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IELTS SPEAKING Online Test | Topic: Comic Actor | Band 7.5 |

Hello, there. Yes hello. Hi, how are you? I’m good. How
are you? I’m not bad not bad so I’m Simon. What’s your name? My name is
Nguyen Le Tam. Okay and where are you from? Currently I’m living in Ho Chi Minh City. Okay and what where’s about in Hochiminh City? Which which district? Currently I’m living in District 7
which is a little bit far away from the city center, but I’m working at district 3
which is very near the city center. Okay yeah, I used to live in
Phu My Hung myself, so I know district 7 very well. Okay so what do you do
in your spare time? One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to read
books, and currently I am reading a very interesting book about economics.
I would say I am a big fan of economics and finance. Okay right. Do you ever watch
TV? To be honest nowadays I don’t usually watch TV anymore because I have many
alternatives. I can just go on the Internet to find all the things I want,
and usually I just watch films and music videos on YouTube. Okay how much
time would you say you spend every week watching movies in YouTube? I would say
I usually spend about one or two hours watching YouTube, and the rest the rest
of my free time are usually to spend on reading books because I think watching TV a lot is really a waste of time. Okay good good but talking about
television a little bit more though. What do you think about all the
advertisements on TV? I find all the advertisements on TV really annoying
because they kind of interrupt when I am watching an interesting movie, and the
thing about advertising is that there’s no way I can skip the advertisements, and
this this is very different from watching things on YouTube when I can
easily skip the advertisements that I don’t like. Okay right and okay let’s
talk about something else so you’re saying that you live in Ho Chi Minh City
at the moment but where where is your hometown? My hometown is in a very small
province which is Binh Duong city, and I don’t really often visit my hometown.
Usually I just go to my hometown once a year, but I know that currently Binh Duong has been very developed. Okay and if your hometown known for anything? Is
it famous for anything? One of the things that is particularly well-known in
Binh Duong is that is famous for industrialization. I mean nowadays many
production activities are taking place in Binh Duong city because the city is very
big very huge, and it strongly developed currently, so manufacturing is just move
from Ho Chi Minh City back to Binh Duong for production. Okay and when you were a child that
did you like your hometown? Actually I was born and raised in Ho Chi
Minh City, so I have no memories about my hometown. I just go to my hometown when I
already grew up, so I would say I don’t really like my hometown. Okay and is there thing that you if you could change something about your hometown,
what would you like to change? If I had to choose anything that I want to change
about my hometown, I would say there should be improvement in the
entertainment facilities. You know nowadays there’s not much entertainment
facilities in my hometown, so it would be a very nice idea for a cinema to be
built in my hometown. Okay all right good good. Okay let’s have a look at the
second part of the test, so I’m going to give you a topic, and I’m going
to give you one minute to think about it, and then you can tell me all about it.
Okay? All right. Can you see it the topic? Yeah. Okay I’ll give you one minute Okay, are you ready? Yeah I’m ready. And I start? Yeah yeah. So when I was
younger, I didn’t really like watching comedies, so the only movie genre that I
loved back then was action movies. So I didn’t spend a lot of time watching
comedy, but currently I have developed the passion for watching comedies, and I
will tell you about a very famous comic actor that I really admire, and his name
is Tran Thanh. He’s currently one of the most famous
actors in Vietnam. He does a lot of shows, and he was able to earn huge
amounts of money every month. So the first time I knew about Tran Thanh was a
long time ago, two years I guess at the time I went onto YouTube to find some
comic videos to entertain myself, and accidentally I clicked on the link to
the video about Tran Thanh, and I fell in love with him immediately at the moment I was
watching him. And what I love about Tran Thanh is that he has a very nice
personality. He’s very friendly despite being extremely famous. He is very
friendly to his fans, and I also love the way he approaches his fans. He
usually shares a very valuable advice and lessons to his fans, so I would say
he’s a very enthusiastic comic actor. And in the future I think if I have a chance,
I will definitely go to one of his concerts in order to see him in real
life. I really want to be able to take a picture with him. He is really my
idol currently, and in the future maybe I will also find more comic
actors. Um because I really love comedy, and
that’s everything I want to say. Okay good good yeah, I enjoy action movies and
sacrifice well i-i’ve watched comedy sometimes but not very much ready. Why do
you think the children like copy stars and like copy famous people? I
think the primary reason why youngsters usually copy their idols in the movies
is that they are too young. They’re too inexperienced, so they cannot extinct
that it can distinguish between movies and reality, so they just say, see things
in the perfect sense, so they think that their idols in the movies have perfect
personality, so they just want to imitate their idols in the hope that they can become their idols one day. In Vietnam, do you think people are usually rich? people
in Vietnam usually rich? Yeah do you think that famous people are usually rich?
Yeah definitely famous people are extremely wealthy in Vietnam because
apart from doing shows which can give them a huge amount of money, they can
also attend advertisements. They can be they can induct products for a
company and if the product sells like hotcakes then the company will pay a lot of
money to these people, so that’s the reason why many people in my country make every effort to become as famous as
they can. And if they can have like 100,000
followers on Facebook, then they can engage in advertising activities, and in
that way they can earn a lot of money. How do you think being famous in Vietnam
as trick has changed? How movie stars in the past different from movie stars in
the present? So about 10 years ago. In order to be a famous movie star, people
had to develop themselves. They had to be very good at acting, so skills were the
most important thing that everyone wanted to pursue in the past. However
nowadays, the situation has changed, so nowadays appearance is king, so if
someone is particularly attractive, then they can be easily famous by just for
example posting some images of themselves on social media, and if they
are get the attention of many people, then they can easily become well-known,
so I think many people nowadays pursue physical appearance rather than
real talents. OK good and would you like to be famous in the future? I’m still trying my best to be
famous. Right now, I want to have a particularly
good skill and by being skillful. Hopefully I can try to advertise my
skills on social media and can become famous, and I do that by at the moment
trying my best to sharpen my skills. I mean all of my skills where be it
knowledge or English skills or anything. And hopefully in the future,
I can gain a lot of fame from the people on the Internet, and after that I think I
will start a business. And because when having when being famous when being
reputable on the Internet, selling a product is a lot easier ,so that’s the
reason why I’m still trying to pursue of fame. Okay good good,
right okay then so that’s the speaking test for today. So thank you for your time.
It’s been nice nice to talk to you, so good luck in becoming famous. Take
care. All right, thank you so much

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3 thoughts on “IELTS SPEAKING Online Test | Topic: Comic Actor | Band 7.5 |

  1. This Speaking test band score is 7.5. These are the comments from the examiner.

    Fluency & coherence: 8

    he spoke in a very methodical style and chose his language carefully, his arguments were well structured and supported with relevant examples

    Lexical resource: 8

    he drew upon a broad lexical resource and was able to use complex vocabuary effectively and appropriately he made occasional mistakes with word forms

    Grammatical range & accuracy: 7.5

    His grammatical range was quite expansive and he used complex strucutres well, he made some mistakes with mixed tenses and articles

    Pronunciation: 7.5

    he was very easy to understand and spoke very clearly, HIs speaking style lacked intonation and he made some mistakes with word endings

    General comment: He spoke in a very mechanical style and needs to engage himself with his replies to keep his listener interested

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