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Illustrator Reacts to Good and Bad Comic Book Art

Kind of just looks like a bowling ball.
The fabric wouldn’t dip into her butt crack like that. Oh boy. But this is just
gorgeous. That’s right another person jumping in on the trend of professional
whatevers reacting to good and bad stuff in their own profession. I love
watching the Corridor Crew react to good and bad special effects and I’ve loved
watching LegalEagle talk about good things and issues in It’s Always Sunny
in Philadelphia’s court episodes and I figured, hey, I’ve technically been a
professional illustrator and animator for seven years now, so I want to go over
some different comic pages and panels and talk about what went really right
and sometimes what went not so right. Oh boy okay so for context this image was
drawn by Rob Liefeld who is the creator of Deadpool and is a self-taught artist.
He got into working at Marvel by being purely self-taught but because of that
it means he didn’t really get a traditional education in anatomy and
that has led to some pretty janky Anatomy in a bunch of his artwork and
this is easily the most famously janky image he’s done.
You could almost fix it by just pushing Captain America’s head forward like it
wouldn’t make it perfect but right now it kind of looks like his his back and
shoulders are lined up straight like this and his chest is like this like his
body is this shape somehow instead of being all in line. But the thing is when
you’re working for someone else and you’re on someone else’s deadlines if
you have to get something done even if you’re part way through and you realize
it’s not great you kind of just have to finish it and send it in and I want to
think that this is one of those times where that’s kind of what happened I
don’t know that that’s the case but I want to give the guy the benefit of the
doubt because the fact of the matter is he is objectively a better artist than
99% of people on the planet also again let’s remember if it wasn’t for Rob
I felt we wouldn’t have Deadpool so let’s go easy on the guy in spite of the
fact that he also he also drew this wedge this to me is his works where is
his hands are just like melting into his side I don’t know if there was supposed
to be more text down there to block stuff so that it wouldn’t matter but
kind of just looks like a bowling ball also his armpit looks like a bubble they
sorry to be crass but it’s true but talking about Anatomy issues let’s move
on to one of my favorite artists Umberto Ramos his art is so stylish and in a way
where his Anatomy on his characters looks broken a lot of the time but in a
way where it’s stylistically done on purpose like he’s making it broken on
purpose and when you look at his work you can kind of tell that like in this
image here spider-man’s back is ridiculously big like his lats are huge
and his waist is really tiny and the perspective is being forced a lot to
make it he just looks warped but it like the
anatomy doesn’t look busted in a way where it’s an artist who doesn’t know
what they’re doing actually know what I think I would actually kind of
interesting I’m gonna pull up one of his comics scrub through it and try to find
a panel that I don’t like okay you know is it what’s right here so this image
here halfway down the page where we’ve got Nova shouting this background to me
doesn’t work for Humberto Ramos as art and this probably wasn’t him this was
probably the colorist doing this but this background just looks like they
took a photograph and added like like a fast blur on it and because Humberto
Ramo says art is so the lines are so sharp this kind of just feels weird like
it could I see the idea because there is high contrast between the sharp line
work and the sharp coloring and the faded background so you really do focus
on Nova and just don’t think the to blend that well together and again if
you disagree with anything I’m saying to let me know in the comments and tell
me your opinion because a lot of the stuff I’m talking about even though I do
know illustration pretty well a lot of it is kind of just my bias and what I
like seeing out of comic book art this is this is just so unsettling to look at
I mean the pose the but then to the neck and like I guess to be fair I’ve
probably seen spider-man in this exact pose but like in this style I just don’t
think it really works and the neck feels so offset that the nose is so tiny and
it because like most of this the proportions of the body it kind of feels
like it’s going for a sort of painterly realistic kind of style and not super
comic-book II so this awkward kind of broken pose in that style just to me
doesn’t work and really just looking at the face like the nose is so tiny the
lips are really big and unusual and and just how form-fitting the fabric is
across the body and I know that’s a thing with comics I mean with comic book
art pretty much every character is just wearing skin tight outfits and like a
lot of the time you can see abs in a way that you wouldn’t be able to see through
fabric but in a style like this it just feels so unusual to see the fabric going
so far into her butt crack like that cuz like I mean here look this is a
pretty tight shirt so I can probably give a good example like pretend my
knuckles here are the butt and when they’re being spread apart like her butt
cheeks are being spread apart in that image the fabric isn’t suddenly dipping
right down and form-fitting against my knuckle like it is dipping down a bit
but it’s not going down that sharply and weirdly and again you can push stuff in
comics like it’s all fictional you can stylize your art to make that seem
reasonable but I think it was an odd choice on Marvel’s part to get me
Luminara to do this piece because I’m not super familiar with his work but
from what I’ve seen he largely does like erotica kindness
and in an age when comic book companies have been making an effort to make a lot
of their female characters less sexualized and less of like the
girlfriend and nothing else it’s really weird to get an artist who specializes
in erotica kind of stuff to do your cover first I believe this was like a
rebooted Spider Woman number-one comic from I’m no five between five and ten
years ago yeah well that was a weird choice on Marvel’s part this is gorgeous
Francis Mann poles art is fantastic it’s really stylish and this panel itself how
everything is kind of I like to refer to the term toilet bowl like everything is
just kind of a toilet I mean that makes it sound like a bad thing that’s not how
I mean it but like everything is just swirling down into the middle onto the
focal point that we’re supposed to focus on and it’s just Oh gorgeous I love the
composition of this page is it’s simple but it’s just it’s beautiful and the
colors are just really nice I believe in this case he wasn’t doing his own
coloring and inking whoever he was working with knew his art well enough to
to bring his style through in the inking and coloring and that’s another thing
for people that don’t know the comic book industry that well when you’re
working for a company like Marvel or DC a lot of the times the person doing the
pencil layouts the the actual drawings isn’t the one that’s inking and coloring
there’s usually three people doing all that and then a letter as well in a lot
of cases just so stylish you you can’t look at something Kenneth Roquefort to
draw on any of his work and not go wow this is so stylish like just my favorite
thing about this page is just the the fire and smoke it’s so weirdly done but
works so well in Rockford style like and just the way it’s so like
unrealistically completely unrealistically circling around
Supergirl and like encasing her and making us focus more on her and it’s got
a little smoke almost arrows pointing at her even even the
panels are basically just like arrow is pointing us towards her and I just love
with Kenneth Rock for its art I almost look at it more thinking about the
graphic design of it and less the actual illustrations cuz he’s always got those
cool shapes around his panels and he just works weird shapes into his art all
over the place that just looks so cool and make everything such a style that’s
so niche to just him and now the admittedly the only thing I’d say
against this page and maybe it’s because I’m reading it out of context but I I
don’t exactly know what order he wants us to read these panels in like it
doesn’t really matter that much because it feels like the whole point is we’re
supposed to be looking at this awesome image of supergirls because even
Clarke’s eyes are kind of looked in that direction and that last panel of him but
I don’t totally know if the third panel we’re supposed to look at is her or that
headshot of Clarke if a comic page is laid out well as it’s supposed to be
your eye will go through the story exactly the way that the artists want
and you won’t even be thinking about it you should never have to think about
where you’re supposed to look next if you are then the artists have done
something wrong and that’s not something I frequently find with Kenneth Rucker
for its art his he’s really good with his page layouts it’s this is probably
just a case where it’s because I’m looking at this page out of context look
at this and it is like if you explained this image to me without me ever having
seen it I would think it was such a weird idea for a Batman cover I mean
it’s like first of all something that should be pointed out if it’s not
obvious as this is a reference to the very first comic book cover appearance
from Batman Detective Comics 27 that’s a this right here and like if you just
told me okay we’ve got Batman swinging and a bright yellow and pink sky in the
background characters in the foreground are very
purple the building below him a pretty stark saturated blue all of
that to me just sounds like what you’ve got a bright yellow and pink background
for Batman but this is just gorgeous as much as I love Greg polos work the
inking is fantastic by Danny Mickey the story is fantastic by Scott Snyder the
thing that stands out most to me in this whole run is FCO placencia coloring it’s
just such a bizarre concept that works so fantastically well I’m so sorry that
I’m butchering the pronunciation of your name
okay wait actually I’m gonna go over one more artist because I feel like I can’t
do this video without talking about some art by Jim leave who is the first comic
book artist whose name I actually knew besides maybe Mark Bagley but Jim Lee
has some of the most iconic comic art out there like I think even non comic
book fans have all seen that poster of Batman standing on a gargoyle looking
straight out over Gotham he’s an absolutely fantastic artist and I loved
all his work but something someone recently pointed out to me is that he
will do anything he can to avoid drawing feet and I’m I’ve never noticed that
myself so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go into Google Images search Jim Lee
comic cover and I’m gonna look at the first five covers and see what the ratio
of people to feet is okay let’s see this first ones a Fantastic Four cover I’m
not familiar with that’s definitely some of his older work probably from the
early 90s oh yeah like that we got five characters
in there and no feet none at all all again we got feet in this one black
widows feeder out of it Wolverine one of his feet is there one of them’s hiding
behind a stair or a step of some kind Captain America you kind of see one and
a half of his feet let’s say we can see both of Captain America’s feet so we’ve
got two covers eight people three feet so far oh there we go look at that
Harley Quinn and Batman both of them got all her feet in four extra feet still
not a great ratio oh boy okay now this is a very iconic cover it’s from when
Justice League was being relaunched in the new 52 the very first issue well
look at this look at this we got one two three four five six seven the seven are
united and none of them have their feet shellin he legit drew seven people
nobody’s feet are showing in this case I think that’s kind of fair this doesn’t
feel like anything was being forced so that people’s feet were hidden and we
got I don’t know if I’ll count the Doomsday’s as as people so let’s just
sit I mean I guess the kind of well let’s say we got three more characters
none of them have feet either and I think was that four or five I think that
was four and then we got picture of Superman speeder showing so here we go
he’s not always hiding feet he’s one of the best artists in the industry he
obviously knows how to draw feet they are surprisingly more complicated to
draw them a lot of other things which is weird like hands I get because drawing
hands a lot of artists find hands hard to draw including me and every artist
I’ve ever met because it’s like drawing a whole nother
person in terms of limbs like your average person has four limbs but then
drawing hands it’s like having to draw another ten tiny limbs because a lot of
the time your fingers aren’t all pointed in the same direction like this like if
I’m doing a simple drawing I’ll often draw the hands kinda like this so I can
simplify it a bit but a lot of time your hands are doing things like this and
this and look at all the complicated angles and perspectives you got to draw
the fingers in can be a real mess anyway regardless of what I’ve said about the
artists that I’ve talked about today whether I was talking about good artwork
of theirs bad artwork of theirs or both I have a huge amount of respect for all
of these artists they’re all absolutely incredible becoming that great at
illustrating takes years and years of intense practice
I hope I’m on any of their level someday and hopefully someday I’ll watch a
YouTube video where some punk kid that doesn’t know what he’s talking about is
laying into my artwork that’s how I’ll know I’ve made it alright everybody
thank you so much for watching this a little bit weird episode of pop cross
studios I’m Christian Pearson these are the nerdiest art videos on youtube if
you enjoyed this let me know I might do another one leave a like subscribe ring
the bell most of the stuff I do on here is art Nana
based off of pop culture and yeah poop this was fun put out videos every Monday
and Saturday and I’ll see you all in the next one

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58 thoughts on “Illustrator Reacts to Good and Bad Comic Book Art

  1. i hate drawing hands and feet , if im copying them i can do them but if im drawing from my imagination i suck but specifically hands

  2. That spider woman pose is very erotic and I liiikes what I see 😜👍🏽. They should make an erotica poster book of all the female superheroes .

  3. DUde if humberto ramos work looked " broken on purpose", thats the same with a lot of Liefields work. He made a lot of female characters in the 90s look hot as hell while still being badass, like no female comic characters I ever saw made by anyone else. HIs male characters, at times did look weird and off, but many of them were not human, so they could have otherwise strange proportions. As for others, if you ever move in a way akin to yoga, or real gymnastics, the body can do some amazing stuff, and for characters with super powers, when they specifically move or look a way that is related to their powers and traits, it works. I get trying to make a vid since so many other " professionals" wanna put their two cents in, and in a way, I liked the vid. Just seemd a bit too critical without more context or deep understanding.

  4. Nah, that fabric being that far inside of Spider-Woman is not that unrealistic.

    I have seen a photo from Camilla Cabello's rehearsal for "Shameless" to confirm that.

  5. as an italian who can't say a bad word about Manara in company of my friends else they devour me alive, it is really refreshing finally hearing someone critizising the VERY REAL flaws in Manara's art. so ,Thank you ! and thanks for the helfull video !

  6. Mantra for identifying Rob Lefield's art: Little head, little feet, no eyeballs. The thing is, he CAN draw normally. He just doesn't WANT to. Oh and that Spiderwoman cover? That is straight up body paint.

  7. Realistically all of those tight fitting costumes would stink to high heaven after a day of crime fighting, especially spider-woman’s. Yuck!

  8. "Without Rob Lifeield we wouldn't have deadpool" Its funny because I hate deadpool so that part made me laugh and say "Great so he does bad comic art AND he created a character I despise. Great stuff"

  9. Nice reaction vid and good idea. Interesting we haven't seen to much with comic book art. Also congrats on your 1 million views.
    I noticed each successive reaction vid seemed to drop. I wonder what the audience was expecting after the first one.
    Anyhoo great work and vids. *Subbed.

  10. I love Milo Manara. Why do you always have such a big disgruntle against characters being posed slightly sexy? I noticed that in your other vids too. Its like you are OK with characters being disformed and warped out of perspective. But oh God plz dont make em pose a little naughty. Ahhhh puritans, what to do with em?

  11. I gotta say, while Jim Lee’s art is amazing, it does seem that he avoids drawing feet. It seems to me that it’s not that he can’t but that he’d rather not and to be honest there’s so much more fun stuff to draw than feet.

  12. Rob Liefeld could have been a better comic book artist if he had a concept of anatomy. But the fact that he chose not to hone his craft, even after being called out on it numerous times by fans and other artists in the industry, shows he didn’t care. He figured he was a natural and that was enough to carry him. Even Stan Lee thought he sucked.

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