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Finish Girls Last Tour, you COWARDS ( Manga + Anime )

It’s cold out and I’m thinking about girls last tour again not the show so much but the title I Think girls last tour explains everything it needs to in the shortest amount of words The title tells me you will be following these girls on their final adventure. Not only a plot synopsis but also hints at the ending something fans quickly picked up on and something that sort of halts their desire to reach the conclusion on the way We experience the lives of two girls appreciating what little the world they exist in has to offer but I must ask Those who simply watch the anime and didn’t want to read those last two volumes of the manga What’s the value in appreciating the little things if there is no closure I tend to enjoy this brand of Storytelling where it’s a more balanced of positive tones offset by negative ones it allows for an exploration of optimism in a harsher reality and the recent girls last war is possibly my favorite example of this is because it ends Before getting into specifics I ask you to finish the story you cowards By being so aggressive with that. I don’t think so If your hesitation to move forward is due to not wanting the girls to die I think that is cowardly but naturally so the fear of death is only natural But that doesn’t mean it’s something that should be ignored think to yourselves. Would you want to live on forever? What any moment of your existence mean anything if there is no consequence or end? That’s a concept Sukhumi Zoo explores multiple times in her story the simple statement of maybe life Means something that has an end is one of the more obvious examples in the series Sukhumi zoos final thoughts at the end of volume 3 elaborate on this a bit more Finishing with I’d like all things to be over at some point. I think having an end is a comforting thing Even if you don’t plan on finishing the manga I recommend looking into these thoughts at the end of each volume they offer a lot of insight into her her thought process and ideals I Think aside from the one I just showed the one at the end of volume 4. Maybe my favorite Why are there always Wars why can’t everyone have equal lives? I read a lot of books and think about this I’ll make attempts to get to the bottom of it or I’ll dream about my ideals, but I don’t get it I start to hate everything Thinking wears me out Maybe thinking too big picture doesn’t make people very happy The only feeling I want in life is the texture of the persimmons from the persimmon tree in my family’s yard. This is Exactly what I would expect from the creator of girls last tour showcasing the small pleasures in life despite being aware of a harsher reality and Sukhumi Zeus seems to approach the idea of death in a similar way and by its end. This is the story of girls last tour This moment that hasn’t been adapted yet is a story about an AI that wants to die it’s something with a seemingly endless Existence unable to activate its own self-destruction code the AI Explains what it’s like to have a limited memory how all thoughts become incomprehensible Trap with no end goal. This is why he tricks the girls into activating the self-destruction code I think after enough time the desire to move on becomes just as natural as the fear to move on is its acceptance? moving on to one of the more tragic moments in the story is the point where the cat and crag breaks down while one of their lowest moments There’s something really poetic about Sciuto Converting the thing that kept them moving for so long into a bath for one last moment of bliss I love how this moment calls back to the bath scene in the first volume and I love that Yuri brings out the last bottle Of beer they had it’s a low moment that parallels some of their highest moments the final moment with a friend that kept them going for so long is also a Relaxing one things only become more tragic as the story moves forward now having to travel on foot They become more tired cover less distance use up more resources and leave behind things They’ve had from the beginning of the story, but they keep pushing forward after everything, they eventually make it to the top they reach their goal and they find Nothing a vast open plain covered in snow Shortly after reaching the top the girls eventually sleep and peacefully pass away You know the saying it’s all about the journey not the destination well girls last tour has always been about that and it’s pretty obvious the entire time what that phrase holds more weight after the Destination is reached One can only value things in the moment so much It’s usually upon reflection where we truly appreciate that journey And I found this to be true in girls last tour specifically after reaching the conclusion moments I once totally smirk debt have further ingrained themselves in my mind Seeing the two drunkenly humming a song from the show as they danced under the moonlight will now go down as one of my favorite moments in anime and the Overall package is stronger, too It felt like I got to experience Qi Tony or ease lives in their entirety alongside them and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything girls last tour is a celebration of cheeto and Yuri’s lives that I’m glad I could see to the end and I was not able to fully appreciate it until I could look down at it from the highest and final level All of what I said today does not do the whole story justice. However So again, I ask you finish girls last tour You

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36 thoughts on “Finish Girls Last Tour, you COWARDS ( Manga + Anime )

  1. Haha! but i finished it and didn't see death! maybe their last tour was because they reached where they wanted. heh heh. heh heh.

  2. I think I should make a video about one piece now… saying
    Finish it! Fucking finish the story already holy crap.. it has been going on for so long.. just finish it already..

  3. What I'd totally would want to live forever what is this normie trash 😤 (good video, loved the editing)

  4. I agree completely, the story just doesn't have the same weight without its closure. It's actually a shame we'll never get to see an anime adaptation of the last two volumes, that would be absolutely beautiful.

  5. I finished the manga long ago. And I still having heart break everytime I remember that ending…
    I dunno man, Tsukumizu Yuu seems like the most pessimistic author I've ever known, but that's what made her stories memorable and melancholic.
    Also my respect for her grows stronger knowing that she'd drawn fan art of other things I like such as Nier Automata, Houseki no Kuni, Touhou, Made in Abyss,…

  6. Holy shit urban really out here making videos with his actual voice in we need to step up bois

    (anime is at its best when everyone you love dies dont @ me)

  7. I need to get back into that saddle. Honestly, think what's kept me back is that the show/manga feels like something you want to experience while you are cozy, not being bogged down by every little thing in life. It's sweet, yet sad, but also philosophical.

  8. eggcellent one my good boi.
    i wont finish this videos spoiler section (yet) cause i havent red the manga, but the first half of the video already impressed me

  9. Im glad the manga gives what i wanted, when chito legs got injured we get to see yuuri drives in kettenkrad for first time, they smoke tobacco, and wear different clothing.

  10. Girls' Last Tour seems less about optimism and more like blissful ignorance and not even thinking about changing the status quo. Optimism is – like Madoka and Abyss and Gakkou Gurashi – about seeing a way for things to be *better*. The girls in GLT just take it for granted that the world is dead, they will die, and there's nothing they can ever do, so they gave up and lived in the moment. That's not invalid stance, but it's not in anyway hopeful.

  11. Girls Last Tour is so special in that thinking about it makes me really sad but I wouldn't have it any other way. Reading the story and watching the anime, I can't help but go "HHH THESE PURE WHOLESOME BABIES DESERVED BETTER THAN THIS." But even so GLT is a really beautiful story and it'd be a shame to not have it. And for full effectiveness, it only works in favor of the series that Chii and Yuu are so likable, that you wish they'd been born a couple hundred years earlier. Their journey wouldn't have been nearly as impactful if I wasn't sad to see them go.

    Tsukumizu is one of my favorite mangakas. Considering she's only really done GLT so far (and that anthology comic thing for Gakkou Gurashi,) that may seem premature. But her art just generally really resonates with me. You can find a lot of her work on Pintrest and Pixiv. And she's got a Tumblr too. Of course, I really enjoy her art on an aesthetic level. But also just the tone of her artwork. A lot of her work is rather melancholic. Though it's never really sad per say. (Except for that ONE picture… HHH.) But I digress.

    I didn't know there were people refusing to finish GLT. While I guess I understand not wanting to say goodbye to Chii and Yuu, they're depriving themselves of a really beautiful, and heartfelt experience.

  12. One thing I greatly appreciate about Girl’s Last Tour is that it’s not simply a story. Along with the good, the bad, and all other moments in between there is one aspect that feels… unnatural to me. Acceptance. Remember history but don’t backtrack.. don’t look back. Keep moving forward even if there are no answers or roads to take. As the author states trying to find the answers towards a collective happiness can be tiresome and seemingly impossible but where can we start? How do we make a marked path for others to follow in this big twisted world we live in? The best place to start is with ourselves and hopefully we can help others we cross paths with over time.

    Thanks a ton for this delightful Girl’s Last Tour video! This kind of story telling is a real diamond in the rough of anime for me.

  13. stopsTOPSTOP

    This manga hurts me on a very personal level. It's such a beautiful experience and I felt like shedding a tear for the two by the end.

    Of note, have you seen tsukumizu's Touhou doujin? Are thry alright?

  14. Honestly i believed girl last tour ended perfectly and its for the best. people believed our potatoes died but in reality they did what the best they could get and even more so, they dont have to start from scratch
    they always together, both Yuu and Chi are eternal bond and never separate from each other.
    I believe they are more than happy to stop their journey there, they already found the answer because they are the only two human left and the happiest in world. what else can they lose?
    They both accepted and dont have to fear of death no more, it just something to be celebrated and then the sun rises and the two enjoying how beautiful the world once more…
    after having snowball fight, drinking and eating ration, They slept peacefully.


    Since is this world too large and complex, various things will pass by still unknown.

    However, no matter the time, Chito and Yuuri believed that the joy of being alive never dissapears, i drew this believing the same thing, i think…

    Although wasnt a great product,

    thank you for reading all the way here.



    Tkmiz actually gradually become better after finishing conclusion of this series, after she made many artwork of our beloved potatoes in Elysium field and living peacefully in another place.
    i can conclude she is recovering from her depression, maybe even accepting the hopelessness and starting from scratch again. Which is add value since she didnt know how to end the series rather vaguely after she(or he idk) in interview.

    Tkmiz did what he/she never thought of, Making how the potatoes living till very end.
    the joy of being alive will always be there and tkmiz probably didnt realize it herself she slowly cant let them go and the potato become joy of her life. which is something great since not all artist enjoy their own work especially tkmiz issue she's having in her past life.

    if you read all the way here, congratulations.
    here's your reward, sweet potatoes

  15. I JUST finished the manga as I finally got an English copy of volume 6.
    I remembered seeing this video in recommendeds so I watched it, and it certainly gave me a much better understanding of just how great the series is, and I'll probably never find something as amazing as this again.

    … Yeah I'm just gonna go into the corner and lie down…

  16. I think you're missing a dimension in the tile, girl's last tour is very much a euphemism for humanities last breath, as these two girls scavenge around for a bit and finally die somewhere, and what I find makes it even better, is the fact that it is such a “Girls Last Tour” euphemism to make, contemplating the vastness of the world, through the simplicity of their life, as they continue this last tour.

  17. They went back down, met up with the other 2 survivors. Had a bunch of kids, started a farm, built a boat, went to the other city. Found a couple more survivors. Formed a community. Lived happily ever after :,) Yep.

  18. It's 2019 now and I still can't get over with Girls last tour even tho it's made in 2014. It's kinda related to my life as guy who lives in country with chaos, tragedy, rebellion, terrorism and corruption. Asking myself why this problems exist?, Why racism and individualism exist?, Why we need to go fight with other people, and why war exists? This show really teaches you about life and I hope other people will give a shot to read and watch the animation.

  19. Why are there wars? The answer is that, sadly, there are really two different kinds of humans who are in constant competition with each other. We have radically different views of reality and strategies for survival that are not compatible with each other. Thus conflict.

    Hard times create strong men,
    Strong men create good times,
    Good times create weak men,
    Weak men create hard times.

    And the wheel turns.

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