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LEGO 2020 DC & Marvel Superheroes Spring/Summer Set List + Details!

What is going on guys? I’m Brother From
Another brick and today we have some DC and Marvel 2020 news. If you enjoy
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First, bit of news that we have is we’re getting four sets based off the brand
new movie the Eternals which is coming out October of 2020.
Now, let’s get to Marvel sets that we know some details about we have set number
76151 it’s supposed to be a black mech that kind of looks like a
lizard, for minifigs we get Spider-Man, Venom, Iron Spider and Spider-Ham. Next up, we
have a four plus targeted set we have set number 76152 The
Wrath of Loki this set includes two floors from Avengers tower a small Quinjet and a vehicle for Loki. This set includes minifigs Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and
Captain Marvel. We are finally getting another Helicarrier, that being said, this
one’s supposed to be very small in comparison to the ultimate collector’s
one. We have set number 761 53 and includes Iron Man, Captain
Marvel, Black Widow, Nick Fury, War Machine and a SHIELD agent. This set also
includes a brick-built MODOK, now we’ve got MODOK in the past,
but this is our first brick built version of MODOK. For some more Marvel
sets we have set number 76164, we are getting another Hulkbuster it includes Iron Man and two agents. Then, we have set 76165 the Iron Man bust which I’ve talked about in a video previously. We
have a set number 76166 which is supposed to be a larger
Avengers Tower that has five stories. It includes minifigs Red Skull, Iron Man,
Black Widow and two unknown villains or heroes. Now, for DC we have set number
76157 it’s Wonder Woman verses Cheetah, now this set is based
off the movie; it’s gonna retail for about forty dollars. For non DC related
movies we have three that sets that are releasing in June. First up, we have set
number 76158 it’s going include Penguin and a small yellow duck;
it also includes Batman on a mini bat boat. This set seems to be a four plus
targeted set. Next up, we have set number 76159 the
Joker’s Trike Chase set includes a trike for the Joker we get minifigs TheJoker, Harley
Quinn and Robin in a Batmobile. Last but not least we have the largest Batman set
in the way we have set number 76 160 it’s called the Mobile Bat –
Base it’s gonna retail for ninety dollars,regarding minifigs to get Batman,
Batgirl, Nightwing, Mr. freeze, bronze tiger who we’ve never gotten before Lego
and Man Bat. This set is assembled in a way that it
could be taken apart so there’s a bunch of different vehicles that make up this
mobile bat base, which is kind of cool. I’d love to hear your opinions in the
comments below. I’m Brother From Another Brick, you guys
are awesome, and well have a great day!

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16 thoughts on “LEGO 2020 DC & Marvel Superheroes Spring/Summer Set List + Details!

  1. Even though I hate how there are so many Spider-man vs Venom sets cause there are so many other interesting and unique villains they haven’t done yet but I’ll either get it for Spider-Ham or wait till bricklink.

  2. These sets seem interesting. I’m a little nervous what may happen. The mini figures sound amazing. Getting a good chunk of captain marvel sounds great, but the BUILDS. I’m worried about

  3. Excited to see what an eternals set looks like! And yes a Spiderham! New helicarrier! This is amazing news!!!! Great video BFAB!

  4. I'm more interested in the Spiderman set because it finally has a Spider Ham minifigure, though I'm kinda tired of Spiderman Vs Venom sets.

  5. We've got Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider Gwen, Spiderman noir, and now Spider Ham is coming, we're only one away from the whole Spider-verse team.

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