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i just wanna know • jughead & archie

I’m trying to help you, dude. I’m trying to be your friend here, even though we are not anymore. You have to tell somebody. I can’t. A kid is dead, Archie ! Jug ? What’s up ? Is there something you wanna tell me, pal ? It’s called necrophilia, Reggie. Can you spell it ? Shut the hell up, Reggie ! What do you care, Andrews ? Just leave him alone. What’s up is I saw you, Archie. In the music room.

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15 thoughts on “i just wanna know • jughead & archie

  1. ohhh I just watched the two episodes of riverdale and now i'm in love <33 well what do I love more? THIS VIDEO OF COURSE!! <33 you're such a talented person <333

  2. omg! this song and them in one vid is too much for my pure heart! I love it so so much. and your editing is just amazing ❤️

  3. now that I finally watched the show, I can come back here and really appreciate this. 🙂
    I love it! it's so angsty. beautiful editing. <3

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