypass the worthiness enchantment
with a powerful spell of your own as evidenced by Enrakt the Enchanter who used his magic
to live inside of and control Mjolnir… In fact, his spell was so powerful that it had
to be undone by Scarlet Witch. You can also get around being worthy if Thor’s
hand is still on Mjolnir. For example, Storm once forced the hammer to destroy Stormcaster,
her own Asgardian hammer made by Loki. As you can clearly see, Thor’s hand is still
on the hammer which bypasses the whole wortiness thing. This can be seen again in the Avengers Assemble
comic where The Hulk (who was being controlled by Thanos) grabbed Mjolnir and smacked Thor
in the face with it. Yet just like with Storm, Thor’s hand was still on the hammer, turning
this into a “Stop hitting yourself!” situation. But I’ll be the first one to admit that
Thor’s history is MASSIVE so I’m sure I missed some noteworthy mentions. I can almost
taste the comments that some of you guys are writing, completely ignoring that I mostly
stuck to the mainstream universe and yelling about how I didn’t talk about that time
that Deadpool wielded a fake Mjolnir or that time that Conan the Barbarian use it. But who’s the better hammer bearer that
we talked about in this video? Beta Ray Bill or Throg? Click to cast your vote or tweet
me @TrailerDrake. If you want to learn more about one of the
obscure hammer wielders then click that annotation to see our history of Spider-Man 2099.

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