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League Of Legends x Marvel Comics – Seslendirilmiş Çizgi Roman Deneyi Bölüm 1

Welcome to the lux comics made in collaboration with marvel comics and riot games. This is the first part of the 5-part series Have Fun 🙂 DEMACIA, some call it the ”CITY OF LIGHT” …A UTOPIA, where people live in peace… …free from the DARKNESS OF MAGIC. But the truth isn’t always so black and white. Hang in there, garen. Not much further. [GAREN IN PAIN VOICE] The truth is, it was my light that did this. What a day, Some stable boy thinks he sees a witch in the woods, and ı get to investigate it. My big brother, rousing old ladies from their cottages. I’ve never been more proud. I did not rouse her. I apologized and bid her good d– Oh. You’re loving this aren’t you? A little. CROWNGUARD Of course captain. I didn’t know we could do that. You’ll be using it more now that you’re old enough, lux. CROWNGUARD FAMILY CREST doesn’t just mean privilege. It carries responsibility. You should’ve showed it to that dangerous old lady. She might have invited you in for cake and– Mage! stop her! She’s getting away! MAGESEEKERS. They’ve found someone. After her! Surrender! Do not run! No….I’m not going back to that…that place! [Garen İn Pain] Somebody Help! I’m coming! Stop! In the name of the king! I said halt, MAGE! [Garen using his ulti] Give me your hands, mage. Please…dont take me back. I–ı didin’t mean to hurt anybody. You made me do it! Found this in her home. Thing’s got spells ı’ve never seen before. Find out where she got it. And check her family, too. Her family ? Magic usually inherited. Best to make sure no one else is AFFLİCTED. I’m sorry you had to see that, miss luxanna. No need to apologize for making the kingdom safer. Safer… Are we safer? What are you getting at? of course we are. They’re investigateing that woman’s family. They’ll be released… if they aren’t afflicted with magic. And if they are? What, they send them to the HİNTERLANDS? İt’s for the best. They Won’t hurt anyone there. They’re not hurting anyone here. Unless someone tries to chase them down is street. Dou you ever think maybe our laws make thinks worse? HOLD YOUR TONGUE. Without those laws, this GREAT CIVİLIZATION would fall. Dou you want to risk another RUNE WAR? That was a thousand years ago. Okay, waht about Sylas of dregbourne? İs that mass murder recent enough? That’s why we must keep mages, and all magic, out of this kingdom. It is the only way to keep us secure. Yeah… Secure. Stay calm. Maybe he didn’t see it. Maybe he’s NEVER seen it. Just keep breathing. In… out… in… İts geeting hard to control again. The old tricks aren’t working. Only a matter of time before ı’m being chased down the street. I need help. Someone to teach me…or some way to learnmore about… Hey… what kind magic was in that woman’s book? I dont know. The council will review it at the woman’s trial. And then what? They’ll burn the book? No. The mageseekers keep all confiscated writings in their headquarters… right up here. All those books…one of them’s got to have the ansvers. Some way to control it. Step away! I…I need to see my son. Only those on business from the crown may enter. Here goes… Hello! Luxanna CROWNGUARD. I’m hoping to have a look at some materials you’re confiscated. See, as a senior cadet in the illuminators, it’s part of my duty to educate our members on– Of course, miss crownguard. Right this way. …Really? Here it is–the arcane registry. All our confiscated items are stored here under lock and key. This is off-limits to most people. Oh? But most people aren’t the crownguards, are they? Feel free to look about. And if you need anything, my name’s Jaredan. I’ll be reight outside guarding this place with my life, miss. There was this one time, a bunch of… Okay, thank you. There you are, the source of my all problems. Let’s see if we can’t find a way to rid of you. We can’t just continue to hope for the best, aunt tianna she isn’t going to chance. She Slanders the law. Some day, she’ll say the wrong thing to the wrong person… Or worse mmm. Eventually, the light of demacia will find her…flaws, and ı won’t be able to protect her. So make sure the light can’t come anywhere near her. I hear your friend the prince may be looking to marry. Prince jarvan? İs going to wed? I dont–how did ı do not know this? The crown enjoys a privacy– an exemption from scrutiny– Not afforded anyone else in kingdom. And if jarvan were to marry lux…she’d be untouchable. None would dare accuse her of anything. Thank you, aunt tianna. I will go to the place at daybreak. Ughhhh…. Hours of looking, and still nothing. History books…potion recipes…curses… But nothing on how to stop deadly beams of light from shooting out your fingertips. Lots of other buildings, though. And he did say ”Feel free to look about.” Anyone here? …Anyone? What is this place? Who’s there!. Stop rgiht where you are! İl..İlluminators… Ahem. I’m a senior cadet from the illuminators. I was looking for– The illuminators? Truly, an honor. But this place is restricted. We don’t give tours to pious schoolgirls. Where are you taking me? Your magic isn’t fully contained. We’re going to have to try somathing stronger. I–I’m sorry. Forgive the intrusion. ”Contained”… I could leave and forget ı ever heard that word. Or… Actually… I’m luxanna crownguard– WHAT? You idiots drew your weapons on a crowngoard?! We didn’t know! She didn’t– You called her a schoolgirl! Miss crownguard. I’d like to humbly apologize on behalf of these imbeciles. İf there’s anything you need– There is one thing– I’d like to see what you’ve got locked away down here. These are our restaining cells. People awaiting trial. Hey Lady! Do you have any food? Keep walkin’ Keep walkin’ These are… mages? They have yet to be convicted, but…yes. The stairs… there’s another level? …Yes. But it’s nothing that would interest you. I may be a pious schoolgirl, but ı think ı can decide what interests me. Uhhn. Of course. Milady, the people in these cells are dangerous, and the means used to secure them are harsh, but necessary. Really, warden. I’m not as delicate as ı look. Stop. Make it stop! I didn’t do it… No!…please. I won’t do it again! This…this can’t be right. Why do they suffer? Why not send them to the hinterlands? I’m afraid sometimes exile isn’t enough. That woman… That’s it. Drink it all. That mage is afflicted with tremendous magic. The petricite elixir quells– I see what it does. Just…show me the rest. You have seen it all, miss. Then what’s behind that door? There’s no reason for you to go in there. Open the door please. Milady—no. My family has defended the crown for generations. My brother risks his life in the vanguard. My aunt is a high marshal to the king. And ı’ll bet none of them know about what you’ve got going on here. You’re oppening that door. But miss luxanna… that’s him… That’s sylas of dregbourne. I…ı need to see. Let her in. Only her. …Hmmm. You’re not a Mageseeker. So what are you? I’m–ı’m no one. No. You’re Definitely no ”No one.” You’ve got something special. Funny, isn’t it? You’re out there, and ı’m in here… …When we’re so very much alike.

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