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HEARTS DEFEATS GRAND PRIEST GOKU! Jiren And Vegeta Beaten! Fusion! Super Dragon Ball Heroes Manga

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support and without wasting any more time let’s begin with our heroes now faced off against a
seemingly unstoppable opponents Goku Vegeta hit and jiren are now tasked with
battling against hearts who had now absorbed the powers of the universal
seed within him in this latest chapter of the super Dragon Ball heroes
Universal mission manga special provided by DBS Chronicles over on Twitter we are
going to be taking a look at the alternative battle against hearts in
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Dragon Ball and anime as we kick off the super Dragon Ball heroes universe
mission 11 manga chapters special with Android 17 and piccolo having to be
shown flying from city to city as ordered by the Supreme Kai to try and
save as many people as they can and the second we get to see piccolo and 17 and
having to discuss a plan to try and stop hearts and his goons out of nowhere lags
appears in front of both piccolo and 17 as she immediately knows of 17 and
Piccolo’s plan in trying to create a diversion to get as many people away
from the cities as possible while the other warriors are trying to stop hearts
and with lags now having to confront 17 and piccolo she goes on to further
reassure them that they won’t be escaping especially that hearts now had
absorbed the powers of the universal seed vowing to make all of the gods
including the Omni king pay for their crimes what she ends up doing is
creating this massive dragon out of glass as she is hoping to have this
dragon basically stopped piccolo and 17 from further executing their plans and
as this dragon goes on to fire blasts at 17 and piccolo what 17 ends up doing is
the exact same thing we saw during the tournament of power and that’s put up a
barrier to shield himself and piccolo from this blast and given the idea that
we really never got to see this the promotional anime with lags having
to confront 17 and piccolo here things appear to be a tad bit different rather
than having 17 in piccolo fight hearts we have 17 in piccolo actually working
together in trying to come up with a different plan to save the Earth’s
people as only than we get to see how lags is creating it these massive spikes
that are seemingly made of glass as we then get to see the spikes go to piccolo
scape lags is beginning to wonder as to what exactly happened – piccolo because
we see how the glass went through escape and through his outfit but there’s no
piccolo in sight so now the primary focus is lags having to battle against
17 as of course we understand now that 17 is the only one on the battlefield
while piccolo seemingly enough is doing something within the shadows to try and
come up with a diversion or plan to catch lags off-guard as 17 is then shown
still maintaining the barrier as long as he possibly could to give piccolo more
time and coming up with this plan to finally stop lags and with 17 having to
be shown holding his own against lags lags then begins to wonder as to what
exactly happened – piccolo as piccolo out of nowhere appears right by the side
of lags and he fires a massive special beam cannon directly at the Dragon which
basically disintegrates the glass dragon right then and there and with lags
looking down she originally thought that she got piccolo given the fact that her
glass seemed to have went through his cape but she didn’t realize the fact
that this was all in Piccolo’s plan was to have charged up for the special beam
cannon show up behind the dragon and blasting it away completely and then
what ends up happening is Android 17 ends up getting behind lags and in
traditional 17 fashion we get to see it how he then charges up for this electric
attack and then using it to basically immobilize her lags has no chance in
having to serve her purpose in this battle because she basically lost she
can’t do anything against piccolo and 17 strategy however elsewhere we then get
to see how hards is finally complete he had absorb the powers of the universe
received just as we’ve seen be done in the promotional anime and with Goku vid
jiren hits all of them looking on it’s now a four on one battle with everyone
having to look on and I love how Goku and Vegeta are still retaining their
super saiyan blue forms grand priest goku actually having to Scobee a thing
and vegeta is still remaining in that super saiyan blue evolution form with
hit and jeering they’re what they end up doing is they’re trying to come up with
somewhat of a strategy to try and throw hearts off-guard being the fact that
they know that hearts now is incredibly powerful and what heart ends up doing is
taunting everyone and this really prompts everyone to then jump in as
jeering Goku Vegeta and hit take the lead they immediately jump in and just
as we’ve seen be done in the promotional anime they try and attack hearts but
rather than actually making contact right before they’re actually able to do
so what hearts ends up doing is not really dodging all of their attacks but
spinning them in a circle and then dropping them all down onto the ground
so hearts didn’t even throw a singular shot back at him but all he ended up
doing was standing there as he took four of the strongest warriors in the
multiverse spun him in a circle and slammed them directly down onto the
ground and with that being said as we get to see them all try to stand back
off Vegeta seems to be struggling jeering his back up on his feet and the
only person here that is about to do something on his own accord to go into
business for himself is hit because what hit ends up saying to himself is that
there has to be somewhat of an opening for hearts in order for him to find a
weak point for everyone to utilize and execute on but what he ends up doing
instead is trying to quickly tap into his time skip to see exactly if he can
find such an opening and when he ends up noticing is that these orbs are
surrounding hearts and then having to figure out exactly what hearts have been
doing in having these orbs surround him and hearts being hearts he immediately
was able to understand what hitches did and actually congratulate him on
figuring out exactly what hearts have been up to but the hearts doesn’t seem
to be bothered hearts doesn’t seem to be concerned
instead all he does is congratulate him and then proceeds to once again kick
everybody’s ass as we get to see Goku once again
hit the ground but with Goku having to bounce back up we then get to see how
hards uses the exact same gravity like maneuver that he did in the promotional
anime on Goku again and just by easily then having to snap his fingers Goku
just ends up hitting the ground directly beneath him in having to not only hit
the ground with such force but this prompts Vegeta and jiren for everybody
to get involved and what Hearts ends up doing instead right before everyone’s
about to jump in again is he ends up creating this massive cube like object
in which it ends up slamming itself directly down onto the ground on
everyone and as everyone is shown literally eating the dirt jiren is
struggling to stand up Vegeta is struggling to stand up and with hearts
having to understand only now that these mortals simply don’t want to refute what
the gods have done because hearts his main objective here is to destroy the
gods that way there is no hierarchy and he’s baffled as to why nobody else is
choosing to join him but understands that this is why the gods must all is
because of the errors of their ways and allowing mortals like this to believe
what they believe and side with the gods and this is why Hart also listens to the
cries of humanity as only then we get to see how Hart is now beginning to shed
tears because his whole ideology is to Massacre all of the gods the Chi oceans
the gods of destruction the Angels the grand priests and more importantly the
Omni King and he’s floored as to why the mortals simply don’t want to live in
harmony in not having to be governed by such beings but only then understands
exactly what he has to do it and that’s have a total reset in annihilating
everything so heart is idea right now is to get rid of everything now and having
this massive reset happen to where there is no God there are no deities to govern
mortals and mortals can now choose to live how they want to live so what he
ends up doing is bringing in this massive meteor from space which a lot of
people including myself really found to be a corny because out of all things he
could have done all he ends up doing is infusing his power with this media or so
it’s a little cliche if you ask me but as soon as we get
to see this meteor enter the atmosphere what our heroes end up doing is not only
struggle to stand back up but hearts having to tell everyone that this is it
all of your loved ones boneless wonks bra panchi chee they’re all going to die
everyone’s going to die and the first person actually that ends up standing up
is Vegeta and in a noble fashion with Vegeta having to fight for his wife for
his kids he powers up as again he’s struggling to stand up and he’s crying
out for Goku Vegeta is crying out for Goku because this is it in order for
them to actually get the job done and finally beat this dude they’re going to
have to combine their powers so with Vegeta having to cry out for Goku in now
using fusion the manga chapter ends with Vegeta having to scream at Goku for them
to use fusion as of course we get to see how Goku’s again also trying to stand up
as jiren and hit are at the same time it’s Vegeta’s idea for them to fuse
while still being pushed down by hearts as gravity attack and we also have a
translation be done by cypher over on Twitter as the translations for the
super Dragon Ball Heroes universe mission chapter number 11 goes as
follows piccolo and number 17 lush to join up with Goku and the others in
their battle against Hearts number 17 asks if they’ll be okay with just two of
them since their opponents apparently have the means to defeat even the Omni
king piccolo chides him for getting cold feet go on and the others will be
joining them as well as soon as they finished evacuating nearby cities / KY
oceans order the two are intercepted by laggs who summons a gigantic dragon made
of glass which has cells the two with it being number 17 keeps the blasts at bay
with a barrier lags continues her glass attacks and notices piccolo escapes and
turban skewered by some spikes on the ground number 17 fires a barrage from a
distance as laggs uses her float mirror ability to try to bounce the blasts back
but is surprised when they instead turn into smoke continuing to lay into number
17 she asks if it’s simply his intention to buy time he responds that it is
piccolo emerges having to charge up for a massive maken coulson
pole or the special beam cannon which he uses to destroy lags as dragon in the
destruction number 17 sneaks up behind lags mocking her for falling into their
trap and unleashes an electric attack into her back incapacitating her
elsewhere goku vegeta jiren and hit face down hearts powered up into a new form
with the universal seed they try attacking him at once but are bounced
backward without being able to land a single hit he uses time-skip to look
into the area around hearts and notices a cluster of gravity spheres orbiting
him moving too quickly to be seen and rebounding them when they attack hearts
congratulate hits for figuring out his technique
Goku figures they just have to take care to dodge the spheres but is tripped up
on a subsequent attack by Hearts name stop ante and pressed techniques which
use the spheres to restrict repelled and slammed Goku onto the ground as hearts
then unleashes a massive gravity finale technique to engulf the entire area in a
massive dome of gravity of preventing jiren and the others from so much as
standing as it then continues Hart says that he can’t understand why they as
fellow mortals should not want the freedom he offers he begins to hear the
thoughts of ordinary citizens of the earth terrified and upset by another
alien invader attacking the earth wondering if mr. Satan will save them
etc he breaks down in tears realizing that the mortals of this planet have
already been completely taken in by the gods he takes the Earthlings rejection
as further proof that the gods need to be destroyed at once
along with the mortals of this planets in need of a total reset hearts begins
pulling a meteor down from space as Vegeta realizes hearts his plan he calls
out to Goku given their current enemy’s power the
only way out will be fusion to be continued next month now the events of
the manga are obviously very different in comparison to the anime and the anime
I think had potential to really give us some cool moments involving hits and
jeering Goku and Vegeta but instead the minute they went in
there with hearts I understand the idea that they want to develop hearts as
being this unstoppable entity and in thus resulting in Goku Vegeta having to
use fusions to stop this dude but I also feel like the manga actually takes its
time where as the anime is very very rushed and everything is just kind of
clunked in together which kind of doesn’t make any sense especially when
given the narrative that in the manga it’s established that jiren is the
strongest warrior in the entire multiverse right in the manga in the
anime it’s implied that he is but not really you know because in the manga we
see everybody fight hearts including cheering but here it’s just for
individuals Goku Vegeta jeering and hits and in the anime at 17 trunks piccolo
Goku Vegeta hit jeer and so we have about eight guys in the anime versus
four guys in the manga so in the end I want to get your thoughts in the comment
section below do you guys prefer the manga over the anime or the anime over
the manga because we are going to get Gojira for the next issue of the super
Dragon Ball Heroes manga and however that’s going to be portrayed is going to
be much different than what we saw in the actual episode of super Dragon Ball
heroes but in the end I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below
about the overall direction for the manga and what you guys prefer from each
from the anime and the manga again thank you all so much for watching thank you
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    Suddenly, he sees Vegeta stand! It doesn't bode well in his heart, but hearing Goku's name segues his thoughts to the friendship and joy he has been given through the loss by Goku and Frieza.

    And suddenly again, friendship for them… fighting for them… fighting for their loved ones… He remembers the wish and believes this will be honorable – to fight for his universe and doing so by fighting for Goku and Vegeta's family. And that sparks a power not expected in him.

    As he rises, so does Goku and the Saiyans watch as Hit struggles himself rising.

    Now Hit? His motivations are much different. All about Goku… All about stirring him… driving him to unleash the warrior spirit in him. He's over a thousand years old and has never experienced anyone as he and he needs to become more… there has to be more to just being an assassin and Goku can help him find it.

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    The Universe Seed is so unique and yet it's power is used so simplistically. I like the notion of creating a universe though because you can nurture the growth of others and feel happiness because of the prosperity experienced by mortals. I would enjoy creating and cultivating and nurturing and toiling with something strenuous but such things require the freedom to fulfill your own emotional needs and interests. Obviously, a universe seed discussion is a thing you would have with a long term best friend that turned into a partner. Otherwise every time you wear a halter you would have to pop out a universe seed discussion. That's not stressful at all….

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