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LISA fanboy reacts to(LISA for AIS 2) [WE KISSED] [See you guys in HEAVEN]

(UNCLE! Are you saying something rude words?? LMAO) (OMG!! she’s too cute!!!! I cannot~~~~) HEY YO!! WAT’S UP YOU GUYS!!! I am ZEAN!!!! I’M BACK AGAIN!!!! let me tell you something just now my INSTAGRAM account and my YouTube account has been spam by fans Oh My God! LISA everywhere! ohh~~ I am so happy about that!!! I am collecting Lisa’s information very fast now because of you guys! LOVE YOU GUYS Then I hurry to do the camera setting and open up my laptop to search as expected, LISA really have a new video in AIS YouTube channel OMG!!! I’m so excited!! but the duration of that video only 1 minute something TT Why not make a 10-minute video? to satisfy my craving I really curious and excited about what kind of surprise this video will bring to me What kind of expressions and surprises LISA will give me AHHH~~ I am very excited about this (always this perverted expression!) before I start the video please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and FOLLOW my INSTAGRAM okay!! no more nonsense! HERE WE GO! 3 2 1 START! that background music is LISA solo song also?? is it sounds like the begining part of her solo song?? so catchy! ENGLISH subtitle again These English subtitles will definitely distract me OMG I don’t want to read English subtitles at all, I just want to FOCUS ON her face JUST LOOK AT LISA FACE OK I totally can’t understand at all (don’t understand please don’t OH OH OH) OK, I decided to read the English subtitles. Let’s watch it again (Uncle, your English level is not as good as that of a primary school student. how to understand it! LMAO) so sorry haha we start from here best network! (uncle you not feeling well?? LOL) FASTEST okay? AIS is the fastest one okay?? so you have to use AIS in Thailand!!! (okay okay~ you just know few words in English~ LMFAO) I miss you she is really so cute I have heard the best Thai accent ever! is LISA accent I like Thai all the way until today I like it more because of LISA I really fall in love with her Thai accent! so soft~~ (uncle please don’t make a sound like18XX ~~ LMAO) I don’t know how to speak like her hahaha (perverted uncle!) let’s replay it again! (people make it so cute!) You’re so cute!!! (I make it so gross!!! HAHAHAHAA) pretty af! what ?? I heard LISA (sorry for so sensitive with this name XD) she said “trust me” SURE!! I will definitely believe you~ OKAY!!! LISA~~~~~ come on come on this sound confirm is LISA sound!!! I’m so looking forward to LISA solo!!! I really think this song is her new solo song!! What do you think? if yes, please comment below (YES! I’m excited too!) I love the way she talks in Thai!! so smooth, so soft and so cute!! OMG (Are you serious?? yours is INDIAN language!) it’s really nice to listen to!!! (UNCLE! Are you saying something rude words?? LMAO) replay replay!!! (I think today is uncle’s date of the death LMFAO) OMG her “ka” really killed me!! SUPER CUTE I really want to bring you home! shit~~ (together on my bed~~~) (and listen to your THAI language!!!!) (haha!! who is thinking about another thing??? LMAO) (pervert!) AGAIN??!! (UNCLE REALLY SEE THE HEAVEN IS CLOSE TO ME!!!!) HER AEGYO… her… (The person who is about to die, will not speak normally~~) SHE REALLY IS THE AEGYO QUEEN! I started to sweat again~ (unnormal mode start!!!) If you want to lose weight, you should watch her video. (think too much +1) sweating like hell!!! not bluffing you! No need to exercise at all NO NEED TO!!! OHH PLEASE~~~~ (OK~ BYE GUYS~~ SEE YOU IN HEAVEN!) ohh I please you~~ please don’t keep on attacking me (UNCLE CAN NOT HOLD ANYMORE~~~) (now I totally can’t talk probably at all~ hahahahaha) your AEGYO really… I am breathing so hard I really I’m so dizzy now did she just kissed me???!!! (think too much +2) NOOO!!!! PLEASE KISS ME AGAIN!!!!! (I’m READY) WHAT?? WE JUST KISSED EACH OTHER JUST NOW???? (think too much +3) what we name it as FLYING KISS okay?? (UNCLE too stress~ keep on dreaming FART! LMAO) OMG!!! she is a CUTE drug!!! I CANNOT BREATHE~~~ but I addicted to how she kills me every time wtf?? is she doing the same move as me??? (think too much +4) we are connected!!!! (sure enough that we are husband and wife!!! XD) (think too much +5) oh ya… we are actually living together for so long already that’s why (uncle you not enough of sleep) (think too much +6) you see our move is the same all the time! (think too much +7) (TOTALLY NOT THE SAME!!) WHAT THE… IT FINISHED!!! Ohh why???!!! why this video only 1 minute? what I need is at least 10 minutes TT LISA leave me so fast TT I’m really sweating like hell now the whole body is fkin wet! she loves to make me wet! hehe omg LISA is so perfect to me unexpected that I can repeatedly be watching an advertisement like this it’s awesome!! she can easily attack me with her every moves SHE IS SO ADORABLE I am not interested in advertisements at all except BLACKPINK SHARE me below!! If you guys have more BLACKPINK interesting videos I can make a reaction video for you by the way okay I’m going to end this video see you in my next video!!! SEE YA!!

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100 thoughts on “LISA fanboy reacts to(LISA for AIS 2) [WE KISSED] [See you guys in HEAVEN]

  1. Hope you guys enjoy this video!! 😜😜PLEASE watch until the end cause a lot of fun behind the video too LOL

    DO ME A FAVOR, as I need to reach more BLINK, Kindly give me a BIG THUMBS UP & SHARE this video💕💕!!
    Let's CHAT in the comment section below!!! I believe I can reply to all of you!! LOL
    By the way, GUYS read my description!! I have announced something meaningful there😘 😘 😘 😘

  2. Check this one from the choreographer on Instagram of Lisa during dance practice.

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  6. She smile all the time I really love it ..
    Your reaction is so cute.
    & for Lisa I have no words to compliment her.😍😍😍

  7. Hi whats up… brooo.. dont forget please…!! React #lizkook moment at GDA you promise to me yesterday 😎🤘

  8. Na ka is the high voice when we play with happy things or when we angry 😂🙈😬that for me☺️☺️

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  16. I think you should react to Lisa' X-academy dancing( 3 )clips. I 'm sure you'll love her dance much more ever.

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