Gohan VS Superboy (Dragon Ball VS DC Comics) | DBX

It sounds loud out there. I’m getting kind of nervous~.. But it’s okay! ‘Cause I just hit a bunch of money on this whole arena, thanks to Honey! Honey is a free tool that connects to your computer’s browser. When you shop online, Honey scans unit for discounts, then applies the biggest savings to your card, *automatically!* It works on Amazon, eBay, New Leg Razor- practically *everywhere* you shop!! Talk about *cha-ching*, right!? (snicker) So make sure you join Honey for free at **!!. That’s **!! ALL RIGHT!! TIME FOR THE SHOW!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to MY arena, where there’s NO rules, NO research, OONLY BLOODSHED!! I am Ringmaster! Your announcer, who’s the most EXTRAVAGANT for this EXTRAVAGANZA! And let me welcome you, TO THE EXHIBITION!!! Today’s match we have two angsty teens with superpowers!!….and bad dads. In one corner, we have the son of Goku, the half-Saiyan, half-human hybrid, the prodigy; *TEEN GOHAN*!!! And in the other corner, we have the original crisper baby! The Kryptonian Light, the archetype of teenage eggs; *SUPERBOY*!!! This ties up the competition! Gohan’s fierce fighting style comes from years and years of brawling! Seriously, He might only be a teenager, but he’s been catching hands for most his life! But it’s no surprise. Being half-Saiyan, he’s pretty much born battle-ready. Need proof? Well, when he fought Frieza he was only 5 years old! Can you imagine THAT? Meanwhile, a human 5 year old would probably lose a fight with a balloon. Gohan even defeated Cell at the age of 11! That’s one tonka-tough tyke! But, let’s not go under estimating Gohan’s opponent; Superboy! This super-stud isn’t exactly a Kryptonian like the hero he’s named after. He’s actually a hero who’s had his DNA tweaked, to be as super as possible! Making him half-human, half-Kryptonian! This is given him a *pretty* stellar list of superpowers! Most notably, super-strength, super-speed, and of course that whole SUPER-DURABILITY thing! Like, this kid’s been *[unclear]* with bullets! But even if he does get hurt, he has a healing factor! That be NICE! This super-brooding boy is so powerful He’s even moved the earth! But all those superpowers don’t outclass Gohan! Let’s not forget, This kid’s got impeccable martial-arts skills, a laundry list of ki attacks and, although he’s never *moved* the Earth, He’s certainly powerful enough to *blow it up*! So don’t you go underestimating him! BUT ENOUGH TALK! Let’s see which one of these two *angsty* teens has the power to win the- EXHIBITIIOOOONN!! (sigh) I’ll give it all I’ve got! (power up) I saw that one! KA….ME… HA…ME…!!! (heat vision burns) HAA!!! (EPIC BEAM STRUGGLE) I won’t lose! I can’t lose! HAAAAAA!!!!! (Gasps for breath) I did it… dad… Honey is like a cheat code for online shopping! It’s free and super easy to install! Just head over to If you want your voice to be heard, make sure to vote for your favorite make sure to vote for your favorite Mechanical Maiden in the next exhibition, before Friday, July 19th, via the link in the description.

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