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JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

♪♪♪ Ahh! [LAUGHING] Will you please stop
bothering my kid?Sorry.Arthur,I have some bad
news for you.
[LAUGHING] This is the last time
we’ll be meeting. You don’t listen do you?You just ask the same
questions every week.
How is your job?Are you having any
negative thoughts?
All I have, are
negative thoughts. [TV PLAYING]
-And finally…
in a world where everyone
thinks they can do my job,
check out this guy.When I was a little boyand told people I was
gonna be a comedian,
everyone laughed at me.Well no one’s laughing now. You can say that again, pal. [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] ♪♪♪ It’s so awful isn’t it?For my whole life,I didn’t know if I
even really existed.
But I do.And people are
starting to notice.
Do you think this is funny?Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!-Is this a joke to you?
-Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Eh…Murry,
one small thing. -Yeah?
-When you bring me out, can you introduce me as Joker? ♪♪♪

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100 thoughts on “JOKER – Final Trailer – Now Playing In Theaters

  1. I like people who say that “ eNdGaME was just for money” and the same people said before “the best superhero movie”

  2. I just watched the movie..It gives a amazing experience. The man Joaquin words to describe his acting. The movie gives a high. Emotional and unique 😆😢😣😊🤡♥️

  3. Please this movie release in Hindi in India people fan of joker The dark Knight movie wonder full with joker

  4. For the peoples who already watched,the joker from Joaquin Phoenix is better than the Heath Ledger?

  5. Just as I thought not a joke Movie Rotten tomato’s score is dropping more every hour I would rather see them put another season of Gotham on TV at least they’re joker was more like the comics

  6. They closed the theater me and my friends went to see this at due to a "security threat" and we didn't get to see it thanks, good one guys

  7. Marvel: big superhero blockbuster let’s push this for oscars
    DC: lets make a great gritty film about the Joker with deep meanings about humanity and status

    DC also: lets make a crappy Harley Quinn movie nobody wants

    Obi Wan : it’s over aniken I have the high ground

  8. And if warner bros plans to make the sequel …they must cast this great actor again..coz he is really good in this role

  9. "Bu-but, it's inAProPriATe fOr mAh chIlDreN! It'S 18+!"

    Joker from the batman movies is portrayed as some psycho dude. He kills someone every single morning when he's going to do his job of blowing up something or stealing some bank.

    The guy was never intended for younger audiences. We all know just how messed up he is. (can't blame him. The society is the one who's responsible for making him so messed up.)

  10. omg the musical numbers are just epic! and so much more of how joker should be. a health ledger… not some SoundCloud rapper in suicide squad

  11. I just saw this movie last night. What an AMAZING film. It was violent in some scenes, pretty dark movie, but all around great performance by Joaquin Phoenix, definitely deserves an oscar for best actor. I would recommend you go watch this movie RIGHT NOW

  12. Sad, inhumane, brutal, violent and underlined by strong compassion and sympathy. Nothing short of a masterpiece. Awfully real, I had to remind myself twice during the movie that it was DC franchise film. And the Oscar goes to…Joaquin Phoenix.

  13. this looks like the best movie i will ever see and i can’t even watch it in the cinemas because it’s r rated ffs i wanna die

  14. I like the fact that the people made him who he is and if Batman didn't existed society will get instant karma


  16. Be careful going to see it, heard theaters might be in danger because of the film. No wait, its literally just a fuckin movie and vox as well the other sites like it are now fearmongering with nothing backing their claims.

  17. Incredible Movie. It was very dark and realistic. A refreshing change from the normal cut and paste films of today.

  18. Anak alay sfk* "orang jahat terlahir dari orang baik yang tersakiti" Sfk* lay lay lay lay layyy lay lay lay layyy layy

  19. What happens when you leave a mentally ill loner with a society who treats him like trash and leaves him lying on the streets

  20. Just watched this last night at the premiere and wow, I mean wow, once the credits rolled, I was in awe, literally speechless. I stood up and clapped and people looked at me like I was the Joker, the movie is incredible. If you're thinking about watching it, please do.

  21. I watched this film last night. It's good. But that's it. It has been overhyped by fanboys and the internet. It deserves no Oscar. Good performances all around and it's not a comic book movie, the comic book iconography is the only thing WB and Philips needed to market this film. It does nothing with the comic book characters and does nothing for the genre. A flawed but good film in its own right, but that's really it.

  22. I've seen it yesterday at the premiere (at Russia it started only Oct. 3). It was amazing.
    And after watching the trailer, I want to see the whole movie again.

    Looking forward to buying director's cut.

  23. all bad people actually good people on the first place, but their surrounding and their condition thats what make them bad because they couldnt handle theirself anymore 😢

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