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Inking I How to Manga Ep 2 I #MangaMonth

Today’s episode is inking a scene. I’m going to ink this image with fineliners. Traditionally, a lot of people use nib pens with ink. But when I started drawing manga style all that traditional, very traditional, material is quite expensive and I need to use something more accessible. Also I like that the Fineliner has got more stiff line. The important thing is just to do it carefully but at the same time, I don’t
want to lose the dynamics of the line as well. It’s kind of difficult to talk while inking because I almost stop breathing. So the hair around the face is a kind of framework which is good to start with because it sets what you have to
fit inside of it. I’m extremely careful when I’m adding eyes because it gives a life to the character. Eyes are also very important to give a facial expression to the character. When you are drawing hair it’s same as when you’re drawing the body, think about section by section. I have to kind of go back and forth to face, hair and then costume around
the neck because it’s all overlapping each other. And now, I’ll give me at little ear. You have to be really careful not to
smudge the line you’ve already done. some parts you need to draw really
quickly in one go to not kill the dynamics of the line. Because this character is wearing heavily woven kind of material I don’t add too many creases because if you add too many creases the material it looks like the material of the costume looks like a elastic or something or too soft. So you have to think about what kind of material your character is wearing and change what kind of line you’re using. Now I need to start adding a little bit of
background, going back to the character background, going back to character that
kind of thing. When you are inking for the line using a ruler, I recommend to flip the ruler because there is a little gap here
so I recommend you to you that side not like straight side when you’re drawing
the line. Inking is actually fun, erm, not fun it is relaxing to compare with
making a storyboard or thinking about script or story because when I’m
making stories, scripting and then doing a storyboarding. I cannot listen to any
music especially the one with the lyrics. I cannot listen to that kind of music but when I’m inking I don’t have to
worry about that much so I can listen to the music enjoying and then just the
challenging my skill every time. So it’s cool. Okay. Then go back to the body. I will double check if the hands are really okay. Spending time on hands I think it’s because the eyes show the emotion
maybe most but Hands is close second. So, the character’s hands shows
what kind of character that person is I think it’s always good to pay attention to when you are drawing hands. And I think it’s quite good idea
to draw hands not on one go like this but separate it with joint to joint. If you draw hands in one go it quite often your character’s hand looks like wearing rubber gloves or something. The tail. Because it is a fluffy tail I’ll keep
this short stroke roughness. Okay, so most of the part was inked
for the character. So I will add the background. So you need a lot of patience to do the background. So there are some great manga artists whose background work is absolutely beautiful and I really, really respect those people. My style is quite, people say, flat. It’s kind of a clear line with
almost flat colouring. I like that clean cut line of that wood cut print of the Ukiyo-e style so I love the association with that kind of idea but I also like modern things as well obviously. So yeah it’s a mixture of things I get
inspired from. So the line drawing part is almost done so before going to adding detail I will erase a little bit of this blue area because it’s slightly distracting me. Many people I think after they finish inking scan the images and then the rest of the part they gonna do it
digitally so you don’t have to worry about too much erasing those through
blue initial sketching but just for the sake of me, easy to look at, I erase a little bit. I think you should use erasers not like this but more short stroking
you know kind of way, almost like tapping. And wipe. Because there is a moon and then
suppose the inside of the house is dark so I’m thinking about the light
source is here going from backward from the back of the character. So think about
where the shadow will be. You don’t have to draw hair streak all over but concentrating on where the big flow is. Okay, so I’m adding the black black area. Only add the darkest area of the colour over the area and the section and maybe just add a few lines to indicate that this section, in this case, this…thing is dark in colour Before I even start drawing I think about this character’s hair is black colour or character wearing dark coloured trousers or that kind of thing. Again, when I’m working at home, I do this kind of thing digitally. I quite like just not put all
over black but I give a little bit of texture like here, here, here. So I use this technique on sky, night skies. I’ll reshape the moon with black and maybe a little bit of texture on here and also if I’m
doing a digital Iwill scan it and then give a tone here and maybe inside of
this character and around here to make sure that moon is shining behind him and
there is a shadow and probably his only his eyes are shining that kind of effect. Hey thanks for watching! Next Thursday,
yes, we have another one for you this one is Obada-San. He’s going to take us
into a journey about how to translate manga into Arabic in particular Captain
Tsubasa. So Thursday, BM Channel, be there.

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9 thoughts on “Inking I How to Manga Ep 2 I #MangaMonth

  1. Its sad that this gets so few views. While the author definitely lacks orations skills, the material in the video is quite unique and interesting.

  2. This mentions so many things that I've been thinking about recently, trying to find a good way of inking. Great video. I'm exactly the same with respect to music.

  3. beautiful work and craft, thank you!

    also, am i the only one who almost broke into song at 'drawing manga style'?

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