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  1. Nick Fury lost her eye okay I want to press I think you could get real close to Nick Fury is Wolverine could think about it Wolverine origin when is the old fella he had been around for a long. Of time him in Victor then you got Captain America I don't think Captain America do something like that then you get Deadpool probably then you got Victor AK killing Sabretooth then you got Captain America brother that could have happened but my money is on Wolverine he said he would never ever let nobody get that close to him again so my money is on Wolverine Wolverine be saved his life like I said my money is on Wolverine Wolverine's old fella ain't no Nick Fury

  2. Nick Fury lost his eyes because of a cat (captain's marvel cat) because of the appearance of his eye sores like a cat's scratch

  3. Personally, I think the Chewie/Goose (a flerken) thought Fury was a Skrull and attacked Fury by accident. Now Fury has flerken abilities. All his comments and abilities seem to fit that theory.

  4. a Accident when he fried his first turkey for Thanksgiving. It's insides were still frozen . hot oil frozen bird Boom!! Turkey bone in the old eye.

  5. Great vid Dude but you forgot to cover how Fury lost his eye in the Marvel Knights miniseries by Garth Ennis set in the Punisher Max canon. Great work as always tho so keep it up my man.

  6. the mama fury skrull theory was genious. it should have been the real "how" and actually explain Fury being the way he is but as we know movie script writers are so talented , so they did what? they showed us that a "CAT" scratched his eye. wow…………(slow clap) . this only proves how talented the writers are….

  7. Well I live in usa elyria Ohio and it came out already….. He got scratched by a flargain (cat with tentacles in mouth that can swallow anything

  8. Why is everyone talking about a cat? Pretty sure his eye got burned out when he refused to give the tesseract to the skrull???

  9. Mama Skrawl would have been a far better story. It would put some character depth into him.

    But what we got…

  10. I really love how Fury lost his eye in Captain Marvel. It was great. He lost it to the character that stole every scene they were in. When Coulson asks him at the end if the rumors of how he lost his eye are true and he says it's classified, it establishes how Fury is going to handle the story of the injury in the years to come.

  11. What i find hilarious is that the video says captain marvel was supposed to be released november 2018. Its now may 17 2019 and no movie about her. Probably because marvel openly admitted that thor is stronger than her. Therefor she needs no solo movie.

  12. Watching Captain Marvel, we also learn that he didn't actually lose his eye. He's still got it. It just doesn't work anymore after it was a cat toy.

  13. Cat scratch fever

    How anticlimactic

    I'm a cat fancier, but in all candor, they emasculated him by how much he fawned over the critter

  14. This video is so funny after having watched Captain Marvel

    "due to a very personal attack…"

    How right you were, Scott.

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