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Inner Fanboy vs The Arrowverse

[TV Announcer] We’ll be back
to America’s Next Top Llama, right after this. Tonight on The CW, it’s the epic crossover
event of the season. It’s bigger than last year, longer than last year, even more crossover-y than ever before. Crisis on Infinite Earths. And skip. Skip the crisis crossover event? Davis, buddy, what has gotten into you? Oh god, not you again Inner Fanboy. Look, I’m just out of
the Arrowverse now, okay? I haven’t been feeling it for a while. What, how could you say that? Especially with this being
Oliver Queen’s big swan song. I mean, that’s it for
him, he’s not coming back. This could be the last time you ever get to see Stephen Amell’s
perfectly toned abs. Look, I’m not gonna deny that he’s a perfect physical specimen. And while there was a time when just the thought of that Man-God getting all sweaty on the Salmon Ladder was all it took for me
to tune in every week. That’s just not enough anymore. Arrow, hell all the shows have dropped the ball year after year, I just can’t waste my time
on the Arrowverse anymore. (lightning) But this is bigger than all the shows. This is the crossover baby. All the heroes fighting
alongside one another, the stakes get raised drastically. The budget gets raised marginally. I mean, don’t remember how cool it was the first time Arrow and Flash teamed up? Yeah, it was kind of cute
how they tried to make it seem like Ollie could pose an
actual threat to The Flash. Or when they all had
to fight off an invasion of their Nazi doppelgangers from Earth X, Nazis man, best bad guys ever. I do love that decades later, we’re still finding fun
and creative new ways to kick the **** out of Nazis. See, there he is, I
knew you’d come around. No, no, no, no, no, no, I know what you’re trying to
do but it’s not gonna work. See, I still haven’t forgotten last year’s turd of a crossover, Elseworlds, what a convoluted nonsensical mess. What, you didn’t like all
the hilarious high jinks that ensued from Barry
and Ollie swapping places. Oh, I love high jinks as much as the next average
looking early 30s diabetic, but not when it comes to the cost of any sort of cohesive story. I mean, the whole thing centers around The Monitor giving the book of destiny, a book that can rewrite reality, to a creepy-ass doctor from Arkham Asylum in order to test the universe’s ability to withstand an upcoming crisis. Why does he give it to this particular creepy-ass
doctor from Arkham Asylum? I don’t know, reasons,
they don’t really say. And what does he do with his power? He swaps Oliver and Barry. Again, dude has the ability to rewrite reality. And all he does with it is
Freaky Friday a pair of dudes. How can that be the crux for
a multi-episode crossover? Also, they called the
damn thing Elseworlds but the whole event took
place on their earth. And don’t even get me
started on how they use the Smallville theme and set, but didn’t bring back God’s
gift to humanity, Tom Welling. You can’t burn me like
that Arrowverse, I’m out. Yeah, but.
No, I’m done. I’m drawing the line at Crisis. Oh, come on. Davis, are
you really gonna tune out? If you skip crisis, you’ll miss out on all the
amazing fan service moments. No, this isn’t gonna work on me. Brandon Routh finally
gets another chance to play Superman, and he’s
wearing the Kingdom Come suit. Isn’t that something you’ve
always said you wanted to see? I might’ve said I’d push my
grandmother down a flight of stairs to see Kingdom
Come Superman in live action. Plus, Kevin Conroy is finally gonna play a flesh and blood version of Bruce Wayne. Your childhood Batman, who’s been with you all these years and you’re
not gonna support him? No, stop. Come on Davis. You know you want to. I mean, maybe I’ll just
watch the first part. See how it is? No, no, I am not going through this again. Every year I get sucked
back into the Arrowverse with its fan service and false promises. But this time I’ve finally had enough, except for Legend of Tomorrow of course, which is quirky and wonderful
and deserves more love. Wow, you’ve changed. No, I’ve grown and that’s the problem, the Arrowverse hasn’t. They repeat the same villain
dynamics over and over again, treat the audience like they have the brain capacity of a two year old and like 90% of their characters’
interpersonal conflicts are caused by one person
keeping a secret from everybody else, when there is
no logical reason to do so. I mean, they’ve practically
become parodies of themselves at this point, too afraid
to shake things up, take risks, or God forbid, let
Tom Cavanagh get another job. But Davis, these shows have some of your favorite
superheroes brought to life. Look, I get it. I’m a sucker for
Live-Action Superhero shows. I even sat through Birds
of Prey when it aired. And yes, I was ecstatic
when the CW started to build an increasingly interconnected
superhero TV universe. But the fact of the matter is, the Arrowverse isn’t the
only game in town anymore. And the novelty of it, just being a live action
TV show is worn off. I mean, there are so
many other great options that are doing more interesting things. The Boys, Watchmen, Legion, Doom Patrol, some of the Marvel Netflix shows, they’ve all found compelling new ways to tell superhero stories. If anything, the
Arrowverse should be taking inspiration from these shows as a way to try and break new ground, aim higher than the bar
they’ve set for themselves. But until then, I just gotta
walk away, and that’s final. [Tom Welling] But Davis,
aren’t you forgetting something? Oh no. Oh yes, Tom Welling is
coming back this time. No, they didn’t. Oh but they did Davis. Your favorite person in
the entire multiverse is coming back to play Clark
Kent for one last ride. Are you really gonna miss out on that? Tom Welling, Tom Welling. Tom Welling, Tom Welling. [Superheroes] Tom Welling, Tom Welling. [Superheroes] Tom Welling.
It’s not fair. [Superheroes] Tom Welling.
It’s not fair! Tom Welling, Tom Welling. (screams) [TV Announcer] Wow, three
Supermen in the same universe. Well, this year is giving me
an identity crisis. (laughs) God, I am a piece of **** (sighs) Hey friends, Davis from
The Warp Zone here. Thank you guys for watching, you want to see other fun video? Go ahead, click that box right there. Also we have a Patreon
now which is exciting and if you guys wanna join
our fun little community, we would love it, you can
do so by clicking there. Anyways, I’m gonna go because
this video is done so. Okay, I almost tripped on myself.

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100 thoughts on “Inner Fanboy vs The Arrowverse

  1. It's cute how he implies that Marvel Netflix shows are better than Arrowverse. I've watched them both in their entirety. Marvel Netflix shows aren't even half as good.

  2. ninja gets awarded content creator of the year and all he does is play games and record footage..and then theres you guys who actually CREATE CONTENT….FUCK YOUTUBE

  3. Crisis is the last thing I gonna watch before retiring the boring cw saga….

    Mandalorian, Wanda vision and american gods krypton way better

  4. Best Arrow Seasons: 2,5,8,1,3 4 was a dumpster fire… The Flssh best seasons 1,2,3, (5 because it led to crisis speed up 4 was so much shit it was so slow)

  5. After just finished the 3 episodes of crisis Tom Wellings appearance was cool but really made no sense- (episode has officially been aired at this point ) how does an alien born with super abilities give them up for having a family?? Like he literally has no powers, not even kryptonite even affects him

  6. You know CW is generally getting less interested in the Arrowverse when they can only get the rights to Batwoman. Like c'mon, they couldn't even get Batgirl. Getting cheaper every new series.

  7. Alright warp zone here some suggestions in honor of the CW’d Crisis on infinite Earths do an entire recap of the arrowverse thus far please
    Also need to do a Star Wars Complete Saga recap after rise of Skywalker releases please and thanks WZ

  8. I honestly just watched all the cameros on YouTube. All of the cool fanservice and only a very limited amount of retarded plot.

  9. 😂😂😂😂 priceless!! Bro my thoughts exactly about the shows!!! And your opinion tom welling that what ultimately sold me! Damn damn damn! I swear done after crisis tho!

  10. Me: Arrowverse has gotten stale and repetitive

    CW: Netflix Lucifer is the canonical Devil of the Arrowverse


  11. Yep, this pretty much sums up my feelings on the arrowverse now. Except that I don't watch legends of tomorrow anymore either… oh, and I actually did skip this crossover. I stopped watching shortly after the last crossover. I watched a few episodes of arrow after, but didn't finish the season. It's just not entertaining anymore. Kinda bums me out, because I really used to like it. 😔

  12. I only saw one part from Crisis on Infinite Earths just to see Kevin Conroy as Batman. I honestly didn’t know Brandon Routh once played Superman. I haven’t enough time to see the other parts. Imma just wait til they come out on Netflix.

  13. It's funny the DC legends of tomorrow also passed on cross overs (Technically) Also I notice those signatures on that Smallville poster. Did you get Allison Mack before she joined a cult?

  14. I feel bad for everyone who was excited the first part of the crisis was terrible, I gave up on arrowverse after watching these 3 episodes

  15. Any one remember when the arrowverese was actually good

    Me: ahh yes but i wasn’t alive 500,000,000 years ago

  16. the monitor gives the book of destiny to john deegan because he had the foresight to see that this process would be the best way to test Oliver amd barry

  17. I mostly agree. Arrow kind of dropped itself since Season Four, switching up the Dark story with a lighter tone that felt all over the place, Flash kind of let me down with both Seasons 4 and 5, giving us half baked twists and kind of annoying sub plots. Supergirl Season One was ok to watch, but once the cW got it, it just fell for me. Batwoman, with all its cringey dialogue does have a decently twisted thriller in it….somewhere. But yeah Legends of Tomorow deserves a bit more praise and recognition.

  18. It's like my feelings about the arrow verse were made into a video or something. Legends of Tomorrow is straight up the only tolerable Arrowverse show (barring a few episodes from Season 4, and all almost all the scenes featuring that cancer they call 'Mona Wu' "

  19. Do you know what’s really funny this is not just about Arrowverse but every single modern show and movie, except Anime.

  20. “90% of their characters’ interpersonal conflicts are caused by one person keeping a secret from everybody else”

    Sooo true 😂😂😂

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