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okay. amazing, bro teammate: someone teammate: shot him teammate: shot that guy teammate: one player is down [ teammates speaking ] teammate: two players down [ teammates speaking ] is okay. never mind is okay. i feel like my fans bring me victory teammate: we are so powerful i felt it no wonder is my fans. so powerful teammate: wait. still got someone teammate: are all of them down? no teammate: he dares to shot Nanyan? where are them? behind the tree? be careful, have to know where are them first upstairs? is okay. get me up first it is an unhappy situation teammate: 2 of them get up [ teammates speaking ] teammate: my god teammate: i dead teammate: i watch on u guys teammate: my god slow down. today… [ teammates speaking ] teammate: nice [ teammate speaking ] i realize that can i shout 666 for u guys? wow! so powerful. amazing wow! to be honest, yours guys operation your understanding of this game is too high u guys can join to the pro competition u guys are so powerful teammate: wow! can u switch off the live broadcast? teammate: the echo is too annoying teammate: my god [ teammate speaking ] teammate: no 1, are u a child? teammate: yes. i am teammate: otherwise? teammate: why still got the echo? can u switch off teammate: i’m watching live broadcast teammate: can u switch off. teammate: okay wait. i go to find a extended teammate: extended? teammate: Nanyan, extended is inside my box teammate: pro player? teammate: looks like Nanyan wait teammate: impossibe teammate: maybe is his another account teammate: is it Nanyan? no, i’m not teammate: my god! Nanyan don’t talk Nanyan anymore teammate: his profile pic looks like Nanyan teammate: who knows? teammate: definitely is Nanyan teammate: u look at no 1 shirt teammate: his yellow dust coat teammate: wow! really so angry. why they know me? network is slow teammate: dare u say u’re not Nanyan? teammate: shit teammate: Nanyan, fighting! Nanayan, amazing! teammate: my god! he is Nanyan teammate: oh my godness no. i feel that the network is so slow teammate: dare to kill Nanyan? are u crazy? aiyo…i wanna laugh later, i … take off my shirt for them teammate: even dare to shot Nanyan? i take off my shirt for them teammate: Nanyan teammate: why Nanyan didn’t kill much people? because Nanyan…. teammate: he let us to win cause Nanyan is listening to what u guys bullshit of okay come here inside the house come inside the house come here. actually i don’t wanna to expose myself but u guys crazy speaking come here i …. i give u guys my shirt never mind, i go die i give u guys my shirt then i go die have a screenshot teammate: okay i only got one suit of the shirt, no more shirt after i dead? only have one suit u pick it teammate: wow! so nice is okay. u wear it teammate: can i add u as friend? teammate: can i add u as friend? guys, should i bring them to play one match. to be honest, i want teammate: real Nanyan teammate: i’m your fans. can i add u as friend? guys, how? teammate: my god teammate: it’s really an honor teammate: when i saw this ID name yes? okay then bring them play one match u know why? what if u meet me in this game i will also bring u guys play one match for those people who say no, go to think of it if u meet me then i don’t wanna to play with u then it is really embarrassed play one match with them is okay. bro we play one match [ teammate speaking ] no. i play one match with u guys can u agree my request first? i send u guys the name card. change your ID teammate: okay. which one is yours? i add u as friend bro, if next time u meet me in this game, u can ask name card from me is free to join in Yanshi Company have u agree my friend request? already? okay i saw u guys wait, is send the name card for u teammate: what can i change to wait, i group with them first don’t worry, wait for a while. i will send the name card for u teammate: wow! i got 38 friends request teammate: 39 friends request teammate: almost 40 friends request teammate: my god! 40 friend request teammate: 41 request teammate: shit! should i accept their request? have u received it? quickly change it u can have a screenshot right now and say that Nanyan send u a gift teammate: why i didn’t received? teammate: me too wait teammate: Nanyan, should i accept all the friend request? teammate: Nanyan, why i din’t received? bro, we’ve been friends for too short a time can’t send we have just been friend so can’t send it is okay. i play one match with u guys wait, i invite u teammate: okay a bit embarrassed embarrassed can’t send have a draw and comment [ the anchor is playing a background music ] come here come here, we have screenshot, please get down teammate: okay. i’m coming bro 3 of u stand in a row stand in a row at the back, stand in a row stand in a row stand in a row Wangxiaopi, stand in a row okay, stand in a row stand in a row, are u guys misunderstanding of these words? don’t stand behind , stand in a row in a row okay, don’t move i done the screenshot come, let u guys wear my shirt teammate: let me wear for a while teammate: this shirt is so amazing thanks Xiaohan for sending the gift for me [the anchor is singing a Cantonese song] u can still sing Cantonese song? teammate: a bit teammate: u can’t really understand what i’m singing about teammate: only me understand what i’m singing about someone in front there teammate: wait is okay. be careful teammate: inside the warehouse teammate: my god don’t worry teammate: can i lie down? be careful. do u have smoke? help me throw one of it wow! be careful teammate: open the door don’t worry. get the girl up first then is fine. is fine throw smoke throw smoke i realize that, girl dead first girl be the person that aim by others teammate: maybe i look so pretty teammate: they jealous me i scare they drive over here get back teammate: today i got a good luck teammate: i always drop mt marks is okay. come on come on, continue have a screenshot otherwise they don’t believe teammate: yes. they don’t believe teammate: yes. really teammate: wow! so many teammate: wow! why? teammate: Nanyan, are u in live broadcast now? yes. i’m on live broadcast right now. u can come to Huya to watch it i wear this shirt and play with u guys, okay? teammate: okay okay teammate: i have dropped my marks at this morning teammate: i always drop my marks i didn’t knew that i can met my fans in this mode to be honest, i like this type of random player quit it, i opened a wrong mode i have opened a wrong mode i bring u guys to up level or we can play the zombie mode u guys wanna play classic mode or zombie mode? which one? u guys wanna play classic mode or zombie mode? teammate: classic mode teammate: up to u, Nanyan up to u teammate: we play teammate: which mode u wanna to play? do u know how to play zombie mode? if u think it is hard to play.. i can teach u some technique teammate: up to u teammate: my KD is real teammate: me too okay. powerful guy wow!! wow! your KD is 5 wow! your KD is 6. powerful bro, u are so powerful teammate: my KD is the lowest, okay? is okay. all of u are so powerful ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) teammate: someone inbox me ask me how many people watch on u teammate: how many? teammate: only one teammate: one? is okay. 17 of the audience watch on u in the live broadcast teammate: 17 people? my god teammate: i wanna open the Huya app teammate: can they hear me? teammate: yes don’t worry. they can’t hear u i’m the leader and i got 0 kill can u let me kill the robot? otherwise i got 0 kill teammate: okay. i help u to control the robot teammate: i think u will die teammate: every time when i’m injured, i killed by the robot bro, do we have a car? if not, we have to run over there

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