LISA fanboy reacts to(Lizkook moments SBS GAYO) without getting any jealous pt2 [ZELI is born!!!]

JUNGKOOK no!!! no more no more HEY YO! WHAT’S UP YOU GUYS! I am ZEAN I’m back!!!! my previous video, have 90% of fans wanted me to react to SBS all LIZKOOK moments(JUNGKOOK name will become smaller and smaller LMAO cause I really stingy) because the fans really sent too much of LIZKOOK moments links to me LOL There are some more than 10 minutes Some 10 minutes I really can’t stand to watch them for more than 10 minutes. It’s really been too long.LOL (I am worried that you can’t see me in the next video! if I watch that I’ll die!!!!! LMAO) then I just picked a shortest one, only about five minutes hahahaha I am worried that I’ll die if I watch too long Because many fans say that must watch SBS GAYO 2018 You will find that they are like each other I’M GOING CRAZY! I really want to see, I am very angry. AND THEN SO JEALOUS TOO!!! (CALM DOWN CALM DOWN) today I, Because of JUNGKOOK I went to dye my hair and makeover! (In order to get back my LISA, I am willing to do anything) (okay! UNCLE lose JUNGKOOK again!! TT) JUST KIDDING! LOL, not because of him okay~~ I know that I can’t win him (but pervert level can LOL) I’m actually not bad too!! I believe that one day will definitely touch LISA (not by hand to touch but by heart LMAO) I believe it! I am gonna ship ZELI DO watch my “Lizkook moments reaction video” first if you haven’t watched it yet before this go and watch that one first! (I’m really going crazy) Although I am not prepared yet but fans are the most important to me (I love you guys so much!!!) I will definitely find a way to fulfill your request okay~^.^ before I start, I need you to do me a favor SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel!!! and then follow my INSTAGRAM OKAY!! NO MORE NONSENSE let’s start the fking annoying video LOL ALL LIZKOOK MOMENTS SBS GAYO 2018 3 2 1 START! okay this time not that (the most annoying song LMAO) I’m finding my love rival JUNGKOOK (How can I find him just showed the hair ?? LOL) okay I found it (sigh~ even I dyed my hair and makeover also can’t defeat him fart my life LMAO) ok have a quite far distance between LISA and JUNGKOOK this time (MY BIAS IS SAFE!) this song …. hahahahaha a touching song again!!! lmao and very sad too OMG!! all the songs in Lizkook moments is nice but I hate them !!! LOL (He looks at LISA) WOW!! JUNGKOOK can’t stand more !!! he has already started to look at my BIAS!!!! HE STARTED TO LOOK AT HER FIRST EVERY TIME!!! (I started to have some jealous and emotional ) This guy really…..(Don’t let me see you one day!) (Otherwise, “I will take a photo with you!” LOL) LISA didn’t look at him at all!! why??? JUNGSHOCK? Did he gets shocked cause he saw my very gorgeous barbie BIAS??? this is replay with a different angle (what’s the problem with these guys??!! why keep looking at my wife ???) (but I can do nothing here, just can show the giggle smile LOL fml TT) DON’T TELL ME THAT!! IS THE SAME PERSON AGAIN, WHO MADE THE LIZKOOK MOMENTS MMA 2018 !! LOL (comment to tell me that is he/she the same person? LOL) his/her style is repeat!! repeat!! wow are you serious??!! Did you feel that you see my wife for too long?! JUNGKOOK!!! (I’m so jealous !!!!) (this song is really…Fu~~n lol ) (and I feel like want to cry hahaha keep watching he/she replays the video like this TT) If it is like this from beginning to end, I think I’m okay with that because they’re not too close I can accept it if they did not look at each other that’s fine to me (but I still jealous!!) (Peek at my wife! still laugh laugh laugh!!! LOL) what is he smiling at?? (they subtly looking at each other) (I am a little scared, will be more extream behind) (I’m speechless… I can’t do anything here ) (look at JUNGKOOK, he keeps on looking at LISA) (Although I very uncomfortable, but here I still can endure) (but my face like a SUPER JELLY LOL) (okay!! LISA looked back him also TT) (I endure it!!!) wow!!! (but looking at each other I can’t stand it!! ) they’re looking at each other!! OMG!! JUNGKOOK what the fart are you smiling at ?? TT (I’m FKING jealous!!!!! when he so happy that LISA looked at him TT) (can’t wait to end this video!!!) (this video made uncle fking tired LMAO) YEAHH FINALLY FINISH !!! OKAY BYE BYE!! (NANI !!! I thought it end!!) okay LISA on right hand side (JUNGKOOK never stop to look at her !!!!) (a very long oath of Love to JUNGKOOK Lmao) JUNGKOOK is very interesting to her keeps looking at LISA in the first half of this video never stop!! Instead, LISA didn’t look at him so frequently. GLANCING AT EACH OTHER??? I CANNOT!! (I felt like I’m being stepped by an elephant LMAO SO PAINFUL!!!!! ) JUNGKOOK NO!!! (I am FKING JEALOUS !!!! I need oxygen OMG!!!) they’re looking at each other and so close!!!! and glancing at each other! JUNGKOOK keeps looking at her and why he still looks shy???? (is he very happy???!!!) my bias too sweet with others, I cannot!!!! I cannot I really cannot!!! MY BIAS TT Is my wife has fallen in love with him?? : ( I feel that she has already got a “love” feeling with him! TT (don’t do that again!! I’m begging you TT) (THIS SONG IS SO ANNOYING ME TOO) MADE ME SO SAD LOL is this a replay?? or they do it again??? (I’M GOING CRAZY!!) is this a replay?? or they do it again??? OMG I’m sweating a lot while watching this video!!! (one of the most oath of Love in a video ever LMAO) (Feel like wanna give up! LOL) no~~~ what?? (is she looking at me?) HELL NO~~ NO!!! (I’m already frustrated and F JEALOUS) she is looking at me okay?? (I’m already frustrated and F JEALOUS) (LiLi-mon I’m gonna use the pokeball to catch you back home already !! because of you BAD BAD!!) LISA LISA WHAT??!! did I see wrong?? Let me replay again!! OMG LISA turn her head to check where is JUNGKOOK (I need oxygen!! ) This song makes me feel like, just let them together!! IT’S TOO SWEET!! (NO WAY!!! LISA IS MINE!!!!!!) and then LISA is looking at him from this side angle no more no more okay~ XD I temporarily don’t want to watch Lizkook moments first I cannot! I really can’t breathe gonna die! XD look at LISA, that feeling is like a teenage girl’s heart got moved when she looks at him I don’t know how to describe from my experience if a girl looks at a man like this, it is yes! she likes him! and the guy!! JUNGKOOK IS SO OBVIOUS! HE LOVES HER!!!!! KEEPS LOOKING AT HER !!! JUNGKOOK has already fallen in love with LISA LISA maybe is having a crush on him only maybe I still have a chance! TT maybe TT I believe it’s just a crush so this video cannot prove they are in a relationship I think all here is just many coincidences okay~~~(self-persuasion again!! LMAO) watching this is so fking hot!!! okay the end!!! yas!!! okay !! it’s over!!! I have done it!!!! I think they have a part of it that makes me feel bad when they’re looking at each other my heart almost stop working at that time! I almost say “bye bye” to you guys! hey all lovely fans here!! do you think that I love you guys so much?? I really unexpectedly can finish these two videos! ohh shit!!! okay I’ll temporarily do not to watch Lizkook moments so you guys don’t have to expect unless you guys found some proof that can prove they are really in a relationship What I want is evidence that they are together. not this kind of “just looking moments video” LOL this kind of video makes my heart so complicated! and makes me feel like punch someone If they are really in love I’ll support it because Lisa is my FOREVER BIAS!! and I will and I will bless her and of course still love her! I’ll wait I’ll wait one day she loves me too just kidding ~I know it’s impossible! I just a little LISA fanboy! OKAY! I’m going to end this video! hope you guys enjoy it!! 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