[Intro] What’s up Youtube! How are you? I hope you all are okay I’m Markus And it has too much time since I don’t do this Wow, I even feel strange greeting in this way But friends, I know I owe you a huge explanation About why basically I disappeared 6 months from the channel But that they will have it in some other video This day we’re going to do I’m going to do The video reaction Of ‘SUNRISE’ From the new album ‘Time for Us’ from ‘GFRIEND’ AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa Friends, I’m like I’m very excited I’m nervous I’m, I’m all You know, every comeback from GFRIEND I’m here, Here I am SUPPORTING THEM AS ALWAYS I love them, they are my life, they are my everything And, How do you not want me to get excited about this comeback? I’m very rapt Friends, it’s 2:56 AM Friends no I’m not ready for this, no, is this 38 seconds left…no, what? 20 seconds, 20 seconds left and it’s out I’m nervous, I’m refreshing the official channel IT’S 3AM!!! IT’S OUT! IT’S OUT! IT’S OUT! I was the view 3!! Please, look at this I was the view… Who’s talking? Yerin? Or Eunha? Flower tea, friends, the teaser! The polaroids from them are beautiful Baby Eunha is playing the piano NO! NO! LOOK! LOOK THAT CHOREOGRAPHY! They start on the floor NO NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH EUNHA I LOVE YOU!!!! AAAAAAH! SINB STARTS THE SONG!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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