Korean Street Food #Mukbang, SMTOWN Cafe, and COEX Mall

Hi guys. So ok, now we’re gonna start our day in Myeongdong. So we saw a free taste stall here. So you know what happens when it’s free! So we’ll challenge ourselves to try all the flavors here. We all know that there’s a honey butter almond flavor but they have all the flavors here so we’ll try them all today. Let’s go. Ready, set… This is the original so this is the best flavor. What we’ll try next is Seaweed. I like it. I like seaweed. If you like seaweed, this is a must try. Next is hot and spicy chicken almond. Disclaimer, we’re not into spicy foods. It’s red. It’s so red and we don’t like spicy food so good luck. It’s good! It’s a bit spicy. I hope the after taste won’t bite. It’s spicy but delicious. It really tastes like chicken. But the after taste is kicking in. Guys it’s getting more spicy inside. And because of that, let’s go try another flavor. Here it comes. Wasabi almond. So, last but not the least Wasabi Almond so we’re gonna kill ourselves. Oh! I like it. I super like wasabi. That’s all I can say. So here we go, we surpassed the spicy flavor. It’s a free taste. They’re all very good and it’s also for you not get tired of the taste of honey butter. You can definitely get this for your loved ones and bring home some. So we are here to have a quick bite because we’re so hungry. This is my favorite snack here in Korea. It’s a must try. It’s so big! This is legit. We’ll just eat first. Guys, we bought a handmade Croquette. Delicious. See? I can see the spark in your eyes. Look guys it has so much stuffing! Okay so let’s go? We’ve arrived here at Samseong Station. We’ll be going now to COEX. So now we’ll have a walk through with the ads here at the station. Let’s go roam around! We’ll see our biases here! Oh my gosh! Ok so let’s go. Are you excited? This is just the start but we already have Ong Seung Woo Baby Ong! They’re so cute! Hyungwon of MONSTA X and Hongbin from VIXX Right now we’re in front of the COEX Starfield Mall. Oh my gosh guys. What’s good, SM Babies? SM babies, we’re here. We’re finally here. Ever since, Super Junior. That’s our ultimate bias. So right now we’re actually at the SM Town Cafe. They have this super cool looking vending machine where you can buy SM artist-related goods. And look where we are now It’s so beautiful. Tori is going to do one of her bucket lists in life. It’s to go up the COEX Library’s Escalator. So she’s on her way now. You’re about to witness her fulfilling one of her bucket lists. She’s now going up!

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