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Frans Part 8【 Ragnartale – Undertale Comic Dub 】

forgive me I didn’t want to yell at you I scared you didn’t I I’m sorry this subject is hard for me I actually would understand if you hated me after knowing it Hayden did you know you carried this weight for so long risk hate you after knowing you carried this weight for so long I’m here I’m well you don’t have to carry all of this I will as well my memories with you are very happy you only wanted to make me feel better I couldn’t hate you for that because you two aren’t very important to me even after all these years I’m sorry to interrupt your fighters it’s you I didn’t think he would return so early I know I arrived here unexpected I’m here because Moffat told me the princess was here and I wanted to properly salute them it is a pleasure to see you again princess I don’t want to be rude but do I know you I see you don’t recognize me in this shape even though I myself helped with your upbringing you know me by the name of Gaston see uncle piastre he looks so different from what I remember please Martha tells me she has some preparations ready for the whiskey would princess charm but she needs your authorization to revise the plan there’s always two steps ahead of me Muffet is good with undercover missions I promise to update you about the plan as soon as we have something concrete for now it would be best for you to rest in the morning I’ll come to check on you and about my offer I speak very seriously about this it doesn’t have to be right now take your time to think about it but at least promise me you will give me an answer this time alright alright where did you get this cute I’ll speak to Muffet I’ll leave you alone so you can talk thank you very much credence the very image of the stream I see the previous has much affection for you and I dare to say next who also feel something for him I never thought that he would want to marry me I never thought that you would want to marry me I haven’t seen you in many years it is nice to see you again uncle gaster my sister came to this kingdom looking for you but I don’t understand what’s going on why would she look for you why are you here well it’s a long story I’ll calmly explain do you remember when you were inspired and you got sick for many days after having a picnic at that time I wasn’t sure but I had a suspicion that you were poisoned no matter how many remedies I gave you your condition didn’t improve we were all afraid he would die if it got any worse that’s when your sister confessed that Prince as real visited you every night to bring tea together after that it was easy to find the poison that king asked for was given you obviously he denied everything but it was clear that he was guilty he wanted to change the princes arrangement to have more influence over the kingdom once a trio became became your global Kingdom char knew about the poison I doubt it she just made the comment about the prince by the state but maybe suspected it when the King declared war why do my sister know she could find you a mount Abbot I told her myself it was another failure of my calculations you don’t know it but I was originally born in this kingdom even though my loyalty was always with your father I really didn’t want to kill the people of this country I tried to warn the Kings about the attack but as for didn’t want to listen to me my only choice was an experimental spell it would leave a spores army without energy or magical power to fight so we could defeat this kingdom without having to kill them I knew your parents would accuse me of which Frasier Sarah I told her I would I to mount effort after this was all over and he started asking for harnesses I knew she’d betray me mass as you can imagine the spell went terribly wrong and King özgür created a barrier that practise all some of my men were captured by has door foil guard I managed to save a fuel and we hate for many years until I met with princess rail who was regretted for his father’s actions and we made the resistance I know some of my students during a Royal Guard after being captured I don’t blame them for wanting to say my father did all this because they wanted to kill me graces that would leave you even if you don’t believe it parents will do insane things for love he loved you both greatly he would do anything for even more after Queen Donna’s death since mom died to be honest I’ve no memories of her beyond her smile since I let my hair grow Chara told me I didn’t look like her anymore I don’t remember her appearance in that the princess is Robert if he will allow me to say it you are just as beautiful as your mother was the hair doesn’t matter the resemblance between you two is uncanny you inherited the same lives and the same smile is best you only have to look at a mirror to be able to see you thank you very much uncle gaster truth is I would like to be able to remember her as clearly as Chara does maybe your memories of lost because of the trauma I had the suspicion since some tiny back answer me a question do you remember my code is a sign you have children I didn’t know you were married sir yes I have children I was never married I teach is common amongst us sauce us to adopt orphanage children with a talent for magic I don’t know I don’t remember knowing them now I understand everything your memories weren’t blocked because of the trauma batboy toyed with your memory he toyed with my memory here’s my best friend so I’m surprised he was able to do it you meant two of my sons when you are attired do you remember a pair of capes during your childhood to students of gaster who always visited your castle when you were a child you when my oldest son were inseparable but one day you two stopped talking to each other nice not to simply had a fight all because of the recent loss of your mother you didn’t want to talk with him anymore but I think in truth he erased all your memories of that time his name is sorry’s he isn’t in the resistance he was captured by the king but according to the Prince he was saved by the Queen and now works for her scientist gasps her son that I knew him from before why did he erase my memories this is this what he was trying to tell me I apologized in the name of my son if it really is his fault that you lost your memories they may be painful memories but if you desire I can unblock your mind [Music] please uncle gasps sir help me remember very well princess then close your eyes relax I need to remember I want to know what is going on I want to know the truth behind all these confusing memories in my head uncle yester table it is normal for you to get a little busy it would be best for you to rest [Music]

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38 thoughts on “Frans Part 8【 Ragnartale – Undertale Comic Dub 】

  1. All Frans Parts . Thanks for watching!


  3. 2:12
    literally everyone watching:WHAT IS THIS!?!?! THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FRANS COMIC

    Me enjoying the ship:yes exactly what you said… .__.


    NoT fRiSk AnD aSrIel 😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

  5. Man, frisk is told to rest a lot! First Nabstablook, then Sans, then Tori, and now Asriel and Gaster. I know she’s been through a lot, but I think she’s rested enough, man!

  6. HOW IS THIS A FRANS!? ;-;-;-;-; I came here in search of my cannon moments and I end up meeting asriel, The man who RUINED MY SHIPPING CAREER

  7. Btw I am a skeleton but I flippn forget how to change my picture so when I blush I blush black.Just a fact ^w^.the only reason I blush black is because,I have dark magic (btw I am girl skeleton so Do not kill me)

  8. Me: 2:11 sees him kiss her on the head

    Me: plays megalovania at full blast in my room while screeching
    I know I'm late

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