How to draw a cute Manga Girl [5 EASY Steps]

Hey everyone – my name’s Marcel, and due to the rising popularity on my other tutorial I’m now continuing the tutorial series by showing you how to draw a cute manga girl. Since not everyone can efford expensive markers we are only going to use pencil, paper and an eraser. We start by drawing a circle which we are splitting in half right from the get-go. Don’t apply too much pressure since it’s only guidelines we’ll erase them definetely later on. The face-lines all meet at the same place – the chin. You can mark the chin with a dot if you want. By the way – it’s no shame to just rewind and do some steps over. Practise even helps you. If you really give it all, you too can draw. Now let’s draw the nose. You can draw in your own style or just copy the nose I drew. The most important thing is to draw her nose small, since it looks just more feminine. The mouth is just drawing two dots and connecting them later on. Eyes can be a tough part to draw so we definetely need guidelines for that. The eyes are actually something that can determine the gender of the person – needless to say, they are extremely important in this case. You need to strech the eyes a bit more to the top this time. This way the appear more round and this way more feminine. Since the eyelashes are just as important, I’m gonna show you how to draw them with an open and also with a closed eye. The eyelashes of the open eye is drawn on top of the upper guideline (and also a bit bent to the top). Draw the closed eye on the bottom guideline and this time you draw the eyelashes curve to the downside. The content of the eye is the same as in the previous video – draw the pupil and shade the upper half. Don’t worry – shading too much isn’t going to happen since manga eyes are relatively large to begin with. Draw the eyebrows slender and long. Thats the way most people draw female eyebrows. However, there are enough people to draw them big – just draw it in your own style, it may help you. But because it is so mainstream, I just drew them slim. Like I said, you can experiment a bit with that. Oh, and you can also draw some wrinkles at the eyelids. When you draw the hair, you can just draw them fast. It looks a lot more dynamic, you’ll see abou that. Don’t worry, you can always erase the hair if you dislike it. For starters, we’ll draw 3 big strains – one in the middle, one on the right and one on the left side. Because it just looks a bit cuter, I drew the hair a bit more curly at the tip. Try imagining a parting point where all strains are point towards.That way, the hair looks correctly drawn. Add a neck to your floating head. The neck’s supposed to be slender and long. We won’t add any muscles to the neck like last time, becaue that looks rather masculine. We do however draw the collarbones. That way, our character looks a bit skinnier. Now add some clothes. I was a bit uncreative and just added some boring shirt with a cleavage. Now add a black dropshadow right beneath the chin. By shading the back-part of the hair you’ll add a bit depth to you drawing. Now you can change the drawing in any way you want. change the hairstyle, add breasts, whatever you please. Or, like I did it in my test-scribble, add some Mark-Crilley-like blushies. It’s a ton of fun – so just try it out yourself. By doing so you can only get better. Thank you for watching! I’m really glad I got such a positive feedback at the last episode of this series. Depending on the feedback I get from you guys I might make more of this type of videos.

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