How AirPOS iPad POS and e-commerce has helped us grow our business and start selling online

Comic Book Guys is Northern Ireland’s largest independent comic book and toy retailer and we opened our doors three years ago. When we opened, the idea was to create a space where like minded folk could come and experience comics buy comics, sell comics, do everything that Belfast really needed. And over the past three years, we’ve been able to grow and expand, and we’ve actually in the last six months opened up and even bigger store on the high street and that growth is thanks to a lot of different factors, but one of them is AirPOS. For payments in store we use PayPal Here, with Airpos. It puts all the money that we take straight into the PayPal account so thankfully, AirPOS has the solution online where you can use a PayPal out of the box solution which means all of the money goes into the same place. So any the money we take in-store, online, and on the go goes into the same account. So easy to set up, and it’s so easy to manage. We’ve had AirPOS from day one when we opened the store, and obviously as we’ve grown and expanded AirPOS has grown with us The next logical step was obviously selling online, and that again is a massive headache for most small retailers. But the great thing about AirPOS is that it has a one-click online e-commerce store which is easy to set-up, it literally is one click A big issue we had in our previous store, was we had far too much stock, far too much overstock Now, that was a problem for us, and it’s a problem for every small retailer but thankfully we’ve been able to turn that into an advantage AirPOS lets us sell online, so all of that overstock that we had, we can now sell that. Now, we do have a lock up with hundreds of boxes of toys and figures but thankfully, because of AirPOS, because of the multi channel nature of it, it negates that whole issue of overstock. It’s enabled us to grow, financially, and it’s also enabled us to turn over stock much quicker, as well as cut out that problem that a lot of small businesses do face. As part of the growth of Comic Book Guys we obviously had to expand not only the range, but also the size of the store But by doing that and bringing in more products and more lines it obviously was going to cause a big headache in terms of organisation and management of stock But thankfully the AirPOS system lets you manage your inventory across the board and all of the inventory and sales are linked up which is perfect for us because it takes that headache away from us and it gives us a piece of mind that what we’re doing is all there managed for us. By selling on multiple channels and having all of the money going into the PayPal account we then needed to figure out a way of being able to manage that money Accountancy fees are usually very very high and we needed to figure out a way that would work for us so what we did was we looked at AirPOS and we seen what integrations they had and one of them was the integration with Xero. When we chose that integration, it actually lets us post all of the sales that we make online and in-store directly to xero and it cuts out that headache – the job’s done. Using Airpos e-commerce online has enabled us to sell higher amounts, at lower cost which has obviously helped increase our profits, which in turn is making us a more successful business.

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