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GOKU CANT USE ULTRA INSTINCT! The Yardrats Train Vegeta Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 53 Review

with a dark and sinister cloud looming
over the horizon our heroes are left scattered across the galaxy with Vegeta
learning spirit control on planet Yard rad and Goku trying to master ultra
instinct with Maris inside the room of spirit and time as Dragon Ball super
manga chapter number 53 is now officially in the history books as the
eater of worlds morale preps to send his elite gang of criminal friends to Planet
Earth for scouting our heroes are desperately trying to do everything they
can with what they have in order to be better suited in battle against morale
when they come across him again but with our heroes unaware of morals plan to
invade earth it’s a race against time as morale continues to ravage the cosmos as
well as getting stronger with each and every single planet that he begins to
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the Dragon Ball super manga as we kick off Dragon Ball super manga chapter
number 53 on commies look out with piccolo Crillon Hercule Bulma Dendy and
mr. Popple having to be on the lookout as curly went along to cry out huh
that’s a lot to take in as Bowman went along to continue so you
see the Galactic Patrol needs all the fighters it can get on that note where
our go on and Tien as over out on the side we get to observe how the original
bandhans are basically caged while boma is explaining herself which we’ve seen
go down on the previous manga chapter after having to be apprehended by
piccolo but Crillon went along ahead to inform Bulma by letting her know Gohan
is at one of his college lectures but he’ll swing by after that and Tien
doesn’t own a cell phone so we’ve got no way to reach him as bola replies geez
who doesn’t have a phone in this day and age which does seem kind of odd because
can’t they communicate via telepathy but either way
curling proceeds to turn towards piccolo as he went along to ask should we
contact Yamcha as bolna also replies Jacko’s here and with choco finally
arriving Jaco quickly steps out of his ship as he went along to come and hey
Bulma I told you to gather up all of the toughest warriors as bomba went along to
respond Kurla was the only one who can come he’s got absolutely nothing else
going on as Crillon slowly looks at bol my he goes on to tell her I’m not that
free with Eska having to pop out behind jock oh he went along to cry out den de
with den they were playing Eska it’s really you thank goodness you’re safe
yes as joggle went along to tell everyone the brat tagged along when I
said I was heading to earth as piccolo went along to question was he the only
one who made it as Jaco replies yep you three are the last surviving namekians
and this really bothers piccolo as esculenta longed to further inform Dendi
I’m ready to fight for peace in the galaxy and to restore Namek so if
there’s any way I can help please let me know so this is the first time that
piccolo is overhearing the fact that all of his people on Planet Namek are
essentially dead by the hands of Mauro as only then the macarena brothers
inside the cage went along to cry out as if you losers could ever stand up some
more oh as the ringleader continues its obey or be killed no third option you
here as Jaco comments pasta he walks on over towards the cage as Jaco continues
you three are the last people I expected to run into here as pasta greets Jaco by
telling him long time no see pipsqueak and with Jaco getting closer he went
along to come attack I’ve never met anyone who belongs in a cage more than
you as pasta replied mighty kind of you with Jocko continuing once everything’s
hunky-dory again you’re headed right back to the Galactic slammer but pasta
doesn’t seem to be concerned at all instead
laughs and Jacko’s face by telling him you still don’t get it the main force is
going to swoop down to rescue us any day now with Jocko asking what you let them
contact morel and piccolo is silent because it’s not like piccolo intended
them to do so but Jacko’s panicking either way as chocolate along to come
and try leading with that next time I’d better ask HQ to confirm who exactly is
coming our way as meanwhile somewhere deep in outer space we observe how there
is in fact a ship that is traveling through the cosmos and inside of this
ship we observe Shaniqua Goomba and 7-3 as she mereka went along
to comment earth huh never heard about it what about you Yuma as you was eating
he went along to tell shimmer eka no shima Rekha but I sure hope it’s got
some yummy treats as she Mariko replies you’ve got food on your brain and not
much else huh as you Mattel’s him of course it’s been
nothing but these stinking bar things since we busted out of here but then 7-3
as he’s calmly sitting down goes on to reply planet 4:03 two green 877 third
planet from its star in the outskirts of the northern sector of space and Yuma
and Shima wrecker are actually puzzled because they didn’t know that 7/3 knew
this as she Mariko responds shoulda known you’d have the intel seven three
seven three responds my data indicates that this planet is still in the
developmental stage and is of little value as Yuma comments little value
probably nothing yummy then as 7/3 continues however this data is from
before we were arrested by the Galactic Patrol it could be out of date and she
MARAC was beginning to get very agitated as he come it’s back sounds like a
boring rock but you must throw in the fit as he goes on to cry ugh yeah I’m so
hungry no more waiting fly another planet for a
pit stop and that’s exactly what they do as she Mariko responds fine whatever
just a quick stop as they end up landing this unknown planet back on earth Jocko
went along to contact HQ as HQ responds agent Jocko we have a read on the ship
charting a course for Earth scans suggest that she maracas and Yuma are on
board along with zero-g 731 as Chaco comments this is 7/3 is with them with
Crillon asking uh who the heck is that is that his name as Java replies all
three are sagem Bo’s henchman they are members of an infamous brigade of the
Galactic bandits they rampaged all around the galaxy before grey pains were
taken to catch them as Bulma asks by you Jocko with Jocko telling Bulma Noah by
agent Maris so Jocko further confirms that 7-3 Goomba and Shima rekha were
originally captured by Maris quite some time ago as only then Crillon went along
to comment but the earth scott piccolo and Gohan it will be fine right as Jaco
comments of course on that note I’ll be off if you survive I’ll be back to
recruit you later as bollock cries out what wait a second leaving so soon you
should stay and fight too as Bulma grabs on to choco choco goes on to tell her
now I’m out of here I only came here to pick up the new
recruits anyway as Bowman tells him you’re the only one who knows anything
about these baddies so you’d better help us as Kern also comments so you’re
saying that they’re too strong for you to beat as Jaco comments well you don’t
beat around the bush huh but to be honest yeah exactly
as piccolo chimes in what do we need to know about them at least tell us that
before you leave as Jaco touches back down he goes on to tell piccolo sahaj
sheesh fine but then I’m gone they are all wicked strong but the one you need
to watch out for is OG 73 1 and his nasty special move as of course on the
same planet that we’ve seen 7 3 Shima Rica and Yuma make a pit stop on we then
observe how the natives of the planet are being absolutely decimated by the
bandits now here’s the thing here’s what makes 7/3 so
dangerous as an adversaries the fact that we get to observe how he’s holding
down one of these individuals by the back of the neck as his allies are
basically pointing their spikes and just like porcupines they redirect their
focus at what’s in front of them they’re shooting these needles directly at their
opposition and what’s dangerous about 7/3 is the fact that not only does he go
from holding and one of their own men on the floor by the back of the neck and
further having to take his abilities and take his powers but also the moment he
realizes that these individuals are shooting these needles at him
what 7-3 ends up doing is using this individual as a meat shield to further
take all of the hits for him which I will say is very graphic because the way
seven threes demeanor and the way he’s expressing himself it’s almost as if he
has no emotion right he’s an artificial life-form and I love how he’s just
holding this poor individual by the back of the neck as he’s taking all of these
needles and essentially right before dropping him we get to see right in the
middle of seven threes head we get to see how the same individual that he just
used to take his abilities and basically use as a shield to guard himself with we
then observe how the individual that he had just killed is now I guess a part of
him in terms of abilities and techniques and what’s really really awesome about
7-3 is the idea that the minute he drops this porcupine character he then he
immediately grows spikes of his own and just as the opposition had done against
seven three seven three then redirects his porcupine spikes directly at his
opponents and does the exact same attack that they have done on two seven three
except this time it’s fatal 73 massacred everybody as back on earth jockle
further went along to inform everyone about 7/3 as curry went along to command
a copy ability what do you mean as jockle further explains he can steal
other people’s powers by grabbing their necks and then the stolen powers lasts
for about thirty minutes as Kron asks a whole half-hour with
piccolo responding so this isn’t about hijacking bodies or brainwashing with
chalk or applying non like bad seven threes already plenty
strong so the abilities he copies just gives
him an extra boost as Boehner replies what sort of being is he with choco
responding an artificial one cooked up by a planet with advanced tech and
science so he’s got nothing resembling normal emotions or feelings he is just a
killing machine who obeys his allies orders as back on the planet we get to
see how 7/3 massacred everyone at that given point 7/3 is just about to walk
away until he observes how some of the natives are actually using a wormhole to
send their people through for safety 7/3 notices this as the natives cry out in
pain because at that given point 7/3 is just about to utilize this to his
advantage as back on the lookout Crillon then goes on to ask well how long do we
have as choco responds they’ll be here in about ten days with Crillon asking
only 10 days i’d better start training how about you piccolo as piccolo went
along to tell Crillon I never stop honing myself even in the best of times
so piccolo only further confirms that he never stopped training which he’s
probably the only one among that old group that never stopped training until
then out of nowhere Mauro’s goons finally end up arriving on
earth by using a warp dimension like technique to where 7/3 created a
wormhole to pass through from as of course seen directly above seven threes
head very similar to merge the masu in the manga and very similar to Jeanette
but in the idea that those characters were able to create these little
dimension pockets to where they were able to attack and just disappear and
reappear from that’s essentially almost the exact same thing that 7/3 ended up
doing here after confronting the same individual on the planet in which they
just came from with Crillon having to ask huh who are they and Jocko is in
complete panic mode as Jaco went along to cry out this is us 7/3 and everyone
is puzzled because the same the jewels that they were just told
about have now finally arrived as bolna asks what these three r’s abandons as
she mo Rekha goes on to greet everyone he went along to comment lucky us the
planet we stopped on was home to these critters who can create war portals as
human responds would have taken days to get here by spaceship as seven three
turns his head he went along to acknowledge there the macarena gang and
with moles goons slowly approaching the cage Chaka went along to cry ah hey hey
stop in the name of the law but I mean in reality who really listens to the law
these days anyway with Chimel Rekha turning towards Jaco he then went along
to acknowledge oh you’re with the Galactic Patrol yeah drawing a blank on
your name though as 7-3 responds it’s choco Shima record then responds right
right why are you here guy don’t tell me that you wrangled the macarena gangs not
a bad days worth of work as choco comments darn right I did and if you’re
here to save them think again as the macarena brothers inside the cage went
along to comments you showed up quick Shima Rica be a pal and bust us out of
here huh with Shima rekha then approaching the
cage he went along to come and hate pasta alive in the well huh I’ve got a
message for you from Lord Moro traders acting on their own are dispensable his
words not mine and right before she mo Rekha is just about to end the macaron
gangs life out of nowhere pick a little quickly swoops in and grabs on to Shima
Rekha’s hand preventing him from killing the macarena gang as she mereka went
along to ask was what do you want with piccolo telling him no killing allowed
in the sanctuary and the macarena gang is relieved as Shima Rekha tells piccolo
get off me as piccolo responds and no evildoers are allowed on planet earth so
be gone and she Mo Rocca is eerily quiet as he then turns towards 7-3 and Yuma
7:3 is eerily enough staring down piccolo without saying
single word as only then within the blink of an eye 7 3 ends of teleporting
behind piccolo grabs piccolo by the back of the neck as everyone then begins to
panic at that given point in time 7/3 is stealing and taking everything that
piccolo knows his attacks his abilities his techniques and he’s mimicking that
as of course we get to see that be reflected on the centerpiece of seven
threes forehead but pick a little quickly sideswipe seven threes hand and
steps out of the way and asking what what did you do as Jocko comments ho Oh
No as Shima Rekha then goes on to states do it seven three seven three eerily
enough puts his fingers on his forehead piccolo then eerily enough opens his
eyes as he knows exactly what seven three is about to do a as seven three
then fires the special beam cannon the special beam cannon is shown hurtling
towards Piccolo’s direction and with piccolo quickly with only milliseconds
to spare moving out of the way we then get to observe how the special beam
cannon actually went through comas look out as she mereka went along to comments
hee-hee you’ve got some sweet moves up your sleeve I guess as chokku cries out
you let him copy all your abilities dammit piccolo but then out of nowhere
seven threes fist is seen extending outwards as it goes on ahead to connect
with Jaco essentially knocking Jocko off of the lookout and with Jocko having to
fall plummeting down to essentially his death because of course Jaco can’t fly
but a piccolo immediately takes action as he cries out Jocko and leaps off of
the lookout to save him as Shemer ecatel 7-3 after them and was Crillon trying to
jump in to save his friends out of nowhere he observes how someone grabs on
to his legs so seven three and Shima Rekha follow piccolo off of the lookout
with Yuma sting behind he latched on to Krillin leg as he went along to tell
Grillin na you’re gonna fight me to her and with piccolo flying down to save
Jocko Jaco uses the Rockets on his boots to stay afloat with piccolo quickly
breaking as he went along to ask you can fly all along as Chaka went along to
tell him for short bursts yeah as they touch back down Chaka went along to tell
piccolo you just had to go and let them grab you after my warning about his
ability huh as piccolo responds sorry that was
sloppy but tell me how to best to fight him as choco tells him well the copy
moves are just as strong as yours meaning the one he fired off was
basically no different than if you had done it as piccolo comments right I
understand and with them having to observe how she maracas and 7-3 are
closing in piccolo went along to comments so I must
think of it as fighting an exact copy of myself as Jaco cries out here he comes
7:3 is the first one shown having to jump right into the fight as only then
zero g73 begins to expand his arms outwards very similar to what piccolo is
able to do by expanding his limbs and being able to stretch out just like this
it’s most interesting to see how 73 is able to adapt this kind of ability so
easily in being able to replicate each and every single one of Piccolo’s moves
including stretching his own limbs but piccolo wastes no time by doing the
exact same thing and what I really love about this concept even though Jacko’s
taken back by this because he was just about to use his Raygun is the fact that
we’ve never seen two individuals before lock on each other in a test of strength
like scenario and it’s very visible that once piccolo and 73 lock on piccolo is
shown struggling but 73 is not so while piccolo has 73 in the air and 73 has
piccolo grounded it’s then become a test of strength as the two begins to fling
each other around and I love how Piccolo’s first go to defensive maneuver
is to block off 73 by grabbing him by using his own limbs to grab on to 73
it’s very evident that wants the to end up circling around 73 then lands on the
ground as he begins to then swing piccolo around as the to end up
head-butting each other to where I will say
is a very cool looking panel in the fact that both piccolo and 73 seem to be
rattled by this and rightfully so because if you’re going to swing
somebody with such force and then pull them towards you of course the force of
impact behind two people having to headbutt each other from there is going
to be very impactful so the second we see them both headbutt each other I love
how piccolo opens his eyes and he’s shown to be very aggravated as 73 like I
said before is displaying no signs of emotion he’s not hurt
he’s not concerned he’s not smiling he’s not angry he’s just very focused and
very very serious so with 73 then continuing to expand his
arms in his attempts of catching piccolo off-guard
piccolo ends up doing the exact same thing as now we have an extended limb
battle with 73 having to throw long extended punches with piccolo doing the
same and poor Jocko is left by the cliffside pointing his Raygun but he
can’t seem to get a clear enough shot directly aimed at 73 in order to get him
off of Piccolo’s back for the time being however just as Jaco is about to fire
his first shot out of nowhere Shima rekha takes his gun as he goes along to
tell Jocko over here galactic loser and Jacko’s getting really frustrated as he
goes on to tell Shima rekha you dare steal my firearm it’s as important as
the Galactic agents life you’ve got some nerve shimmer eka give it back as
piccolo is then showing fighting 73 choco then exchanged punches and fights
against Shima rekha but as we begin to go deeper into the fight against number
73 I love how each and every single time
piccolo attacks 7373 responds by using the exact same technique or attack on
piccolo hence for example when they both stretch each other’s limbs out when
piccolo strikes a counter evasively everything that piccolo is doing 73 is
following through by doing the exact same thing
even going as far as getting face to face with one another as of course there
is a massive explosion that sends both individuals flying back but the only
difference here is that it would appear that piccolo is struggling and 73 is not
so this is what makes the fight that much more intriguing is the fact that we
know that piccolo is strong even though he kind of is getting shafted at least
here he is shown in action in actually being relevant within Dragon Ball super
story rather than kick him back and just simply being a babysitter so I would
rather take this than piccolo simply falling behind so as of course we get to
see how 73 lands on his speed he then proceeds to open his mouth in letting
out a massive massive blast that completely takes over Piccolo’s body and
this is the exact attack that not only causes Piccolo’s robes to just
disintegrate but also goes as far as to inflict actual damage to piccolo to
where piccolo is now beginning to feel the effects of this battle and there’s
no telling how strong 73 is but he is strong enough to hang in there with
piccolo in beating him around with complete and utter ease as Jaco further
went along to tell piccolo forgot to mention that guy’s got infinite stamina
you can’t wear him down as piccolo comments dammit
you should have mentioned that sooner as we go back to Yuma and krillen this
reminds me personally of bolt amo as of course you must throwing punches
Colonel went along to say to himself that this guy wouldn’t have expect such
sharp attacks based on his looks as bola went along to tell her kill her Kuehl go
and help him and I love how her Akhil gets into his fighting stance trying to
play the tough guy as he went along to tell Bulma sure thank you ball the cue
ball needs some backing huh ah so with her chill trying to do whatever he can
to put on this act Krillin actually attempts to hit you and
but but Yuba actually uses a cannonball maneuver to jump out of the way as
eerily similar to what we’ve seen super boo do against go tanks we then observe
how you Lee uses his body mass to literally knock Krillin off of the
lookout or should I say through the lookout as Crillon is hit with such
force her cue looks down on the hole just created and asking q-ball
are you okay down there with bomba telling him let’s follow them quickly
get in everyone with everyone then having to board Bulma ship in heading
back down on the battlefield but as we go back to the battle happening beneath
commies lookout piccolo and 73 are exchanging in a special beam attack beam
struggle so we’ve never seen this be done before and not at least to my
knowledge and the fact that someone is copying Piccolo’s attack and then using
that against them in a beam struggle like scenario so piccolo is shown
struggling in fact he has his left arm on top of his right he’s trying to put
more pressure and more force into his attack while 73 is looking so calm just
by simply standing there in retaliate against piccolo special beam cannon so
we get to then observe how the entire landscape is shaking and I cannot wait
until Dragon Ball super the anime ends up returning because can you imagine how
awesome this would be animated shintani style to see 73 have a special beam
cannon beam struggle how awesome would that be but nonetheless towards the end
we get to see how piccolo is pouring more of his power into this attack as
piccolo went along to comic damn it’s getting beaten by my own techniques as
jaco comments they’ll be back to normal in 30 minutes just try and hold it out
as piccolo comments sorry but I don’t think I’ll last that long at which by
the end we slowly get to observe how piccolo special beam cannon is slowly
getting pushed back with 73 maintaining the exact demeanor that kept since the
beginning of this fight it’s fairly evident that at that point piccolo
stands no chance in holding his own this being struggle because piccolo is
then overwhelmed with 73 pushing back we then observe how the special beam cannon
goes right through the cliffside to where Chimel Rica and Jaco are fighting
on but then as of course we observe piccolo isn’t on the battlefield anymore
as Jaco goes on to ask that where’d he go
was he blown into bits as 73 looks on he notices up above on the other side of
the cliff Gohan had finally arrived from his college lecture to save pickle or in
this case should I say his real dad and with all jokes aside Gohan went along to
ask piccolo are you okay piccolo with Jaco commenting on its son Goku’s boy as
piccolo tells Gohan thanks for the save Gohan with Gohan responding I’m sorry
I’m so late but what’s going on who are those guys as piccolo tells Gohan I’ll
save the long version for later for now Gohan just don’t let that one guy grab
you by the neck or else he’ll copy your powers as Gohan asks copy piccolo
continues right now you are the strongest fighter we’ve got on earth and
with Gohan then slowly taking off his glasses he went along to comment so my
dad and Vegeta must be off world as only then the narration goes on to fill us in
and letting us know far far from Earth on an uninhabited planet we go inside
the hyperbolic time chamber as Maris is sparring with Goku as the narration then
goes on to continue son Goku and Marius train in a special dimension cut off
from the outside world one where time flows differently which surprisingly
enough Goku is shown getting the absolute crap beat out of him which is
actually very very puzzling and very alarming to even think about considering
the fact that go who had gotten so strong so unimaginably more powerful
than how he was in Dragon Ball Z battle of gods resurrection of F the universe
six tournament the tournament of power Dragon Ball super bro Lee ever since
those events go who had gotten so much more powerful than how he was before and
here we have Marius literally shown beating Goku literally
down into the floor and Goku is beyond battle damaged while Maris doesn’t have
a single scratch on him and as Goku is shown on the ground huffing and puffing
go who’s struggling to get up as he further went along to tell Maris now I’m
kind of doubting that I actually ever managed to achieve ultra instinct as
Maris goes on to tell Kokua I expect you were in an extreme crisis when it first
was activated as go who slowly sits up he went along to tell Maris for sure it
was a matter of life and death as Maris continues and the quickest way to
achieve it again is to replicate those conditions as though who struggles to
get up he goes on to ask you mean I gotta be prepared to die during this
training as Maris tells Goku yes exactly and with Goku smiling he went along to
tell Marisa fine then you’d better come at me to kill so go who wants to be put
in a situation out to where he’s telling Maris okay if I have to prepare myself
for death for me to achieve it come at me with everything you’ve got
as meanwhile back on Planet yard rad we get to see how the jina is meditating
and slowly training due to the hands of the Iranians as Vegeta goes on to ask
hey how many more days of this as the yard rat tells Vegeta your spirit is
even less stabilized than Goku’s was first you must achieve balance in the
body and mind as Vegeta comments dammit as the yard rack continues by the way
Goku is up here for a hundred and fifty days your balance is all disrupted again
as Vegeta goes on to comic touch I’m starting to regret ever coming to this
rock as the manga chapter special then comes to a close now there is absolutely
no doubt in my mind that by the time we actually reached the end of this entire
art that we’re going to see a massive battle go down between Goku Vegeta the
dikaya Maris and everyone involved against morale because with more
sadistic nature and having to just simply chill back and relax for the time
being not being too concerned about Goku or Vegeta getting stronger not being
concerned about the bios abilities having to be drained and
not being as strong as he once was morale right now does hold the upper
hand against our heroes given the fact that morale right now
doesn’t have to do much in order to further prove his point because he had
proved this point many times before when goku and vegeta had confronted him
either on Planet Namek or above it and the scary part is morale just seems to
be getting stronger and stronger each and every single time he begins to
consume a planet so by the time we actually get a full-on rematch between
goku and vegeta vs moral morale at that given point might be stronger than how
we’ve previously seen him go up against super saiyan blue Goku and Vegeta and
that experience in and of itself is going to force Goku and Vegeta in using
a greater power a much greater tactic and what they’ve used previously in
order to fully defeat morale but with that being said I want to get your
thoughts in the comment section below as to how you guys believe this entire
thing is going to come to head involving goku vegeta the dikaya mayors and morale
if you guys think there’s going to be an all-out war that’s going to happen on
planet earth do you guys think that perhaps they’re going to kill morale and
if so who do you guys think is going to be the one to finally put morale down is
it going to be Vegeta is it going to be the Dyke io is it going to be possibly
mastered Ultra instant Goku and if they don’t end up killing him then do you
guys believe that they do have the capabilities in locking him up again and
even if they lock him up for good this time are they going to throw him back
within the actual Galactic Patrol prison or are they going to possibly seal him
off a different way I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below
thank you all so much for watching everybody once more if you guys are
stoked ready and excited for more awesome Dragon Ball content than be sure
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tune back in for the next video I’m personally excited to see what’s going
to happen in Dragon Ball super manga chapter number 54 that’s going to be
debuting on November 20th of next month so again be sure to come back on the
channel to see what happens next thank you all so much for your time thank you
all so much for watching tune back for more and I’ll be seeing each and
every single one of you guys down the comments section below take it easy guys
peace this is the Galactic Emperor of the universe and of course I’m here to
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  3. It actually feels like an active comic universe and not just a goku and vegeta arc. I like 73 but he looks too much like hit. 73 with gohans potential could be scary tho.

  4. Every single month I await for the new manga chapter and I only watch @UnrealEntGaming for the review because his voice and editing is the BEST!!!

  5. What would happen if Seven Three gets a hold of Whis. Not saying it is gonna happen but what if. Can he handle that much power?

  6. I think Vegeta since he's learning that new technique of power control I believe I got a right I may be wrong Spirit control my bad he's going to learn how to take away just like Morel can I think the judge is going to make the final move and take all his energy and use it in one big Final Flash or because this is something that Goku never did he only use the Instant Transmission so he might just use Instant Transmission show up and beat the shit out of them that's just a guesstimate I could be so wrong but that would be pretty cool Vegeta coming on top for once that's my man lol not what you think I meant but my favorite character

  7. Seven Three is such badass. Universe 7 has so many diverse characters and i cant believe it is the second worst in the rankings. .. Sorry for bad english

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