How To Sell Manga

Aloha manga club have you ever
wanted to unhaul or sell your manga well today I want to tell you where I get the
best prices and where I think that you should end up selling so let’s really
dive into this there are two different avenues that you can take when it comes
to lightening your load on your bookshelves first you can either go
physically in person or you can go online but when you go into a used book
store a lot of times something like this happens hey hello hello how are you
doing I’m just I’m gonna steer to sell some manga I’m really short on cash and
I think that somebody else can enjoy these pretty pretty well alright that’s
pretty good as video let me let me see what you got I don’t see what I can see
where I can wrangle up a meal computadora
well I got some I got some pretty good ones I got some pretty rare ones um I
have I’ll have Dragonball a battle royale Trigon the maximum the maximum
and ultimate muscle volume volume number nine now I looked it up and ultimate
muscle was going for like almost $150 used online I was only one I could get
for him alright alright it looks like I can do two downs in a used water model
oh that’s that’s it yeah I guess I can do that well yeah you could take take a
deal I’ll see you later I’ll take those manga with me huh thank
you sucker I would have done it for a quarter enough new water bottle while
this may be an exaggerated account of how they actually buy manga from you
it’s not that far off they are not going to give you a very much money in fact
it’s going to be pennies on the dollar because while they are running a
physical store which means that they need to make as much of a profit as they
physically can and while I love buying my manga through Half Price Books I
would not necessarily recommend selling it through them I have usually gotten
maybe 25 cents per manga which while not terrible also is not a great way to get
a return on your investment so next we have to go online and there are three
separate websites that I personally use when it comes to either
buying or looking to sell in this digital space you have Facebook
marketplace eBay and Reddit manga swap now these three sites are pretty easy to
use I mean there’s not much to them you put them on there you hope that they
sell in fact I will actually use eBay and Amazon to get an idea of how much a
used manga should be going for like I said I did actually in the purchasing
volume number 9 of ultimate muscle and it has a few different price points used
on both Amazon and eBay it’s going from a hundred and fifty dollars all the way up
to three hundred and nine for a very good used condition I think that’s a
little bit ridiculous for one volume of manga but hey it could be an investment
for somebody now between Facebook marketplace and reddit manga swap I
actually have used reddit manga swap to great success in selling something from
my collection which was obviously ruroni Kenshin the reason why I enjoy
reddit manga swap a little bit more than I do a Facebook marketplace is one is it
is directly to your target audience this is people all over the world who
are looking to purchase manga you know because they love it whereas a facebook
you might get one or two hits in the span of a few weeks on manga swap I
literally put it up in an hour and a half to two hours later somebody was
asking me about it that is an insane turnaround time that I was in love with
the other great thing is manga swap users genuinely know the cost and worth
of a manga so they’re not going to try to undercut you all that bad they’re
still going to try but that’s because they want to get a good deal just like
yourself now what are you going to do when it comes to actually selling these
how can you get the best return on investment well you need to decide how
good they look are they mint condition or did you drop
them in the bathtub to light them on fire and then post them in a library
absolute terrible condition so you have to decide where they fall in that
category and put this on reddit manga swap next you need to get some good
pictures now I would recommend getting pictures of the pages to show the
yellowing around the yelling around if there is any then get these fines in the
covers to show if there are any creases and
rips tears or the like this also lets people know that you are genuinely
serious about selling your collection and again this is how I was able to sell
rurouni kenshin hi I’m planning on selling my other few volumes now it is a
very difficult decision to do this and I do not say it lightly that I on all
things because I think that my collection is built around my
personality but when it does come time for me to unload my shelves
that is why I’m going to turn I’m going to get pricing from both eBay and Amazon
to get a general idea of what they’re selling for and then I will post some on
reddit manga swap so I can get somebody who I know is going to care and love the
manga one thing before we finish this video is you should include shipping
either in that cost or tell somebody how much shipping is going to be so they’re
not going in blind I did that and I think it worked out pretty well so have
you sold any manga before where did you actually end up selling it let me know
in the comments down below for everyone into an old welcome and
welcome back it’s your boy Lohali and I will see you next video

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