“JUST A FRIEND?” – COMPLETE STORY – Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub Compilation | Valory Pierce

Ok Plagg I’m gonna ask Marinette and she if she wants to go see the newest video game that just came out. Kid you sure, she isn’t just more than just your ‘Friend’ Your gonna lose her if you keep being in denial DUMMY. She’s my ‘Precious’ Friend What’s wrong with hanging out with someone you consider close too? Kid your denial is on another level. LATER THAT DAY! Hey Marinette! Would you like to- She’s just a friend. Then. Why is my heart feel heavy? ohhhh What I am gonna do? Tikki, I’m screwed Umm did you fail a test? Trip over Macaroons? Said something silly to Adrien again? Wow Your savage! No none of those but , Luka keeps asking me out and I like him and all but you know Adrien is kinda off the ONE for me, you know. Honestly, from what I see you seem like yourself more around Luka instead of being a fangirl lunatic around Adrien Maybe, you should go with Luka. Ohhh why do you seem so against me and Adrien all of a sudden Tikki. Is there something your not telling me. It’s because Plagg will be the one I will dealing with AND I have had enough of his sass I don’t need to stick with him in this lifetime too do I? If Marinette gets together with Adrien, then that means I will have no choice but too stick with that annoying black kwami. I can’t let myself be stuck in that annoying relationship Ever since I saw him with Adrien That one time I discovered Chat Noir’s true identity I ain’t touching that one! Sorry Marinette, but this is for your own good. ummm oh in nothing particular it’s just that Adrien seems too WHAT’s the word- OBLIVIOUS and Luka seems more mature and right for you. yeah okkkk let me go confess to Adrien *Finallyy* just one more time and if that doesn’t work then uhhhhhh I’ll give up- *Nooo You can’t doo that* So how did your little date go with Lady- I mean Marinette? I don’t wanna talk about it, Plagg. SOOOO whatt you’ve missed your chance and now the love of your life has a NEW man and you’ve just got to sit in the sidelines saying’ SHOULD’VE WOULD’VE COULD’VE’ For the rest of your days- , You’ve GOTT to fight for her LOVE KID Plagg why are you so passionate about me and Marinette? Because I ship you two dummies *The FANDOM is with you* Can’t you see this is destiny. WHYY CAN’T YOU JUST CONFESS YOUR TRUEST FEELINGS DANG IT But Plagg, What gotten into you? Oh Plagg ME! Everyone can see, their grandmas can see You have a thing for Marinette! Even Luka and that Ladybug knockoff can see What is wrong with you? WAKE UP! *SHE’S JUYSTA FRIEND WAHH* idk what to write for Plagg blabbering. 🙂 Yeah right and I’M RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED KWAMI!!!! I’m officially Shooketh and woke. Ok what should I wear Tikki? This is my big confession after all? This is it, If I get rejected Fine, I’ll accept it with grace and take it slow with Luka Sure sure whatever you want I mean if he is your one true love Then I’m sure he won’t mind if you wear a garbage bag or a paper bag outfit *Tikki WHY you soo SAVAGE for?* Tikki what’s been up with you lately? You used to be supportive oof me and my relationship fantasy with Adrien and now I’m telling you it’s nothing You and Adrien are like the sun and the moon while You and Luka are like like harmony an art. Can you just let it go! Tikki if you have ever met someone that you knew he’s the one for me then you would understand You’ve lived for many centuries I bet you knew Exactly what I mean. I did know what you mean and I’m telling you it’s not all correct up to being. Especially when he calls me sugar cube for the past millennial and he has an disgusting obsession with stinky cheese *Camembert* OHHH I am going to get some fresh air and compose myself. Good day! She SNAPPED! I wonder who she was talking about. Kid you have to look your very best. Like your very very best! Charm her pants off! Jeez Plagg, you overly enthusiastic about me and Marinette being together. It’s because I miss my baby sugar cube! WAIT you have a girlfriend? Since when! Since the beginning of time my boy huhh she is sweet and cute and everything I could ever wish for! BESIDES Camembert, cause we ALL know that I am a Camembert fanatic. Sound like your really into her! That really nice. I hope… It isn’t too late for me. You’ve gotta too have a little faith kid! You’ve got this! We have until Christmas anyway. Adrien, Can I talk to you for a sec? Luka, sure? What does this SCHMUK want with me now?!? Just because he play a guitar he thinks he can style my girl. I play piano and I play Beethoven for Crikes sake! I’m not gonna lose to this FALL OUT BOY wannabe! *Love them* Look man I stepped aside for you and Marinette to- You know sort out your feelings but since YOU can’t make a move then MOVE aside! Buddy let a real man handle this. You picking a fight COFFEE boy! There’s no fight when the victor has already been chosen. So BACK OFF! Agreste! SHE’S MINE!!! OHH it’s ONNN BRUHH! okk Calm your nerves calm your nerves, ok you’ve got this girl. Ok. Here goes nothing! He’s sitting alone so that means, I can talk to him privately right? Why is he wearing a tuxedo? It’s kinda weird. Here it goes! H-hey Marinette listen I just got these tickets for tonights show but Juleka totally bailed on me so could you please do me a favour and go with me? Wait Tickets? OMG are these to the Jagged Stone Limited edition tour! YES I’ll go with you! Awesome See you at 7! Score 1 for Luka 0 for Agreste. What’s taking Marinette so long? I sent her a text and I’m wearing this uncomfortable suit wait- Did Luka- You’ve been UPSTAGED kid! I just found out that Luka boy gave Marinette some Limited edition concert tickets! TG has some MAD skills! WHAT A PLAYERRR! What the heck! That sleazy punk. There’s no way I am giving up without a fight! Wait I’ll transform as Chat Noir and get up on that stage and snatch Marinette away! He ain’t stealing my Princess! Attaboy! DON’T forget to give me some good Camembert because My SHIP is about to set SAIL! Hey Marinette, Can we talk? C-chat Noir! What’s up? W-why are you even here in the first place? The thing is I’m a friend of Adrien’s and he wanted to talk to you today, which is why he wore the Tuxedo. O-ohh R-really What does he wanna talk to me about? U-uhhh That’s just something you gotta to go talk to him about yourself. A-anyway Have a goodnight and- uh Please avoid taking to Luka for the day. Because this important to Adrien and he has something to tell you. Uhh umm o-ook. Was that Chat Noir? What does he want! Apparently Adrien wants to talk to me about something? I wonder what it could be? This could be my perfect chance to confess to him and move on. Can’t FIGHT destiny can we? What was that? Nothing! Plagg we need to have a talk? WHY YESSS! What is it my little sugar cube babykins? Don’t MAKE me slap you! LOOK I don’t feel like dealing with you in this lifetime I NEED a break soo… I’m going to encourage Marinette to date Luka! BACK OFF and quit encouraging Adrien to go after Marinette. We all know he’s soo OBLIVIOUS It’s a crime! W-well I don’t know about that sugarcube. Their like Yin and Yang! *IDK the rest* Coming together don’t you think? Do you still have a cheese addiction? Who doesn’t we’ve spent centuries together My little sugarcube why can’t you let me also Love my new found favourite food! We all know you have, a sugar addiction so you can’t judge me for what I enjoy eating! HUUHH! At least my sugar addcition doesn’t stink up the whole country! I still love you sugarcube! Not in this Lifetime BRUHH! Damn this isn’t going as I had hoped. I was hoping Adrien and Marinette would give up on one another so she could finally be mine. Mine alone. U-umm Luka Why don’t you like I don’t know just be honest with your intentions and Ask Adrien out and or confess your feelings? Juleka you don’t understand! I know Adrien isn’t into me like that, but If I can’t have him NO ONE ELSE CAN! Besides, Lila and Kagami are no match for my charms, But Marinette That’s another story. Just, DON’T go to far Luka. Juleka just worry about yourself and your relationship with Rose. M-marinette I um- I uhh A-adrien Hi uh What’s down I- mean What’s up he he haha What did you wanna talk about? Marinette your the one for me! I know Luka likes you too but even me it’s destiny! We were meant to be together! I, I feel the same way about you Adrien. Thank God this isn’t a dream scene and it’s actually happening. Huh. Dream scene? Oh like when you think your ship is sailing but in reality it isn’t? Oh ok I totally get what you mean. Not so fast! Look I’ve nice enough as it is. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Look Adrien BACK OFF from Marinette! and Marinette BACK OFF from Adrien! Deal or No Deal? Well first what’s the deal? I like- Adrien. I’m sorry Marinette, But Your just someone I can’t let you have and someone I adore. Wait W-WHATT! I-i’m Flattered and all but- uhh Dude I like Marinette Tch Teenage Romance won’t last! Lets see how long this will go? Well I’m staking my claim and Marinette. Adrien belongs to NO ONE! But ME… Later! I am officially too ShOoKeTh for words right now! YASSS FINALLY SUGARCUBE! Plagg, YOU IDIOT we can’t expose our identities! Too late now! Sugarplum. It’s a done deal. Plus Nino and Alya know so it should only be fair. Y-your Ladybug! Wait so, does that mean Your Chat Noir! Yes this is destiny.

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