51 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE MANGA|SELLING COMICS IN JAPAN|外国人がコミティアで漫画を売れるか?

  1. no hablo japones ,…..solo puedo entender un poco del ingles pero ….aun así veo sus vídeos …me parecen divertidos he interesantes ….me gusta su canal y les deseo mucha suerte….. c:…. sigan así

  2. very interesting video, thank you so very very much!! And personally, I, too, want to be a professional mangaka in Japan (dream since childhood), and so I want to live that dream, so I am actually going to take scholarship (hopefully) to a Manga specialized training school (専門学校) in Japan this year! Hopefully it will go smoothly!
    Good luck to you guys!! I really want to read your comics xD

  3. I wish, my steel madien shall always be just anoter drawing ;_;, but I can make decent games 2d if I really tried so win win situation lol

  4. you can write in weebtoon , many mangaka work on there and some of them have anime like relife . Hope you sell well

  5. the scrolling is a pretty good option that he mentioned. I recommend trying it out if you're interested. I write comics online in that form and the possibilities are great.

  6. arent all foreigners who want to be mangaka aiming too low? they say they want to sell their work at events and stuff but isnt that too small of a goal? why doesnt anyone aim to make a manga that will sell millions of copies or get an anime adaption instead? like the lnly extra work you need to put in is that you need to move to japan and learn japanese.

  7. Here is the link to Chris's manga – http://free.yudu.com/item/details/1859509/MJ13—J10—Christopher-Chong—-Courage-
    Go check it out. If you like it then buy it

  8. 海外の人ってたいした実力がなくても自信満々だね。一番右の人には画力勝てないけど

  9. i wonder to enter that school do have to know japanese or do they teach it to you while you are learning how to draw manga 😶

  10. I'm actually in Japan right now but I miss home too much. I wouldn't want to be a manga ka if it means leaving my family in the states. 🙁

  11. Isn't it too late for me to become a manga artist someday when I turn 30? when I already have a job?

  12. I just love all of the fags in the comments, saying that it's impossible to get serialized in a famous magazine. Let me remind you something, fuckheads. This is shonen jump we are talking about. This magnificent company that is still serializin black clover and let bleach just sit there and spread it's toxic gasses, plaguing the magazine with it's awfulness. Naruto is also one of the best shonen jump manga, aka hunterxhunter. So no, it's not that difficult at all. With these 5 steps you can finally become a mangoeh arteest and literally sell your soul to the anime devil, working day and night, at times having to go to the hospital for the blood piss situation. Let's get started!
    Step 1. Training arc.
    This step is very easy. You just need to watch mad anime, day and night, non stop anime, no resting, 100%, 24/7 grind. You gotta eat, sleep and shit anime. So now that you've also learned all of the anime terms like tsundere and kawaii and eroguro, you'd notice that you've picked up on some japanese. You now recognize phrases and words. Then congratulations. Now you can proceed.
    Step 2. Jap arc.
    This is pretty short, just learn atleast basic japanese. N3 or something. It's not like you would need a complex vocabulary for a manga. Most of the phrases go like ''he is too strong'' or ''you bastard im gonna kill you''. ''He is stronger than I though'', ''I have to win no matter what'', ''my friends are waiting for me'', ''kisamaaaaaaa'' etc.
    Step 3. Art arc
    Now is the time to grab a pencil, grab a book, grab a how to draw mango video and start artin'. Now you have to make sure to never be creative. Don't develop your own style. No, don't learn the basics of face structures, anatomy, perspective or color theory either. A good mangoka redraws shit from markcrilley and tries to pass it as a worthy manuscript. After all, you're not aiming for kaiba, you're aiming for naruto. You're not aiming for jojo's, but for black clover. So keep drawing until you actually develop some sort of style. After that you might try to cure yourself from the same face syndrome.
    Step 4. Story arc.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! You think you actually need to make a good story, do you? No mate, that's why this step is so far down. Because it's fucking irrelevant. I'm going to say this one more time. BLACK CLOVER HAS OVER 100 CHAPTERS SERIALIZED NOW AND IT DOESN'T SEEM LIKE THEY ARE GOING TO AXE IT ANYTIME SOON. So first you need some fuckass MC. A total shit not worth your time at all. Second there is the sasuke. He hates naruto why does he hate naruto why do you give a shit is he hates naruto? Shoehorn some gay rival basically. Make him edgy and cool for all the 12 year old boys to fanboy over. Did I mention the target audience yeah you're basically the Jake Paul of manga. Next comes the tsundere girl. She has huge tits and a tight cunt. 12 year olds love sexism in their anime books. Next is the comic relief dude, the hot girl who wants to secks the mc, old pervert guy, and whateverthefuck. Now that we have the stock characters ready, we need a story of some sorts. In this world of walmart employees everyone is basic except one. Jerry who wants to become the king of walmart. Make sure to give the mc a unrealistic dream that they achieve at the end. Not because you want to teach kids to follow their dreams and to never give up. This way you can make the story as long as possible, since the dream of this character is so absurd and beyond their reach. Make over 500 chapters, fuck it. Why would you end the comic and free the space for a newcomer? The next togashi could've been making something better with it, but no, hiro mashima wants to draw naked girls giving friendship speeches. (side track) Speaking of Hiro, when your shit actually gets scraped of the road of shonen jump because it started to stink too much, then start teasing a sequel- a next generation if you will. Tweet art of your unbelievably generic characters' kids. Make sure to swap the genders and hair colors.
    Step 5. Serialization arc
    Now it's time for the serialization. Give shonen jump a call and tell them about your sicc story. If they actually approve you, that means your back and right hand are officially fucked. You will waste your life away drawing tits and asses for this asian company. Have fun!

  13. Comming to Japan probably march 2019 (first time ever~!). I'm working on getting my books published, but also want to make a manga, but some people says, that if you're not from Japan, you can't write it from right to left, but has to go from left to right (western style). Is that true?

  14. To be frank, Foreigners Can sell manga in Japan. Look at Radiant, a French comic getting an anime adaptation

  15. That wolf guy is weird. He doesn't know if he has been working for 3 or 4 years in Japan. And when the other guy wanted to show wolf's manga, wolf grabbed it like "hands off" … get over yourself..

  16. hello I am a Filipino story writer and its been my lifelong dream to live in Japan and have my own manga published but the problem is that I am terrible at drawing. Where can I hire manga artists that would draw my story? and how much would I pay to the artists? please respond thank you

  17. I've committed my skill in art for the past half year soly to sell Manga. I'm training real hard to make my artstyle similar to manga enough to look recognizable of general anime rather than obvious it's western, but I also try to make it unique enough that it stands out in general manga and is visually appealing.

    I've been working on a story for the past 3 years but I want to publish it as a manga and I dream it can become a anime series. But what I think I'm going to do is release a practice short online manga and post it to multiple japanese forums. I don't speak Japanese or write kanji so I'm going to look for interpretative people to help me make them in japanese.

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