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Is the Marvel Television Universe Dead? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

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Spider-Man: Far From Home. Is the Marvel television universe dead? Everything is connected,
that used to be what fans were told about how the
Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel’s television
series tied into each other. We were promised a rich, shared world where what happened on the
ground level with TV heroes would tie into and be
reflected by what happened on movie screens with
Avengers-level threats. And for a brief time, things
seemed hunky-dory with that. Marvel TV’s flagship series,
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., definitely reacted to things that happened in the MCU, most notably
the shocking turn of events in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where it was revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. had been infiltrated by HYRDA and ended with the spy organization collapsing. However, the love was
never really reciprocated by the Marvel films. Threat after threat came to New York City with nary a Defender to be
spotted on the big screen. For every mention of the
Incident in Daredevil, AKA the Chitari invasion of the Big Apple, there was only silence from the Avengers in regard to their Hells’
Kitchen counterparts. And let’s not even get into Inhumans. The project that started as an MCU film, but ended up being the short-lived TV show that was practically canceled five minutes into the first episode. Sorry, Black Bolt. However, while the MCU
and Marvel Television never outright contradicted each other, the two sides have also
never played together like fans had hoped they would, and now rumors are
swirling that the future of Marvel Television might be at risk of getting snapped away by Thanos himself. With insiders reporting
that Marvel Studios might be taking over all
future Marvel offerings for TV. But is Marvel Television really dead? Let’s take a look at both
sides of the equation. First, let’s define what exactly constitutes Marvel Television. Marvel TV, run by Jeph
Loeb, is a separate entity from Marvel Studios, where
Marvel TV still reports to Marvel comics head, Ike Perlmutter, Kevin Feige at Marvel
Studios reports directly to Disney itself. Marvel TV is made up of shows like ABC’s Agents of
S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, Fox’s and FX’s shows like
The Gifted and Legion, Hulu’s Runaways, Freeform’s
Cloak and Dagger, and the various Netflix Marvel series. And the MCU is, well, it’s the MCU. We should all know the films by now. The first bit of evidence is
that there isn’t much left on the Marvel TV slate of projects. Their big hits like Legion
and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have either ended or are preparing to end. Netflix has canceled all
of their Marvel shows, and with the costumes and props having been sold off, it’s
safe to assume those versions of the characters are donezo. And while Marvel Television
is still developing a Helstrom series for Hulu,
it was recently announced that the Ghost Rider series
that was also being developed was canceled, the rumor being is that it was so the character can be used in the MCU instead. What Marvel Television still
has though are Runaways and Cloak and Dagger, both of which seem to be going strong,
perhaps because they cater to their younger audiences
in a fun, authentic way. But the most damning
evidence that Marvel TV is in trouble isn’t just
the fact that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are making shows based on their popular film characters, but that they are also
tackling shows with characters that haven’t made a feature film debut, like Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight. With Marvel Studios stepping into the streaming television game, this means that they are
now a direct competitor with Marvel TV. And that’s just not sustainable. It wouldn’t be shocking for one of them to eventually fade away into nothingness, and it’s easy to guess which
of the two that could be. In regards to all of this,
one TV literary agent told Variety, “Feige’s shows are so far “beyond anything Marvel
TV has been able to do. “He has access to all
of these MCU characters “that the other Marvel
live-action stuff just doesn’t, “not to mention way bigger budgets.” However, Variety also reported,
“A Marvel Television insider “told Variety that the company “has several live-action projects “at various stages of development. “A spokesperson for Marvel Television “declined to comment. “Marvel Studios did not respond “to a request for a comment.” Looking at all the all the evidence, it does seem that Kevin
Feige and Marvel Studios will be taking the reigns on
most Marvel live-action shows from now on, but this doesn’t mean the end for Marvel Television as an entity. Marvel TV is still working
on several animated projects for Hulu, based on Marvel characters, like MODOK and Howard the Duck. This seems to be a safe
direction for them to go in by making their own animated universe that is separate from the MCU using characters that might
not work in live-action, and of course, this only
pertains to Disney-owned and licensed Marvel characters. We know that Sony’s developing
several television shows with Phil Lord and Chris Miller for the Marvel characters
they own the rights to. Spider-Man and his amazing
friends and enemies. So there still will be
other Marvel TV shows, but from other companies instead
of from multiples companies under the Disney umbrella. But what do you folks think? Is Marvel Television fading away? What Marvel TV show would you want to see under the Marvel Studios umbrella, and are you looking forward to Sony’s upcoming Marvel TV shows? Let’s discuss. Thanks again to VUDU for
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97 thoughts on “Is the Marvel Television Universe Dead? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

  1. Rumors are that Disney + is spending $25 mil per episode for each of the series’ 6 episodes. The content should be far beyond anything we’ve seen on Marvel TV so far.

  2. The only thing I want is for Daredevil to return as canon and continue production as a Disney+ show, that's the only show I care about.

  3. Was there really a synergy in the first place. It was only Marvel TV that insist that they have a connection with Marvel Studios. Let us not forget that Whedon himself was frustrated to what they did when resurrecting Coulson.

  4. They did kind of cross back into the movies. Even if it wasn’t explained the reason the Avengers knew where to find Loki’s scepter was because Coulson and his team had secured its location intel. It’s not a lot but it happened.

  5. I would really LOVE for The Runaways and Cloak & Dagger to get absorbed by Studios and become cannon in the MCU. As an older fan who grew up on comics in the 80's & 90's, I've appreciated exposing my kids to these young heros who struggle with modern day youth matters on top of their new found abilities, making them relatable to today's youth (as a couple of my kids are in this age bracket with others to eventually follow) versus their original 70's, 80's, 90's counterparts. After all, wasn't the intention to make these stories and characters fit into the modern age for the masses. Those 2 shows do, which will help push the additional narrative of other youths like Ms. Marvel and Peter Parker, that today's youth can be strong & brave at the same time as feeling alone/outcast & vulnerable. [I don't personally do social media, so if anyone wants to drop this on Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios, and company, I'd much appreciate it.]

  6. Marvel has become too much of a cash cow, the movies are boring and cheesy and the TV shows are worse, I used to enjoy but sadly no more

  7. The basic truth is Marvel has always treated their properties as one way streams. There was never an intention to include non-MCU material with their MCU. They practice a runoff/waterfall process and couldn't care less about the end user in this regard. You can like what Marvel puts out, but their business practices in regards to licensing out their IPs has always been questionable and I'm surprised more lawsuits haven't fallen their way (but then again… they ended up with pretty good lawyers for their bankruptcies so… maybe it's not so surprising.)

  8. Dear nerdist, plz bring back jenny lorenzo for news. She was very good. Miss her.
    And this was quite obvious when Marvel announced they would be doing TV shows with all those heavyweight Marvel Universe characters.

  9. agents of shield and agent carter should move to the MCU… they both had great characters and with the propper budget we can see and bridge many of the gaps in the MCU universe. ghost rider and dr strange, or peggy carter all her way until captain america reappears…

  10. Haven't watched the whole thing, but Disney is launching Disney pluse…it's obvious they are collecting its assets for it's own streaming service.

  11. Jeph Loeb made the fans believed that "It's all connected " when it's actually not. If Feige doesn't says so, then it's not.

  12. In the Netflix-verse, The Avengers defeat the Chitauri invasion. The Defenders rise up and the Avengers retire offscreen. Thanos, on advise from his adviser, that they are unruly and, therefore, cannot be ruled. Having never been defeated before, Thanos quits the stone game and retires to farm for the rest of his days.

  13. But Disney owns the rights to Spidey outside of movies right? The whole Sony making spiderman tv shows confuses me cause based on how i read the rights they can only do movies with the characters…

  14. Their days are likely numbered with Disney+ TV. As sad as that is, I'm fine with it as long as they don't reboot them and they use those versions of the TV characters in any future TV or movie appearances. They can take the Marvel TV shows out of the MCU continuity when they pry them from my cold dead hands.

  15. The Gifted and Legion were never intended to be connected to the MCU. They have vague connections to the X-men movies.Well, the gifted referenced the X-men a lot, but never anything that specifically linked it to the movie versions of those characters. Cloak and Dagger made references to Luke Cage. It would have been nice, since they couldn't build the connections with the MCU movies, if they built up the connections with the other TV series.

  16. Let’s be honest SHIELD stood on its own two feet. Except for winter soldier i didn’t even care for what ties into the MCU because SHIELD is awesome by itself.

  17. It WAS all connected when Kevin Feige was reporting to Ike Perlmutter. Remember Sam Jackson appearing in AoS? But that all ended in 2015 when Feige was granted his independence to run Marvel Studios without Perlmutter. The Inhumans film (that Perlmutter wanted to be the new X-Men) was canceled by Feige and all ties between the MCU and Marvel TV were severed.

  18. They cut Medusa's hair lobotmized Karnac, Triton was M.I.A. and Gorgon died. If they'd tried they couldn't have made a worse Inhumans T.V. show. They made so many unfortunate decisions I can't help be be a little relieved it's over on T.V. mostly for a while. I shudder to think what their next big idea might be. For the record I do enjoy the Gifted and the Runaways. I figure they're the exceptions to a rule!

  19. Pretty sure "His Amazing Friends" aren't owned by Sony. Half of them were X-Men, and the the other half… well, OK, she was also supposedly one of the X-Men. That would make them Disnox properties.

  20. I’m fine with this tbh I rather have a connected universe with all the characters then a fragmented Tv and movie universe that’s loosely connected

  21. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Although i wish the CW shows ended way earlier than marvel shows lol. Can't stand them

  22. my theory is this,
    in the end, all the tv shows will be refereed to as "one of the many multiverse",
    the reason the haven't announced it yet, because they wanted this information to be a momentum into some movies/show,
    not just as a side note,

  23. Endgame would have been the place to bring them in. One more portal tv universe heroes come in. We the audience didnt even have to know all of them in that moment. Plus, could have been the return of Coulson to MCU.

  24. I'm fine with this. Most of Jeph Loeb's Marvel TV shows haven't been good. They're boring, disappointing, complete waste of our time and or just meh. Inhumans being the most terrible of all. Daredevil was the only one who stood out as outstanding and it's gone. And Agents of SHIELD, that has been solid, is about to end.

  25. so this has been "bothering" me for a while, but does anyone know what the title song is please? a search for it led me to a "band" named "Anamanaguchi" (which seems about right), but the song my search pointed to was nothing like the title music (it claimed the title song is "Jetpack blues, sunset hues"). Thank you in advance!

  26. "Marvel Studios doesn't reciprocate the love", yet everyone forgets that Edwin Jarvis from Agents Carter was in Endgame… Portrayed by the same actor, or that the missing book from Doctor Strange was most likely the Darkhold from Agents of SHIELD… Research better please…

  27. No… It will be on Hulu along with MCU Dark and all R Rated MCU movies will be under the Fox Banner.

    Shit kicks off on November 12th…

    Wtf are you doing here?!

  28. I’m genuinely happy they’re giving us some new marvel tv stuff, I’m pretty much all around excited for the things I’ve heard! The only catch is, it is so wrong they’ve canned the Netflix shows! Daredevil and Jessica Jones alone were some of the greatest great content I’ve ever watched and it’s sad to me that they just wanna scrap all that, already pre-established stories! :/

  29. Marvel TV showed their true colors with Iron Fist and Inhumans. Both were both cheaply-produced, soulless garbage. They almost seem like an experiment in seeing what fans will put up with.

  30. We just want a cohesive Universe. That being said, I think Marvel missed out a huge opportunity with AOS, Ghost Rider and the Defenders

  31. Please bring back all four individual Defenders show plus The Punisher on either Disney+ or Hulu, but only if it will be shown in Australia.

  32. ZZzzz…that's how Disney disrespect Marvel Characters. ALIENATE OR CANCEL OR BOTH. RIP Punisher, D.D. and Spider-Man into the Iron Boy jr. (also Mowgli as Flash Thompson)…Mickey Mouse and cohorts acting like DD and Luke Cage isn't part of their clown Avengers. Of course, casuals will suck it up.

  33. Daredevil was easily the best that Marvel Tv had to offer. I would love to see Charlie Cox’s Man Without Fear show up in the MCU.

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