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How to Draw Manga with Chris Hart | Manga

Hi, my name is Chris Hart. Howcast has selected me to be your how to
draw a Manga expert. I am an author of How To Draw a Manga books
and many other books on cartooning, on comics, on animals. My books have sold over three million copies
domestically and have been translated into twenty languages. My first book on Manga was the number one
art book in America for a year and that was called Manga Mania, it’s become a big series. I’m very fortunate to have had twenty nine
of my books hit the Neilson Book Stand top fifty list and that measures the top fifty
books in the country week by week according to category like gardening or art. Here are a few of my popular books. This one is Manga for the Beginner, and another
one which Manga is based on also which is figure drawing, it’s called Figure It Out. My philosophy on teaching is different from
other art teachers. I believe you should concentrate on your strengths
instead of your weaknesses. You see by concentrating your strengths you’ll
enjoy it more, you’ll want to draw more, you’re probably better at it and you’ll probably
improve faster. You can take this improved level of skills
and more easily focus on your weak points, you’ll be better. So, if you’d like to see more about my books
or about me, or drop a line, please visit my website I’m at

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36 thoughts on “How to Draw Manga with Chris Hart | Manga

  1. "you should concentrate on your strengths rather than your weaknesses" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. That clearly worked out so well for him.

  2. "Focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses"
    You heard him, kids! don't draw ANYTHING except for what YOU'RE good at! Can't draw hands? Never draw them! Just draw stumps. Or, better yet, just hide them behind the back! TOTALLY PRO!
    This is why I don't look up to this guy anymore… The day I put his books down was the day I started to improve as an artist.

  3. Lol that was too funny:D Yeah Im justa 13 year old trying to learn how to get better.What do you suggest?Drawing other mangas? I have a good idea also and wana make a manga out of it.

  4. Well, This might not be your ideal answer, but what I did was study anatomy from humans, then style it. Even though it's manga, it's still based from real life! if you pm me, I can send you a lot of good resources to get you started :>

  5. You do know that pronunciation can be incredibly subjective once you shined away from phonetics… right?

  6. Scratch that. Because of it has been Romanized you CAN'T say it's improper to say manga with a long 'a', but you CAN say pronouncing 漫画 with a long 'a' is improper.

  7. 'The expert' I'm lolling. He's a terrible artist, and he can't take constructive critique for the life of him. He's a complete egotistical ass, and shouldn't be misleading kids who know no better into drawing like him. There are much better artists, tutorials and how-to books out there.

  8. Hah, he talks about focusing on your strengths rather then weaknesses.
    So thats why he only draws one type of female.

  9. only working on your strengths will solve nothing, you need to practice your weaknesses too. he seriously make me want to go there and slap him.

  10. He keeps on saying "manga" wrong. I don't know if I'll be considered a 'weaboo' if I say this but… it's pronounced "MAHN-GAH" not "MANE-GAH", "MAHNGAH" jeez.

  11. I would totally agree with you, if that was what I heard. But I heard that he did say to focus on your strengths, so that you can better focus on your weak points.

    If you focus on your strengths, you will enjoy drawing more, and if you enjoy drawing more, you will want to get better, and in order to get better, you will want to focus on your weak points. Maybe Chris Hart just didn't phrase that very well.

  12. Um look… I've been watching anime since i was real little and i've seen all sorts of anime. No sir, i don't think think anime is all that. Most of the anime i watch is full of action and little romance like for example Dragon Ball Z and One Piece which is my all time favorite anime. I chose that picture as my icon picture because i thought it was a cute picture btw so dont be judging me

  13. Okay it's time some of you people would stop with those rude comments its annoying and a waste of time

  14. I'm sorry, but this advice is horrible and your drawing are not "manga" as you claim… They're total shit. And you pronounce manga wrong too and use word such as "kawaii" wrong in DeviantArt. Please stop saying you're a mangaka, because you're not.

  15. This whole series is surprisingly bad. Very weak on instruction. Howcast and Chris Hart, I'm disappointed. I know you can both do way better.

  16. Well in my opinion, The Cartooning books are wonderful, I have Had a few, However Almost all of the how to draw manga books are trash, Except the Kawaii Book.

  17. Some of his drawings don't look SUPER BAD
    Some are kind of bad yes, But I'm happy with the message he's sending so artists can improve

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