FINALLY!!! EXO 엑소 ‘Obsession’ Kpop MV | Fanboy REACTION! BEST MV 2019!!!!! GERMAN/Deutsch

Kaz: Hi Guys, welcome to a new reaction video …. OMG E .. X .. O Kaz: released a new MV…. woooaooahahhahah EXO-L freaking out Kaz: and my guest is Semir Semir: Hi, I am excited as well. Yeah. I am not an Exo Fan but some songs of them are good. Semir: I am excited if I will like this MV Kaz: Well. I have watched the teaser a few minutes ago. They released the Mv Teaser 7 hours ago…..really dumb I think. BUT OMG Kaz: The teaser was amaaaaaaaazing. I am so hyped. *sorry for freaking out* Kaz: I have seen EXO last year on the KBS Music Bank in Berlin (you can watch my video) Semir: Same Kaz: I hope they will come again to Germany with a World tour…but ok Kaz: enough … we should start Kaz: maaaaaaaaaaaan. Chanyeols hair Semir: ok this looks epic Kaz: the lights shine from bottom to top Semir: what does he wear?? Semir: this looked crazy Semir: great Kaz: Suho with autotune Kaz: that is so goooood Kaz: OMG Kai with crop top SO HOT
Semir: looks so crazy Semir: I like this part Semir: this looked nice how he shaked his head Kaz: this was amazing how his eyes was with flames Semir: do they shoot each other? Kaz: this looks so great Semir: WHAAAT – this was lit Kaz: Guys, Sehuns make up here is SO AMAZIIIIIIING – especially the eyes Kaz: how well they did the video ?? Semir: this looks crazy Kaz: OMG his High Notes *their voices have such a great harmony – I could cry everytime* Kaz: Sehuns part sounds so goood *Omg Baekyhun please stop to wreck me with your voice* Kaz: Suho, what are you doing here Semir: dude, the choreography is so coooool Kaz: yes Kaz: the settings are so perfect Semir: those outfits are cool Kaz: their voices on point Kaz: first of all – Happy Chanyeol day Kaz: chanyeol has birthday Kaz: this video was definitely too short. I need a 10-Minute version Kaz: I couldn’t look away. I want more and more. I think I’m addicted to the video Kaz: sorry, If I am cringe and freaking out here Kaz: Omg. this was one of the best Exo mvs in the past last years Kaz: the concept reminds me to MONSTER Kaz: the song was so good and omg the voices were on point. And how they looked like. OMG Kaz: ok you should say something Semir: This song was good. and the video, too. They had a big budget for that. The outfits were really good. I loved the black outfits. That looked cool. Kaz: ALL outfits were great Semir: The dance were super Semir: so many things were good. And there make up. It was cool I like the song Semir: sounds way different than the other exo videos Kaz: yeah OMG ( i know i said it 100x) I am so happy. Kaz: my biggest wish is that they will announce a world tour and come to germany Kaz: it doesnt matter if they are 6 member.I will take all of them Kaz: Write in the comments How you liked the MV. and who is your bias?? Kaz:i am so excited to see the dance performance. and the performance in the music shows Exo saves the year 2019 Kaz: If you enjoyed this reaction video – pls dont forget to LIKE – Subscribe and dont miss my other videos. Goodbye – see you in the next video

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