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Google Maps | Tamil Stand-Up Comedy | Ramkumar Comic | English Subtitles

Is this place suitable for couples I don’t know Where do you want to go? Mandaveli? Mylapore? Royapettah? Adei Son, Where do you want to go da? You have now come near Ice House clock tower. Woww, I want to go there only Bruh… Any first timers to counter culture comedy club? Was it easy for you to find the route? Did you use Google Maps? You used no.. Cool Bro. Thanks, I needed it for my segway. 🙂 **giggles** But I am not using Google Maps… Because of a few problems happened in my life. I had this bad habit of conversing with that nice girl who talks in Google Maps. **Laughter** Every time… Every single time. But the problem is whatever I say to her she replies the same thing. I fondly call her Googie. “Hi Googie..” “Take the next left on the Sandiyappan Koil Street..” Sometimes in good mood…”I love you Googie” “Take the next right into the Paadhala Sakkadai Road” **Laughter** Also some harry potter fan in the audience.. But whatever she says, I respond her only with “Ok… Ok…” Every time… Every single time. I know what you think… “Daai.. How is that possible daa? To say ok every time to a girl who always talks irrelevantly” “I am married now for 7 years… And my daughter is 5 years old” “My daughter you know, she makes me say ONE OK for 7 things” “Appa… tomorrow morning we will go play in the park, then go to the toyshop, then to Decathlon buy waveboard, then play in the beach, have dinner in a restaurant, come home.” Ok vaa? 🙁 Applaud Expected :'( I have to say Ok… Because That’s how I am double trained Whenever a girl says something, say OK. OK. Whatever happens, Life has to move on Daddy – Vaaranam Aayiram. One day I was driving my car having my daughter in the back seat But I completely forgot that.. and started talking to Googie… **Laughter** My daughter asked “Appa, who are you talking to?” OMG…! What can I tell her about this relationship? **Laughter** For a human to understand, this is not human love. It is more holy beyond that. I love Kamalahaasan [Heartin] Or can I say…This is my Virtual Digital Bestie…No? I love Kamalahaasan [Heartin] Alaaaasss I said… “She is an Auntymma” “Oh Aunty ahh.. Ok.” She came silently after that. The moment we reached home she ran to my wife.. and said “Amma, today Appa was talking to one NEW aunty in phone” Not just Aunty, NEW Aunty My wife started “who is this new aunty? were there any old aunties?” “How many aunties in total you are maintaining?” Pity me.. I stopped using google maps only. :'( Sometimes I can even manage my wife’s questions, but not Google’s questions.. Yeah.. He is tracking everything, even if you dont want him to. Recently one day I had slight abdomen pain, and searched in Chrome “Kidney Stone Symptoms” “The third link said kidney cancer. So I got scared, closed that tab, opened Facebook in a new tab” “Just 5 seconds gap” The moment Facebook loaded, I saw advertisements from hospitals all around Chennai. Full Kidney Checkup Half Kidney Checkup Full Kidney Scratch removal, polishing painting, and Teflon coating. **Laughter** Beware guys, he is passing our data everywhere… Athan theriyume !!! That too now he has introduced a feature TIMELINE.. Are you adding this to the timeline? Yesterday you went to the restroom 6 times… So please add Diarrhea to the timeline. Already all timelines look like diarrhea only know… Why specifically add this as well? He is asking everything… Then he sends a monthly digest, yearly digest… 10 new places you’ve been to this month… Like a progress report. I am so afraid that he might want me to get that report signed by my wife… Because, like bars and pubs, my wife is not aware of me going to many of those places… **Pity Husbands Laughing** He is tracking everything… Like one day I had a natural emergency call… I went and used a paid public toilet(5 rupees entry fee) near the Kathippara junction. Mobile data was off… Location was off… The moment I came out, he promptly asked… Could you please rate your experience at Parangimalai public toilet? **Applause and Laughter from affected people** Using OLA/UBER often, I am now used to give 5 star rating. I gave 5 stars. Please be the first person to upload Photos from this place **Laughter and Applause from affected people** To get more views I dint understand his motive…So left swiped. Please answer a few questions about this place that will help others… Every Question had 3 answers… Yes, No, I don’t know. First Question… Does this place have wifi facility? Month of April – Water facility only was not there.. So I answered a NO. Next Question… Is this place suitable for couples? I don’t know. **Laughter and Applause ** I answered “I Don’t Know” Next question… Does this place serve hot beverages and desserts? **Laughter and Applause** I answered “Yes” I didn’t understand though… Because Google is the pettaikaran of AI, Machine Learning, etc. So why he is asking such silly questions… I scrolled the page and saw… The reason was our pullingos only… Google guides named… Traveler Thirukumaran… Wanderlust Varadharajan… Those funny boys have reviewed the place and have given a 4.8-star rating The first comment was from that Traveler Thirukumaran. Nice Ambience… Must Visit place for Family outing… Why daa? Why? What did Google do to you? Apart from sending your data to FB and Insta… Did you guys had a good time watching this video? Yeah…? This stunt is performed by a trained professional inside a muttusandhu, Please don’t try this yourself. 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  1. Good one… The last bit where the googie aunty gave u direction was awesome…. All the best…. Expecting many more from u

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