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Fanboys de Sonic (Sonicliebers), Arenosos CHILLONES

I’m going to do this fast, I’m going to criticize
the sonic fanboys, sonickers, or as I say, the Sonicliebers. I clarify again, I do not hate Sonic, is my favorite sagas. however the fanboyism of these simians surpass the level of the retarded, almost as much as the level of the Gokuliebers. first I will say what are the main problems of these users. I will not talk about bullshit like the rule 34 or the fandom of the recoloured Sonics, that this is not the Sonic video that is dying of Masterlasheron. I will not talk about those who make Sonic look like Gary Stu in the versus saying that he beat Superman One Million and Flash that this is another issue that I talked about earlier in my Sonic blog that is so strong? I’m going to start in parts. 1.- they do not agree on what they think I explain as for example the Sonic 2006 at the same time that he was very hated, the other half liked the game. there everything goes well, since even I recognized that this game would be good without the eternal charges or the glitches, the problem is that these subnormals exaggerate saying that it is the best Sonic and that everyone else is crap. and it’s not just happening with Sonic 2006, it’s the same with any Sonic game from 2006 onwards no matter how bad it is, like The Secret Rings, Sonic Boom, and the most shitty, gonorrhoeal, disgusting, and smelly shit ever created from the modern Sonic, The Black Knight one thing is that they like x Sonic game, (” However subnormal and disgusting their tastes ” if they do not catch what I mean is that they are assholes.)
for more subnormal and disgusting
what are your tastes, the problem is to exaggerate in dick sucks any shit saying they are superior to the classic trilogy, the Advance, Sonic Heroes and the MANLY saga that is the best of all Sonic, 2.-the eternal war between Sally Acorn and Amy Rose. I will not talk much about this, since it is better explained with this video, but I summarize this with my own opinion. this stupidity that the Sanikliebers do is just as stupid as the discussions of the Narutards of Naruhina and Narusaku, (BUT LOOK AT THAT WASHED HAIR WITH HERALSHOULDERS POPE!)
they argue over unfair pendadas like the Sonic couples, when Sonic is not a fucking TV novel (MARIO PREGNANTED HER)
of unwanted pregnancies like the shits of La Rosa de Guadalupe or RBD (Saniclieber watching a top of Sonic’s worst games)
3.-do not accept official qualifications
of the Sonic games. what is this? that users do not comply with the
ratings that critics give to Sonic games, such as Sonic Boom, which was the game with the worst score in the entire history of Sonic, that yes I recognize that it was something unfair because it is not the worst Sonic. or the best example, they complain about the qualification of games that were really shit with their tantrums towards the qualification of Sonic shit and the black knight. not satisfied that their game is a shit, they come to say the opposite of professional opinions towards this game saying with an evasive well stupid, like the wikipedia content is editable, and that’s why they’re wrong. And what the fuck does it have to do? if even the official pages of IGN and gamespot have almost the same qualifications, they can keep looking for Black Knight ratings, and they are still too low, they do not even reach 7/10 rating. ratings that dropped games like the donkey kong tropical country and not only that, they come to scrub you in the face the ratings that came down from games like the Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze or the new games of Pokémon when that is not relevant, and does not justify the low ratings of the game. if so, I can say that any shit like Superman 64 and E.T. Atari are the best games in the world and no review, magazine or low rating will say otherwise. and not only is it with mediocre games,  the same thing also happens with decent games like Sonic Generations, they gave him a good grade, and the fucking jackass begin to bray because that rating is unfair, even if the rating is fair and good, a
8.5 / 10 and it’s no joke, it’s seriously complaining about ratings like these, I already imagine that the Sonic Lost World will give a 9.9 / 10. thing that is not true, and that by not putting a 10 up the fucking Manchild begin to menstruate of courage. but I do think that game deserves that qualification, since it’s not only by Fanservice, but because the game is too short and is not as cool as the Adventures, It’s just a recycle of old games with a bit of the most recent, that even Mario could do. in the description I leave the evidence so that they see that I do not lie, they even start insulting the reviewers of ign gamespot. and you know what is the funniest thing about this last video? who complained about the ratings of the Sonic Lost World in Japan, when the one in America still did not come out, ignoring that the ratings vary by region, EPIC DERP! (Mario is shit, Sanic is god)
4.-they throw shit to other franchises literally, they who ejaculate with the sonic games while watching their furry porn from Mobius Unleashed, to the point of cross-polluting any well-known video game franchise, saying that they will never beat their stupid hedgehog. but of all the games that you
they throw shit, the most affected is Mario, saying that the Sonic Generations is better than any Mario, when it is nor is it the best Sonic, and it does not compare to the best games in the franchise like Mario Galaxy 1, Super Mario Sunshine, the first Mario Party without Mario and Luigi Dream Team, I know there are better Sonic games than Mario, but the vast majority of Mario games far surpass Sonic’s since Mario almost does not fail in the Spin Offs, such as parties, RPGs, karts and sports, when Sonic fails in almost all of that and depends on the extreme of his original saga to stay, since there are few Sonic spin-offs that become good. I at least when I throw shit to other sagas like MAINCRA, at least I do not spend it scorning any franchise comparing it with that shit, thing that the Sanikliebers do if they scrub your pinchy Blue Kitty, say Sonic. and when I get to do it, I compare it with a game that is half fake, that is undervalued or that is of the same category but better. 5.-do not tolerate negative opinions to any
Sonic game. here they come to you saying bullshit, like you do not fuck the sega because they did not play well, you play a game and see if you do not get shit. DURRRRR Seriously, this evasive is a good thing, it reminds me of the losers that if you do not have videos on your channel, you have no right to criticize anyone, Well, the same thing happens here, and I can assure you that the idiots who say this, do not know how to make games either in the Minecrap, warioware diy and nor in any other game
which is used to create your own game Warioware DIY, and not in any other game that serves to create your own game as the Project Spark the Mario Maker. 6.-pressure too much to those of SEGA. Look, I’m not stating any proof that Sonic is dying or not, that I’m not Masterlasheron (In fact, he still has low sales in his games even if they are not bad.)
But if Sonic really were to die, it would be because of their fanboys, since they are the ones that pressure SEGA, making them pull games hastily and ahead of time and not give a good development in the games. good development in games yes I know that
Mario does the same thing by taking more than one I do know that Mario does the same thing, taking out more than one game a year and that Super Mario 64 was so rushed that they forgot the multiplayer, but the reason is that Mario repeats a winning formula that they do not constantly renew, instead sonic is trying to constantly renew, and do that in such a short time and not follow the same formula that you already had well, It results in failures such as Sonic Boom, or in other famous franchises that have also done the same as Megayman, crash bandicoot and spyro. 7.-Abuse the Fanservice. I am not copying Masterlasheron, here I am going to write this part better, and it is an insignificant detail almost unimportant, and do not shit so much compared to the things mentioned above. the abuse of fun service is bad for any franchise, not only Sonic, it also happens in the animated series. Fanservice suppresses the creative freedom and the author’s will, by giving them Fanservice, It’s like giving sweets to children from 5 years old down, and if you give them those sweets, at the beginning they’ll thank you, but when you do that, you’re making them wrong by making them think that you owe them the Fanservice, And they’ll start fucking you if you do not please them. Doing Fanservise is not always good, since many will never agree with the same decision. the biggest example of Fanservice is that of sakurai with the Smart Ballot, and the inclusion of Megashit and the skins of the other assholes of his franchise for the Mii Fighters in DLC. the same Ryu is more was also Fanservice, even fans of this saga complained about that, including those of Megaman. the most notorious fanservice of Sonic apart from Sonic Generations and Sonic the Hedgehog 4, is Shadow the character, since he died from the first game where he appeared, and like all fanservice, you have to revive the fangirls’ boyfriends to give fanservice with Yaoi furry, and dedicate their own game, that by the way the Shadow the Hedgehog as a game itself is very good, but it is still Fanservice. I was never interested in the Shadow character, I only played it for being something of the Sonic of Gamecube, that for me the games between 2000 and 2005 of Sonic, were the best of the whole saga, and Shadow the Hedgehog also enters here. but where they go of assholes with the Fan service, are their stupid demands of the Smash Ballot on other characters for smash bros, I already explained that in my top of stupid ideas for Smash Bros. and it is not only with Sonic it is the same with the Gokuliebers and the fanboys of the Mr. Clean of Kratos. and I see them able to say that smash bros 4 is shit just for not making playable their Sanik hardcore characters like Shadow or Silver. and even if they leave, I can assure you that they will continue complaining, and they will be so elbows that they will not buy them in DLC and they will want everything for free like the Weeaboos with the anime. it’s almost over, but I think one of the culprits for this crap, was the user Ryuko Shion, since he started to overestimate Sonic in the versus and his response to the son video and who is dying of Masterlasheron was almost the same blow job, but the other way around when he sucked Sonic and the crap like Sonic and the Black Knight. I recognize that in his video he was right in some things, but compared to the other answers, that video was the longest, boring and Saniklieber of all. and I say it for the fanboys assholes who did not stop to spam my top of the worst Sonic games with that watch the Sonic video is not dying of Ryuko Shion. although we do not blame the user, since all the types of fanboys that I mentioned before, They already did the same thing long before this user appeared, even users who do not even know Spanish. and remember, the idea of ​​this video is not to see Sonic as shit, nor its games, the intention is to let them know about the syphilitic shit that these Mongols have done. If they ever see me insulting Sonic, it’s not because I hate him, It’s because sometimes I have to insult him as many times as necessary to put these Sanikliebers in their place. Sonic and the Sanikliebers are like flies on a cake, (These cakes are given to me on almost all my birthdays)
the cake would be Sonic, I enjoy it, but when you get a fly with your legs full of shit on top of it, I scorn it with disgust, and the Sanicliebers are the flies. If you want to give a negative opinion about the video, you can do it, only with the condition that they have arguments so that they can discuss it and fix it with an update on the blog, and not just that it’s bad just because if I like this, or whiny insults that it’s shit because you insult a lot, since the insults were nothing more than to fuck the Sanikliebers, not the true Sonic fans, and so that the video does not bore. also if you know some other point why the Sonicliebers are shit, let me know so I can add it to the blog in an update. that’s it. until next time. Now yes, to wallow in the mud, Oink Oink

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  1. También hay fans de mario así, no lo nieges :v, aunque también hay que reconocer que en cualquier fandom hay gente así.

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