Henry Danger | Motion Comic Issue #9: Sucked to the Future | Nick

OK. Where do want the Time
Jerkers’ time machine? Uh, over there,
by the elevator. Naw, I think it should be
over there by the auto snacker. The light is totally
better by the elevator. But there’s a draft by the
elevator and I get chilly. It’s staying here. Get a jacket. Someone’s cranky today. Well it’s not me. I’m in a great mood. So why do you guys
need this thing up here? We’re going to
do what we should have done a long
time ago, destroy the Time Jerkers’ time machine. Yeah. It’s super dangerous
to have around. I mean, it’s almost
ruined our life twice. OK. So why did you make
me carry it up here? We just got massages and
our muscles are all loose. Yeah. And we don’t want to
jeopardize our loosey-ocity. All right. Whatever. OK, here we go. All right machine. Time for you to clock out. Let’s swing some tools. Ow! Henry, what have you done? Your wiz watch went
through the time machine! Oh man, this is bad. I know. Do you know how expensive
those things are? That’s not the bad part! Henry’s wiz watch
was just transported to prehistoric times. If we leave it there, dinosaurs
could get their hands on it. Oh yeah, and they could
learn to tell time. Or worse! A dinosaur with a laser could
change the course of history. How do you figure? ‘Cause dinosaurs weren’t
meant to have lasers! She makes a good point. I kind of like
that she’s smart. But also it kind of bugs me. I know what you mean. Guys, you gotta fix this. Well you’re going
to help, right? Nope. I gotta go upstairs,
my pizza’s here. OK. I think I figured it out. Let me just adjust the setting. (TIME MACHINE)
Beginning time reversal. Oops. What oops? Ah! Oh my god! You sucked the dinosaur
into the present! I see that! What do we do now? Look! He’s holding the watch! Why’d he swallow it? I don’t know, but now we
have to Heimlich dinosaur. OK, OK. I’ll distract him while you
wrestle him to the ground. All right. Here, use this laser pointer. Over here, over here. OK, I’ve got him. Now just jump on his stomach. All right. I didn’t know they had
chickens back then. Me neither. Well, I guess we learned
something new today. Who wants pizza? Woah! Ahh! Why is there a dinosaur
in the elevator? Oh man. There’s a dinosaur
in the elevator with Charlotte, what do we do? Take the stairs? Really Ray? That’s your solution?

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