100 thoughts on “Frans Part 13【 Ragnartale – Undertale Comic Dub 】

  1. I read the rest of the comic with the link supported in the description…
    The rest of the story is just, so sad but good at the same time!

  2. Chara is frisk chara is the person who judges of your actions not sans she does things to get her soul back it’s hers chara is the only one that can talk because frisk is chara that’s why they don’t open their eyes so no one recognizes them it’s the same way with frisk after chara shows up in the genocide frisk is no longer there same with asriel and flowey she does not once talk about frisk she only talks about you she crashes your game not frisks as for when asriel ask what your name is it’s just a lie like how asriel calls himself flowey chara is human nature you don’t see chara soul that’s because frisks is hers that’s why she wants it at the end of genocide as for the pacifist she has frisks body and her soul how it should be and the true ending has been achieved but in genocide an outside force has inturuped the player toriel chara sans and undyne all point this out she takes back her soul so she can continue where she left off and achieve her goal but for you she makes sure you don’t have a happy ending if you do her wrong it’s not you who’s in control you shouldn’t be there she says it to you not frisk this is further backed up in deltarune as you have no choice after all the story is about chara you name them after all but that’s just my opinion it’s a handful

  3. When are you going to finish it can you please hurry I want to see what happens at the end oh yeah good drawings I wish I wish I can be an artist Like

  4. Where is France part 14 and undertale green the next episode man I know you're probably busy,so as much as I'm expecting them to come out eventually and not exactly expecting them to come out immediately but it would be nice if they were to come out somewhat soon tell if you were busy that would be fine I'm not the person that's all "get it out immediately please no not please just do it!"that's not me.

  5. Hey when chapter 14 coming will it late😐😐
    I can't wait to know what will happen 😶😶😶
    I need to know😟😞😞

  6. I wantes to see Chara pull out a sword…or a knife.
    Seriously it seems Chara a bit more diplomatic than anyone else has characterized in her. But it seems her LOVE is what blinded her, I bet the other chapter will be very very interesting

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