one thing that I commonly mentioned in
my video is about creating a manga is that if you were better at art or if you’re
better at writing you can always collaborate with another artist or
writer to complete your mango however a question you guys ask me a lot is how
you can go about doing this it’s obviously not as easy as the anime
alcaman makes it look so how do you find an artist or writer feel manga in
today’s video I’m going to be giving you six tips that will hopefully help you
track down the perfect artist or writer to make your manga dreams a reality
hi everyone if you don’t already know me my name is midnight cross and on this
channel I give you tips and tricks on how to turn your manga into a
masterpiece I am currently working on my own manga
called having faith which you might hear me talk about in today’s video and also
on other videos in my channel now the first thing I want to talk about is
check manga communities on Facebook or groups on Debian art I am in a really
good manga community on Facebook called manga artists unite and it’s just
amazing because there’s so many great manga artists in that community and
there are also so many other communities on there like how-to manga and other
communities like that so I would really really recommend you check out Facebook
because in those communities you could always just make a post and say hey I’m
looking for an artist or hey I’m looking for a writer and I’m sure you would find
an artist or a writer through there now they also have similar groups to these
on Debian art there might not be as much professional work on Debian art because
w9 is probably for a bit of a younger audience but it’s definitely worth a try
if you’re looking for a writer you could make like a journal entry and post it in
the group that might really help you get the word out that you’re looking for
someone to work with you could also post in the forums on Debian art as well that
can always help too I have actually seen other manga creators posting on there
and able to get paid work so it’s really really good and it’s a great opportunity
okay so number two is try professional art communities by this I mean websites
such as art station and fast manga the artists looking for paid work our
station and fast manga are websites where there are
a lot more professional artists who expect to be paid and it may be a lot
easier to find and artists that may suit your needs if you’re a writer that’s
looking for a manga artist for your work number three there are sites
specifically for freelancers such as up work people per hour and Fiverr and so
if you’re a writer looking for an artist or vice versa
these can be helpful because you can put your work out there and talk about what
you’re willing to do and people can pay you for that work and you can pay other
people so for example if you’re an artist looking to do art for a manga you
could always make a post on there and say hey I’m an artist I’m willing to
draw each manga page for $30 for example and people can pay you money and you can
make mega pages for them and if you’re a writer looking for an artist you can
always look around on these websites and search for the same thing and find an
artist that you can pay to draw a manga so I think it’s a great way to really
find the perfect artist that you may be looking for for your manga number four
is look at webcomic sites such as Tap tastic or smack tips you may find an
artist there who would be interested in drawing your manga it may be a little
bit harder than sites that are specifically for this purpose but you
could always look for a manga artist that you may like and a style you may
like and just send them a message or an email person you never know these
artists may be looking for this kind of opportunity and you might just come to
them at the right time and they might think oh I was looking to draw a manga
and now this writer wants me to draw their manga that’s really good so you
never know when the opportunity may arise sir
definitely just give it a try and see what may work for you number five is
consider working for free with a writer or artist first so that you have an
example of your work and their work working for free with an artist can
really help to get a professional relationship with that artist or writer
and that lets them know about your work and know what kind of work you create
and I would definitely recommend this especially if you are
not very well-known writer or not a very well-known artist you might want to do a
few free samples first just so they can see what your work is like and then that
will give them a lot them an opportunity to see whether they want to pay you for
your work and that’s absolutely up to you whether you want to give out free
samples first but it would definitely help them to see your capabilities and
see if it would suit their manga and number six my final tip is promote
yourself as an artist or writer and tell others you are looking for someone to
collaborate with through reddit or through your website if you promote
yourself and put yourself out there as a professional in your field whether that
be with writing or art you would definitely be much more likely to find
someone to work with then if you just came straight to someone with no
background or no social media because I think a lot of artists tend to look at
social media to judge whether or not a person may be trustworthy or whether
they would be someone they want to work with so for example if you are a writer
you might want to start a Twitter page and post samples of your writing and
maybe put in your buyer that you’re a scriptwriter you enjoy writing scripts
you’re looking for and artists to collaborate with and talk of a lot of
artists online I think really getting yourself out there especially on social
media can really really benefit you and it can really benefit your manga and is
the thing that you’re out of seeing your work would be much more willing to work
with you if they knew a little bit about what you’re about and what your story’s
about it’s also you can also do this through reddit or through any other
social media site but put yourself out there as being professional in whatever
you’re doing and art and writers will come to you so thank you so much for
watching my video today everyone I really hope you enjoyed it if you did
please let me know in the comment section down below I really hope this
video helped you in maybe finding an artist or Araya for your manga because I
know it can sometimes be a little bit challenging but hopefully with these
tips you’ll be able to find the perfect artist or writer to make your dreams a
reality again thank you for watching and I’ll
see you in the next year bye

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