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hey everyone this is Mei Yu and welcome
to another easy manga tutorial today I’m going to show you how to draw a pair of
eyes and I’ve done a set already but those were facing the front this time I
like to show you how to draw manga eyes that’s facing slightly to the side as of
the character’s head is turned towards one direction if you want easier
drawings you can check out my fun2draw easy playlist and my fun2draw channel
you can see hundreds of different cute easy cartoons they can draw step by step
for other easy manga drawings you can see these videos and more detailed
drawings you can see my other manga drawing tutorials I hope my different art can help you in
different ways ok so first I’m going to start with one eye and let’s pretend the
characters face is facing this way so i’m going to draw one I right here and
then another I hear the near i will be this one so this one will be bigger than
the far I ok so let’s start with an ear I first I like to begin with the eyebrow so about the spot so you can see well
begin let’s draw a curve for the eyebrow like that ok i like to make a little bit thicker
especially near the front so I like to go down a little bit to add some
thickness and then from here i’ll just go across as a curve the back end of the
library will be a lot thinner so let’s curve it like this so it will eventually
meet the first curve we drew and that’s how we can make this and thinner than
that one it’s shaded yeah yeah alright so now that’s it so now that the eyebrows all nice and
dark we can continue with the rest of the
drawing and just make this a little bit thicker there we go ok so i made a tiny bit longer all right now that we have the I bro I
like to leave a little gap so let’s say right around here without
the spot so you can see well begin and right now I like to draw some lines
for the top part of the eye so this will be the top eyelid so I’m
just sketching out really thin line and it’s also curving a little bit slanting
down just like the I bro but it won’t be as long ok i’ll draw another curve just below it I’ll go across as a slight curve line
this line will be longer so keep going okay so stop right around here it’s
pretty close to where the eyebrow ends in terms of the link to make a little
bit longer okay there we go ok back to the front
end let’s draw a short line going down for
some thickness so right now i’m making this top part
quite thick I like to shade this part into and
you’ll see in the minute when i shaded in is going to look very dramatic and
very attention-getting which is what I want it right now I’m just making the
shape the thickness and now let’s shade it in ok so this area is also where we’re
going to put the lashes afterwards ok excellent so right now is all very
nice and dark okay on this and make this a little bit
smoother I like to go down a little bit i’ll
leave a little distance and let’s stop the spot may be right around there ok so now i’m going to go down towards
this dot like that and then up here i’ll draw another lying
coming down towards the same dot like that ok so this is just a little dark corner
of the eye of course there are many ways to draw different manga eyes this is just one of them and for this
tutorial i like to draw it like this with the dark corner right here and if
you follow me there are going to be so many different manga eyes and manga
tutorials that I have planned for you guys just stay tuned ok so make this part a little bit
smoother looking right here there you go ok once we have this this is like the top
part of the eye let’s go down leave a big gap for the
pupil and go down towards the bottom part which is the bottom lip so I’ll .
the spot right here on here ok and then let’s imagine a slightly
curved line going around and the media stuff right around here so here comes the bottom lid it’s going to be a lot thinner and
smaller than the top one but I make a little bit bigger so it shows more there we go ok so once we have the top and bottom
lists now let’s go into the iris and all those
little details inside and after I show you how to shade it ok so for the iris start right around
here draw a big curve coming down going all the way down towards the
bottom part of the eye ok and now up here let’s do the same thing
so curve around coming down this way something like that alright so this I is going to be quite
big and cheerful-looking there are many different types and shapes of manga eyes
for this tutorial I’ll just make it like a big cheerful manga I ok so we have the
two curves now I like to draw highlight right around here so I’m drawing it a
little like that and then another highlight right here on
top once we have these two highlights
underneath let’s draw the pupil the pupil for this
eye would be quite large let’s draw like that and I’ll be oval in shape so i have this
side and now let’s go up here to finish the oval so as you can see the line is not going
to show through the highlight the highlight is going to be white and it
will be on top of the pupil ok now let’s make the pupil really dark
with the shading to go ahead and shade in this whole area just like that all right excellent so we have the really dark people right
now it looks quite dramatic like the eyes so dark here and then you have all
this white around in the iris you can just leave it like that if you
want but sometimes i like to add some shading in the iris – just to give it
more depth and this is how I’m going to do it for this one so for the shading let’s just fill in this top area all
with a nice dark shading just like that it let’s block it off so this line will be
kind of like the boundary of the shading so everything beyond this line is gonna
be dark and then i won’t shade under here for now ok let’s just imagine this line going
through the pupil and go up coming down on this site and then let’s fill in this
area with the dark shading as well ok so now it doesn’t look too startling
because we have more shading on top ok and this is pretty similar to how i
shade my fun2draw eyes as well so i started with a diagonal line and then i
shaded in except for the highlight now for the
rest of the shading I like to leave a little gap and just draw a line there ok I’ll repeat that leave a bigger gap
for another line and then i’ll draw a few more smaller line system so these
lines will be a little smaller and thinner like that ok I’ll go on this side and do something
similar so basically just leave a gap and then
draw another line can’t leave another gap for another line there and then you
can as you go down make the lines shorter and smaller just like that so from a distance it kind of looks like
you have this nice gradual transition from dark to the medium areas and then
finally down here was all white that’s a really good way to show some
depth in the characters eyes just with the shading ok once we have that we’re pretty much
done with the inside of this I hear now let’s go back up here and if you
want your character to look more feminine or girly or if you just want to
add some nice eyelashes you can draw these thin curved lines coming up for me I like to
draw the lashes close to this corner of the eye I don’t know it’s just a personal
preference you can do something like that or you can add some moral on this
side is up to you this is your drawing guys so you can do
it however you like all right so I have these nice little
lashes maybe another small one here than one coming up i’ll add a few on this
side of the ice so here’s another few curves for the lashes a little bit deeper ok and as for the bottom i’ll just make
a little tiny baby ones there you go ok excellent so we have one I done so this is the near I which means this
eyes closest to us and it’s also going to be larger than the far I which is
coming up next because since the head is kind of curved
or turn towards one side this part of the face will be smaller
than this side ok so same thing when we start let’s
start with the eyebrow so that the spots you can see well begin
this time because of the angle of the face this I bro will be curved like a lot
more curves than this and shorter so draw it like this yeah I’m just making it figured out let’s
make this a little bit longer ok fill in this area making the lines a little bit smoother there we go ok so you can just imagine
that this eyebrows kind of curved and wrapping around the side of the head
here if you guys want a very detailed explanation on how to draw faces facing
in this kind of direction you can check out some of my other manga drawing
tutorials where i show you how to draw them step by step ok so once we have the eyebrow on this
side let’s start with this area now over here
so leave a gap at the spot so you can see well begin so right around here ok just like the eyebrow this top part of
the i will be shorter and more curved the curving will be more severe because
of the angle of the face ok so curve it like that let’s make this a little bit longer ok now from this tip go up just like that so this area is this area ok once you have this go across for this
part ok let’s fill it just like that there we go ok all right now for this extra life we can always add it on top like that there we go ok now for the bottom lid let’s make a big gap and you can just
kind of guess work is going to be so maybe it’s going to be right around here
to match this link if you need to you can use like a ruler to going to help
you with the distance but for this will just eyeball it so let’s go right there on here okay right there and then let’s
draw another short line that’s quite curved for the bottom part
of the eye this is something like that and now for the iris let’s draw in here so first I’ll start
with a big curve starting from here now go all the way
down so curve down towards the bottom part ok like that and now this side is actually going to
be just the curve and because of the angle of the head and also the fact that
the eyes are kind of looking back towards you this iris line will just be right on the outside part of the eye so that’s a really good way to show first the angle of this this I here and
also the direction of the pupil so it’s kind of looking back towards you
from that angle ok so meaning there’s probably no space
between the line of the iris and the outside edge of the eye meanwhile here you can see there are
some distance between where the eyes actually going to end and the line for
the iris ok so once we have that again let’s go
in with the highlights these will be smaller and skinnier
compared to these ones there we go and on the pupil still underneath
everything draw a skinny looking oval and shaded ok how do you guys like my different manga
drawing tutorials so far please share in the comments below and
let me know what you like about them and what you like to see ok so once we have this really dark
looking people inside again let’s go into the shading to add some more depth
and also to soften this contrast between the white and the dark so we have this
line which is the boundary for the darkness and here we go up like that okay good so we have the shading and
then just leave a few gaps in between each of these lines like this so I have these really short lines after
write you a few complete lines so we have it to complete lines here and then
a few of these shorter lines ok once we’re done this we can go into some
of the lashes so I have a few here sprouting out yeah and I’m really glad you guys are
following along with me step by step in my different tutorials because you guys
are going to learn not only how to draw that particular thing you also learn
lots of different tips and techniques that you can use to apply to your own
drawings and that’s just going to really help you with your art ok so we have these cute looking manga
eyes for fun I want to add some little cheek lines lots of different characters have these
cute little blushing cheek line so for fun let’s just add a few in there
underneath each I ok i really like how they turned out i hope this tutorial
helped you guys if you haven’t already please like and subscribe so you can
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