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Kerala Sadya Special Pacha Manga Kichadi /പച്ചമാങ്ങാ കിച്ചടി -Recipe no 105

Hi All, Today the Host is different 😉 Today Veena is not well, down with cough and cold so I am her substitute Today’s dish is Pacha Manga Kichadi So Lets get cooking ‘ Raw Mango Kichadi ‘ Sorry for my bad throat !!! 🙁 Take 1 full Raw Mango which is about to be ripe. When you slice the tip of the Raw Mango it should be lightest greenish which is more towards yellow Peel the skin off the Raw Mango . Grate the Raw Mango to shredded pieces If you dont have the grater , just cut it into a small pieces and then just whip it in the grinder so that you get thin pieces Do not make a paste or puree. we need to bite the pieces of the raw mango while having the dish This is the Grated version of the Raw Mango . You can see the color of the Raw Mango that I have used for this recipe It is tangy yet a bit sweet in taste Add salt to this Shredded Raw Mango Keep it aside for 5 minutes after mixing it well with a spoon Meanwhile Lets grind some grated coconut I have taken 4 tbsp of fresh grated coconut. I have microwaved it for few seconds to bring it to room temperature. If you bring the grated coconut to room temp and then grind it or take the coconut milk it will not curdle . Take 1 green chilly. you can add or reduce according to your preference Take the grinder – Add the coconut,green chilly and 1/4 tsp of mustard seeds to this. I have not added Jeera. If you like you can add it. Usually for Raw Mango Kichadi we dont use Jeera Instead of water we add 3 tbsp of thick curd This is the consistency of the fine paste In Kichadi we do not do much of on the stove cooking. It is only the tempering that we do for Kichadi. This is one of the easiest way to make a dish for our Sadhya Menu. Add this to the Raw Mango Mix it well Now we need to add some more curd We need to take the curd which is less sour If you need sour curd you can keep the curd outside the fridge for 2 days ( it will not get spoil ) wrapped in a blanket(any thick and warm cloth). Or you can keep it in the microwave this curd is beaten with a fork . Do not blend this in the blender. Just whisk it with the fork so that there is no lump Add this to the Raw Mango Mixture This is a semi solid gravy. I am adding 4 tbsp of curd Mix it well This is the right consistency you can add or reduce the spice and salt according to your preference . If the Raw Mango that you have is really sour or tangy add some sugar or jaggery to this dish . The taste will be balanced Add the seasoning. Heat the oil add mustard seeds.When it splutters add the red chilly and curry leaves We make Kichadi only at the time of serving as it is very easy to make. This is ready for serving. We can have it with Rice. Hope you would try this easy recipe and let me know your feedback Verdict – It is really Yum !! 😉 You can use this as dip for your Fried items Thank you 😊

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100 thoughts on “Kerala Sadya Special Pacha Manga Kichadi /പച്ചമാങ്ങാ കിച്ചടി -Recipe no 105

  1. very easy and nice recipe…..ithinu Jan thanna suggestion kollam…chicken fry plus manga kichadi…vayil kappalodunnu…get well soon veena….

  2. I'm noufiya (wife ) like your most of the videos and if I have any doubt in my cooking I just look forward to Veenas curry World. and I have tried your most of the recipes bread pudding , wheat puttu , chicken 65,etc…. and soon I will try unniyappam and one more thing I forgot I I tried your palada it came really welland I love you very much like a sister you are a good teacher also I should learn a lot from you

  3. Hello venna…..veena yudey yella dishes um super anu….try chaiyarundu…pachamangha kichadi yammi…best wishes veena…get well soon..

  4. veenachechiii…..njnchechiykvendi…prardhichu….naleyaavumbol throatpain maarum…kettoo….innathe pachamaanga kichadi k ollaatto….nalenjnundaakki nokkaam….pinne…chettante anchoring kalakki….👍👍👍.

  5. hi chechi 😍 njn chechiyude fan anu. pne chechiyude 2sambar resam payasam Magha chammandhi pne aghane kure try cheithu allam chechi parayana reethiyil cheithapo correctai vannu . njn tamil nadu teastile cheyu bcoz njn tamil nadila jeniche dindugal marriage kaijnathu ernakulam nde veedu palakkad njn cheyana chila tip chechiyum cheyununde athukonde happy bcoz chechi chilathu tamil touch anu pne ende chettananeghil tiffin ok bt currykal varutharacha vakkane 😴 athonum eshtamalla pne chechi parayunathanusarichu cheithapo allam eshtamai chechi oro alavum parajnu tharunu bhuddhimutti athinu thks athu allarkum use full pne njn pure veg anu nonveg edanathonoppam anepole alukal udeghil avarku vendi egg less items edanam pne egg cherkanda avishyam varumbho avide egginu pakaram verecherkamo anum parayanam ok chechiye bhudhimuttichu ethrayum veliya msg njn airikum sorry 😢

  6. Thank you Chechii for telling d the difference between pachadi and kichadi….n also for this recipe…Get well soon chechiii

  7. പച്ചടി കൊള്ളാം. ചേച്ചി ഇനി ഒരു 'മധുരം ആവട്ടോ.പ്രതീക്ഷിക്കട്ടെ ……

  8. Hai veena..wishing you a speedy recovery..simple and easy recipe..kaivasham nalla mootha manga ullappol aanu veena ee recipe aayi varunnathu..thanks dear.

  9. jaan Chettan ki jai !!! nalla super introduction and conclusion! get well soon Chechi so that u can share more interesting things with ur pupils… shall try this soon as ping

  10. ചേട്ടനെ ഇന്ട്രോ ചെയ്യാനുള്ള ചേച്ചിയുടെ സൈക്കളോജിക്കല്‍ മൂവ് 😀

  11. veena Chechi…ethokke items namkk sadhayakku thalennu Undakki vekkan patta ? kunhu mol und..Ella items onnich Vishu nte Annu indkkan avillla… athanu ! Kaalan,Avial okke thalennu Undakki vechal pattuo?

  12. oh veenaaaaa……. urappayittum husinu vayarinu pani kittikkanum. njangal vayil vanna vellam irakki maduthu. today itself undakki nokkanam in sha allah. y day vishu aayittu cooker easy palppayasam undakki.super aayirunnu. sathyam parayallo officilum ente relativsinte aduthum njan oru another veenayanu. coze… relaitives net nokkukayilla. athatto. sorrytto.pinne veenayude pepper chkn koodi undakkanam. last one week aayittu nattil undayirunnilla. touril aayirunnu with makkals. veena nattil varumbo thodupuzha aduth oru resort unde. GREEN BERG resort @ KULAMAVU. adipoliyanu ketto. around 9000 aakum for 2 membs

  13. sathyam paranjo….chettane kond Intro parayikkan vendi vayya nnu veruthe paranjathalle?😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Tried it, turned out brilliantly! Can't stop eating it! It's the first time ever I made kichadi. Now I know the difference between pachadi and kichdi.. Thank you veena chechi!

  15. പച്ചമാങ്ങാ കിച്ചടി അടിപൊളി. വീണയുടെ ജാൻ നല്ല supportiv ആണ്. നല്ലകുട്ടി. Thank you Veena dear.

  16. chechi undaki super aanutto ,oro divasavum chechiyude video nokki enik eshtapettathoke undakugaya… oru chaya polum mariyadak undakatha njan chechiyude video nokki biriyani vare undakki … vetil ullavar chodikarund ithoke evidunnu
    padichennu athrakk super.Thanks love you chechii.. hiii jan chetayiii…

  17. വിഷു വിന് മാങ്ങ pachadi ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ chechi യുടെ receipe യാണ് try ചെയ്യുന്നത് ട്ടോ.. 👍

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