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Kong: Skull Island Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) – Tom Hiddleston Movie

It’s a survey job. Just chopper them in and out. Be a joyride. You… …are going to tell me everything I don’t know… …or I’m gonna blow your head off. This planet doesn’t belong to us. Ancient species owned this earth long before mankind. I spent thirty years trying to prove the truth. Monsters exist. You don’t go into someone’s house unless you’re picking a fight. What you’re looking at… …is a monster… …from some bygone era. It’s time to show that man… Is king.

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64 thoughts on “Kong: Skull Island Official Comic-Con Trailer (2017) – Tom Hiddleston Movie

  1. I can't believe Captain Marvel, Nick Fury and Loki is here like ???? (based on my observation, actors who are portraying roles in the MCU has worked with the older cast before being part of the MCU)

  2. Loki with the spear of mindstone + Captain Marvel with the power of tesseract + Nick Fury with the Entire army of SHIELD..

    King Kong: I'm out, I'm sorry alright?

  3. Hey look! It's Marvel VS DC! I mean look it's Captain Marvel, Loki, Nick Fury, Some guy i don't know and a gorrila!

  4. Helicopter falls to the ground

    Brie Larson: “is this like a personal aTtAck oR soMEthIng?”

  5. In Infinity War:
    Before interacting with Brie Larson…
    Samuel L. Jackson: "Moterf—-" vanished because of Thanos' snap

    In this Movie:
    After interacting with Brie Larson…
    Samuel L. Jackson: "Die, you motherfu—-" gets stomped to death by Kong

  6. Let me just say something….i watched this BEFORE I was obsessed with tom hiddleston…and let now I feel like a STUPID HEAD for not recognising him…but I was younger soooo…i will cut myself some slack😂😂😂😪

  7. They better make this fight between Godzilla and kong the most epic there ever was. Because I’m still not convinced kong can’t even put up with Godzilla after watching king of the monsters

  8. My wife surprised me with this movie on blu ray for Father's Day. We watched it with our kids movie theatre style on my 65" 4k smart tv. Forgot how good this movie is. Had a great Father's Day.

  9. This movie was such a disappointment. Too many different characters to focus on, Kong was in the film less than Godzilla was in his 2014 film. Bad acting. Skull crawlers were lame. Killed off 2 great characters in Goodman and Jackson.

  10. Funny thing; Randa says 'monsters exist', and Colonel Packard says 'bullshit'. Please, you just saw a 100 metre tall ape destroy your crew and you say monsters aren't a thing?!

  11. What's all the dealyeo with people not liking Brie Larson heck she seems pretty hot too me
    What is she like a real bitcharooneydooney in real life or something

  12. An excellent retake or reboot of the Kong Mythology with a killer soundtrack that fits perfectly with what was being played during the Vietnam War & also fits perfectly within this new hostile & even more dangerous environment that these troops & scientists have been dropped into…

    My only concern when I heard Godzilla vs Kong was green lit/before Godzilla King Of The Monsters came out/was how they put these 2 protagonists on a collision course!…

    As they are both not the antagonists but the keepers of the balance of life on the perspective of these movies, but now after seeing Godzilla vs Kong I think that someone will use the " Orca " (not giving anything away if you haven't seen this film) to pit both against each other… As I just don't see why these 2 Titans would square off in this particular take on these character's…

    If it was the older movies I could understand it as it was just kaiju action non stop with Godzilla being pitted against these other Titans & Godzilla always came out on top…

    It'll be interesting to see how they pit these 2 Titans against each other & I'm guessing it'll be a draw at the end as both are not the antagonists in these particular movie reboots…


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