Jus2 “FOCUS ON ME” M/V REACTION!! | K-Pop Fanboy React

What will I’m going to react on this video is from GOT7’s new sub-unit This is Jus2, featuring Yugyeom and Jaebum, and the title song is Focus On Me I really don’t know anything anything about this sub-unit, because it just suddenly appeared on my news feed Seriously, I’m not getting updated from this group because I don’t know why, I kept getting updates from other groups, but I don’t get anything update about this group 100% not knowing anything about this video, what the song is about, Or what kind of vibes they will be given to me Jaebum’s eyes.. of course Why is the subtitle is too small Why do I always think that it’s been a while I’ve seeing them That’s sweater though That transition changed Why there are so many girls I’m surprised That illuminati… eh uh.. I don’t know what is the– oh, slack!! Tht slow dance Wow, that was wow!! That was so cool!! Such a really dark concept This is my first time seeing this kind of concept from GOT7 I can really sense a 90s vibe I really love this kind of music

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