How to Draw Motion Blur – Using Speed Lines!|Japanese anime & Manga

– Hello
– Hello I am drawing Manga as a hobby. How can I make things look like they are moving with speed lines? If you want to make things look like they are moving… When drawing an action… During the movement, add those lines to it. This should give the image speed. These speed lines of farther than the leg… Should we draw the line start like this?
Or like that? Well let me show you in detail… In Japanese animation we use a colored pencil to show where to apply blur digitally. If you draw some shadow… If you draw it normally it will look like this. But the blur should also apply to the shades… And on top of that those features here… Wow that’s amazing. It is really moving. That is how we draw it. I draw a human like this… and draw him as if he is punching… But he is not moving. He is only stretching his fists. We draw punching and kicking a lot! Like this. The movement right after the punch. I see. This gives the whole an impact. So you draw the moment after the impact! Like that? You can draw the instant of the hit as well… You can also draw how the face moves to the side. That way the viewer will see what happens. That depends on the situation. This moment is often used in key animation. The face of the person that got hit. Does it look over here? Or does it still look to the right? Which one makes a better impact? The face can stay like this or… If the person is flying, it will look like that. Also, you can give them an “I got punched” facial expression. That’s right. You can also have some broken teeth there (laugh Wonderful. Thank you. Go down, stretch, keep running. You focus on this. It goes like this. White and orange and thenthe next step… We do put a white frame as well. But don’t too many that’s dangerous (laughs

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