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Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2016 Star Wars Disney Marvel DC Comics The Walking Dead

hey guys it’s Meghan from and today I want to talk to you about some of the new hallmark keepsake ornaments that came out working on my awesome geek tree so I will share with you some of the fun new ornaments that they have on the line this year so here are some of my star wars keepsake ornaments that I got this is an x-wing fighter from the force awakens can see on top there this is a magic sounds one that is powe cute so friends are stormtrooper and his button is in the back and he says a lot of stuff looking for those are all the same that the Stormtrooper set and then this is my favorite from this season the store actually help this one for me because it kept selling out but it’s Darth Vader and Leia and they are on the ship and what’s great about this one is is it’s also kind of a precursor for Rogue One which is coming out this year old and he will not finish when they hear you’ve attacked a diplomatic surprised several transmissions by rebel spies I want to know what happened to the plan a sec you don’t know what you’re talking about i’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan you want away that one is my favorite it’s a little bit heavier but it’s it’s a really good quality one and the speakers on the bottom so this is definitely one that you want to hang so that you can hear it because if you place it on the table you can’t really hear it here are two more my new keepsake ornaments this is ariel and she’s in the midst of singing her under the sea song with subject Sebastian think it’s really cute she’s got lots of angles and she’s gonna look really good on a tree very pretty and then the next one I got is this great Cinderella Castle one from walt disney world and it is a magic one and i will show you what it does I’m excited about this one ok the buttons on the side here so that is the Cinderella Castle one it is one of my favorites because i love walt disney world and this just reminds me of of being there so it’s a fun one that I really enjoy here are two more I’ve got Marvel’s Iron Man and Captain America and this is from the Civil War lines so he can kind of picture them on a tree fighting like this it captures the civil war storyline which i think is is really cool because it’s got the two main that are butting heads together here are my DC comics batman vs superman dawn of Justice keepsake ornaments on they come separately so you have Batman and each one comes with a stand and as you can see it the batman vs superman logo then we have wonder woman who comes with her own clear invisible stand that puts up a little bit higher than both of the men and then Superman and then you can actually combine these like this that stand together we go so there we go so if you want to display these somewhere you could there not extremely sturdy on there stands but give you an idea of what they look like like there’s the logo back it just looks really cool in terms of presentation all together and then when they are hanging on a tree their capes are flying to the side it looks really awesome i’m really happy about this wonderful makes me excited about that movie coming out going to be really good the last one we have is Rick Grimes from the walking dead this one’s just a standing cat character sketches little gun I always like to mention that if you are new to the hallmark keepsake ornament family that you always want to keep hold of your boxes because a lot of the ornaments come with these great molded cases for them this protector ornament from any kind of damage because when they have small parts like this like the sword and she’s got her lasso you just want to make sure that they don’t break off so this one actually gets in like this so her stand goes in and then she goes in as well like that that she’s totally protected and then she’s got a little cover-up so this keeps them protected in their box and then I just store all of mine right in their boxes i just have a big container that I kept them all in that they’re nice and safe in their box

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