22 thoughts on “Is Captain Marvel Actually a Hero?

  1. Welp, in the 2000's Marvel made Iron man a big asshole, who belives in his way and creates his own illuminati. Now, they are gonna do this shit with Captain Marvels.

  2. Actually Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because America cut off its oil supply and its war machine was running dry. Pearl Harbor was meant to be a show of force to get it to cooperate or face consequences.

    In the reverse Japanese internment also put Chinese Americans into those camps. And since we followed WWII with the Red Scare…….

  3. Humility is not a part of movie Capt Marvel's makeup. They made her as perfect as they could because they want her to represent all women, therefore they created her without any flaws or hardships, but gave her a ton of arrogance.

  4. Sadly, they are doubling down on keeping her this way in the MCU.
    And people wonder why this character is so hated, constantly blaming sexism.

  5. I say reboot X-Men with a proper Rogue, she'll be in a coma in no time. Very likable and sympathetic character in the coma.

  6. A lot of what Captain Marvel stands for reminds me of the Ben Franklin quote "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

  7. Uh aren't you some wingnut propaganda channel? lol you lure kids and dumb young people with these marvel vids and before long they're watching your videos entitled things like, "Did anyone really die in The Holocaust?" Damn, not the most creepy thing on this site, but certainly unsettling.

  8. If people want Captain Marvel to be a part of the MCU they need to find a different actress she is garbage and does not know how to do the job. She needs to be fired and never allowed in the MCU and god for bed Star Wars, More importantly she needs to learn to keep her mouth shut and do the job she’s asked and not try to use it to better her own agendas. She is the type of monster that is destroying this country from within.

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