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I’m not a celebrity I walked into the back with airport I was like the white snake farm if you will over by the base hey guys and girls when Ash Tiffany’s its Cathy cat Tokyo is great but actually the countryside of Japan has loads of exciting things to offer this time we’re going to go to the countryside to awakuni and as the foreigners there what culture shocks they have experienced there so let’s go and as foreigners in Japan now I heard you’ve been living in Japan for a long time off and on since 1972 so so maybe totaled up 14 years well I’m a retired Marine so they have you know like the base hospital and everything so this was a good location to retire you know cuz my wife’s Japanese but she’s originally from accessable nagasaki here my culture shock was when I first came here in 72 I thought they liked Japan would have liked it you know you know the rickshaw yeah I thought it would be like a bunch of rickshaws gonna everybody be wearing kimono is enough but it wasn’t like that in 1972 all the Japanese like nineteen guys you got you know they all want to shake your hand and everything but now there’s so many foreigners you know guy Coco ginger so I’m not a celebrity people were shaking your hats oh yeah shaking me little kids and they didn’t back then we didn’t do high five but everybody want to shake your hands and or say try their English hello how is living in Eva Cooney as a foreigner I just like the country you know I we just came back to pick up my daughter from Tokyo I’m not a city guy I’m more of a country guy so I like it here because it’s country clean you know fresh air so I really love that you hakuna area the Kim Chi bridge the little castle that’s that’s mine what I love is Japanese history the samurai here specifically they also have a white snake museum over there they had signs everywhere like watch out for snakes we were eight so there’s a snake in the museum but they’re quite a lot of snakes just right there yes I guess apparently the this area is known for white snakes and I think if I saw when I probably run either way let’s run mine was when I had not to incur you in the same dish what’s that on purpose what was it an accident on purpose definitely Wow I like not though you’d like that ah hi culture shock how’d it taste delicious was it only really slimy yes with okra – very slimy the biggest price I’ve seen so far is everyone wearing skirt so it seemed like people are very into different styles of skirts here and that’s very different from from states we actually do not wear a lot of long skirts even in the winter when you when you’re wearing with tights or some other leggings so it’s quite different the people that you see long wearing long skirts are usually towards the older half of the generation by here I see my girls wearing very fashionable skirts so that’s true right now there’s a real long skirt thing going on in Japan right yeah yeah I’ve seen it pretty much everywhere every story oh stop by it’s made me wonder if I should buy one so I might I might be fighting that train very soon we might be seeing you in a long skirt sometime soon yeah go to school make Isis was probably the and seeing all the small cars and the buildings because they’re like instead of being built wide they’re built up so it’s all like squished together just like a big ice I don’t know like the the cars are bigger than longer they have more seats I guess and they won the ones here just look like bugs crunched up yeah it’s tiny when I was shopping in a walk Unni the customer service was great like they were always bowing and they said I got the cuz I’m lost many times and were very kind and when they they say thank you so much that was like I don’t know that and I guess when they bow to you at the end that was like in America they say barely say think you wouldn’t mean it like the customer service was just so much better I mean in America I used to work at a place that was very very high on their customer service but it was nowhere near as it is here so it was much better yeah got me fresh like clothes out of the backs and nobody else had touched them and they were just very kind and smiley and I guess I wasn’t expecting that so they have the special tray for your money and like we went to a special place in Hiroshima and they went and got me a brand new one out of the back that hadn’t been touched and it was just very it was very different from the US where they’re not very nice to you when you’re shopping and the toilets of course I walked into the bathroom at the airport I was like what is that America would never so much more yeah it’s so much more luxury and comfortable they play a little me melody for you yep exactly it was very different they must treasure their bathroom time a lot more it was a type of coffee there were so many different kinds of coffee hiding color really enjoy them the types of coffee so like how many more types did you find here quite a bit I even went into the grocery store and besides what you see on the the vending machines you know it’s really great coffee cold and hot the black ones were really strong just you know but I really like what’s a little bit of cream on it though they’re really good coffee the hotel rooms are small as egg when you hear in one of those Japanese hotel rooms like what do you have to be careful about just the little quarters in little spaces it’s just boy it’s like if I brought my wife you know it how would two people sleep in beds like that I have no idea I’m originally living in Tokyo area so I’m used to the electric trains but they have really nice diesel trains that travel up into the the back country areas and a couple times have been lost up there not necessarily lost but you know stuck at night for hours oh so you just like there’s no train coming and you’re just sitting there waiting for a little diesel train to come yes and no people and unless you have a cellphone you’re gonna be walking for a very long time in fact I did walk a few miles to a different train station at one point and then we sat just basically sat there until a train came at night it was nice seeing the light finally come up you know well I had my wife so that’s very nice so we just add there and talked the scenery was beautiful I have pictures I can show you what do you like about IVA Cooney cuz she came back I like how it’s not busy it’s very nice the size of train stations so massive who knew that one train station could have three malls attached to it where did you go our first the first time we ever got lost was in Yokohama we spent six hours wandering around the train station before we gave up and went home it was quite a day with an infant and a toddler so what were you actually looking for we were trying to find the ramen Museum and that did not we did not find it we we found McDonald’s instead and a very expensive onesie for my daughter who had hadn’t had a diaper explosion the station’s a Buick Unni different than to the stations that you had in Yokohama Tokyo everything is shockingly clean all the time this is you know that was the big surprise was how is everything so clean and there’s no trash cans it’s just clean and wonderful it makes me sad when I go back to the stick it’s like [Music] surprising about Japan is really not surprised but what’s just how nice and neat and clean and organized it is for example I like to ride motorcycles so I mean it’s world-class riding 15 minutes away right up here in the mountains so it’s very beautiful it like a special course or anything no just the mountain roads I mean just they’re very twisting picturesque and beautiful so many weekends to get out with my friends and go out and ride and then it’s just it’s beautiful you have the Kin thai bridge here you have about seven Falls it’s not too far away and just all kinds of beautiful sights Oshima island down to the south so very beautiful writing I noticed you were down by the the paper mache Whitesnake there’s also a white snake farm if you will over by the base we’re on a warm day they’ll be you can see them slithering around inside the enclosure so it’s pretty neat lots of surprising things here in New York hakuna a white speck far yes not surprising the first time you came it was a little surprising but then you know they’re kind of cute and as cutis Naik’s can be so when you came here the very first time what was like the thing that surprised you the most I think it just surprised me the most was I guess how hot it was I just expected Japan would be cooler just because how in there I was there in the summertime is you know very warm but then then again in the in the winter it gets very cold so it’s that the climate is very different from season to season so that’s kind of what makes it so beautiful compared to wait where do you come from Florida in the in the United States all right what do you deal with the cold and winter then thick jackets and and maybe some sake you know maybe I aim is for the dasai sake right it is and it’s very good you should try some of you haven’t okay that’s my plan for when we finish fantastic those were the questions thank you so much well thank you very much thank you I’m so glad I could take you to Iwakuni today and interview people there now Eva Cooney is actually in the Yamaguchi Prefecture which is in the west of Japan one of the sights I really enjoyed there was the kintai-kyo bridge it’s a historical wooden arch bridge and in the evening there was a special festival they even did a light up definitely don’t miss it when you go there this also in an American base nearby so locals and Americans get a chance to mingle I really enjoyed going up seeing the beautiful scenery from a Japanese castle I visited a couple of museums one of them was a white snake Museum and I also tried some of the local delicacies I have made a veal look about this be sure to check it out to see more about Eva Cooney when you have the chance to get there if you love Japan you of right here so don’t forget to subscribe we bring out several videos a week about Japanese culture Japanese language everything about Japan so you won’t need anything else be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss our future videos and if you already have been with us and watched our videos I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget give us a big like we need that like so give us that like and I catch you soon for more content here from Japan with ash Tiffany see you bye [Music]

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36 thoughts on “First time ever!! WHAT SURPRISED FOREIGNERS IN JAPAN?

  1. 4:53 Without a doubt, those are Winter Texans. If the cap wasn't a dead give away, the accents sure as hell was, I've seen many people like this.
    They love to come down here in the Deepest part of Texas because it's the warmest, just like a flock of birds migrating for the winter.

  2. The guy talking about hotel rooms being small is indicative of how Americans accept obesity, the guy actually thinks it is out of space that he and potentially a wife of the same size can't fit in the beds or rooms, due to the acceptance in the US that everything is made bigger to accommodate, the poor guy is going to have a hard time in most countries looking for big rooms.

    So to be blunt to the guy if he is watching this and reading comments, it isn't the rooms being small it is you being too big.

  3. That reaction to natto's texture made me think of drinkable konjac jelly.

    Also, thanks for this. Makes a nice change from all the Tokyo interviews with young people.

  4. 岩国出身です。子供の頃からガタイの良い”外人さん”が週末に家族連れで駅前を楽しそうに歩いてました。現在は他地域に在住ですが、昨年の台風の復旧を手伝ったりしてくれたそうです。

  5. 編集と字幕がとても上手!心地よいです


  6. I do so love when you braid your pigtails straight out from midway up your head like that, especially when you wear that white outfit; you look so beautiful. As a man from the States across the pond who also has long hair, I can definitely appreciate yours.
    I think what would still surprise me, even though I’ve heard plenty about it here, is how small everything is. I’m 6’1”; I’d have to walk through a country of miniature EVERYTHING, if I were to come to Japan!

  7. Wow! The storys of the older Marine were super interesting. Maybe you could interview some more older people (foreigners and locals) telling what has changed since the 70s and 80s in Japan. 😊

  8. Could you ask me
    “ 7:05 ~ Wanzee ” ? 🤗

    7:05 〜 『 ワンジー 』って、何ですか? 🥺

  9. Great video!I am Polish. Japan saved 765 Polish orphans in 1920 and 1922. Around 1920, there were about 200,000 Polish in Siberia. Most of them died. Poland has asked various countries to save Polish orphans in Siberia. But all countries refused to rescue. Poland finally commissioned Japan to rescue Polish orphans. The Japanese emperor and empress at the time immediately ordered the Japanese to save the Polish orphans.Japan soon began rescue Polish orphans.The orphan was in Siberia. Japanese continued to rescue Polish orphans in Siberia. The smallest orphan that Japan saved was a two-year-old child.The orphan was crying near her dead mother. The Japanese immediately rescued the orphan. Polish orphans were sent to Japan for treatment. Japan fed the Polish orphans a hot meal every day. All Polish orphans have recovered. Japan continued to love Polish orphans very much. All Japanese donated money to save Polish orphans. Polish orphans were always smiling. Japan has successfully returned 765 Polish orphans to Poland.
    I will not forget this story. Thanks to Japan. God bless Japan.

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