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Jonghyun CRAZY(Guilty Pleasure) MV Reaction! Fanboy Edition!

Hello guys. today I’ll be giving you
guys a quick reaction video to Jonghyun New music video for his debut solo album
which obviously i have been hyped for so hard, for the
past week. everyday they they’re releasing a new teaser. just last night they released the highlight melody which sounded amazing and had me going crazy I was literally stripping that’s how Amazing this song is. Its sensual. cant wait for the album review. but anyway what you guys came here for the quick reaction of crazy ( guilty pleasure) I heard a lot
about this song its suppose to be.. alot of genres so im really excited for
and I know Jonghyun’s vocals will slay! not even gonna talk about his voice. cuz he is the best in SM. well one of the best. so just lets just
get things started crazy I love the setting its very futuristic The song is very Retro & Groovy! and you guys call me Adam and I’m out

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1 thought on “Jonghyun CRAZY(Guilty Pleasure) MV Reaction! Fanboy Edition!

  1. Very random, but I kind of love how you have something on your wall and you labeled it "Panic Button" XD

    Thanks for the reaction, sir. You're a nice fanboy! ^-^

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